103 Last Names That Start With L With Meanings And History

Surnames beginning with L can be common but also rare and might be a unique name for your character.

Names – they’re such an important part of who we are.

They are among the only things that live with us from the time of our birth all the way to our death. And while we do not have any choice in picking out last names for us or our family, it is a crucial part of our identity.

People are always on the search to find out what their last names mean, where they are from, and what the roots of the word are. It helps us understand our tradition, our values, and our ancestry.

Last names that start with L are common and abundant. They have origins in all parts of the world. Search through history, a census, famous lineages, or even browse your telephone diary, and you will find several last names that begin with L. We have compiled a list of last names that start with L is, along with their meanings and history, for you to pick from.

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Top Last Names That Start With L In The United States

Now that we know just how common surnames beginning with L are, let’s take a look at the surnames that, according to the US census, are the Top 10 in the United States.

1.Lane: English origin; last name used for those who live in a lane; rank #5 among last names that start with L

2.Larson: Swedish, Norwegian and Danish origin, originally Larsen; an Americanized form of name Lawrence

3.Lawrence: English and French surname derived from Lorens and Laurence, after the martyred saint

4.Lawson: Northern English and Scottish origin; a form of the name Larsson, common among US last names starting with L

5.Lee: English origin, means wood or glade, traditionally used for those living near meadows

6.Leonard: English and French origin; combining ‘Leo’ and ‘hard’ – meaning a brave or hardy lion

7.Lewis: English origin, derived from Lugh, the name of a Celtic God meaning brightness, the census shows the surname rank #1

8.Little: English origin; conventionally used to address the younger of siblings with the same name

9.Long: among common French last names that start with L, also English; means tall or long; ranked among Top 3 surnames that start with L by the US census

10.Lynch: Irish origin, the word literally means a  mariner; US census places this name at rank 6 among last names beginning with L

Famous Last Names That Begin With L

L surnames are not just popular but iconic too! Several personalities from ancient and recent history boast of surnames that start with L. Notice your surname on this? You might want to search your family tree and find out if your roots trace you back to one of these iconic figures.

11.Lachy: after Drew and Nick Lachy, popular singers

12.Ladd: famous surname shared by actors Dianne, Alan, and Jordan Ladd, and singer Cheryl Ladd

13.Laird: a surname with political clout! Politicians James and Melvin Laird are proof enough

14.Lancaster: surname shared by politician Martin Lancaster, and actor Burt Lancaster from the United States

15.Landau: after Martin and Myra Landau, an actor and painter respectively

16.Landis: quite the showbiz name, after film stars and director John, Jessie, and Carole Landis

17.Landry: politician Joseph and footballer Tom Landry make this a popular surname

18.Lang: another popular last name, after singers Jonny, K.D; directors Fritz and Walter; basketball player Andrew Lang

19.Lange: in the league of popular glamorous surnames; Jessica, Hope, and Ted Lange are all famous actors

20.Latham: popular surname for politicians – Tom and Milton Latham from the Unites States being a case in point

21.Law: popular surname for actors and sportspeople; Ty Law, Jude Law, and John Law are examples

22.Leach: unique yet popular surname connecting tennis star Rick Leach, politician James Leach, and writer Robin Leach

23.Lehman: politicians Richard and Herbert, and singer Lotte share the same surname

24.Leigh: among the common surnames in the United States shared by film stars and politicians, Vivien and Janet being some examples

25.Leighton: popularized by film stars Laura and Margaret Leighton

26.Lester: popular surname shared by several film personalities including Adrian Lester

27.Levin: surname shared by politicians Sander and Carl, and novelist Ira from the United States

28.Lieberman or Liebermann: surnames of US politicians Joe and Joseph; artist Max

29.Light: common surname shared by actress Judith and footballer Matt Light

30.Lincoln: packed with political power after Abraham and Blanche Lincoln, also footballer Keith and singer Abbey Lincoln

31.Lindsay: politicians John and William, and actor Margaret Lindsay share the surname

32.Livingston or Livingstone: after physician David, politicians Edward and Bob, and basketball player Shaun Livingston

33.Lloyd: among popular L last names shared by politicians, actors, and singers; Christopher Lloyd is an example

34.Lock or Locke: surname shared by comic Sean, politician Francis, and actor Sandra Locke

35.Lockhart: among common surnames starting with L, shared by diplomats, actors, and musicians around the world

36.Logan: surname shared by actor Jacqueline and politician Marvel Logan

37.Lombard: among famous surnames with the letter L, shared by the French, Americans, British scientists, actors, businessmen, sportsmen, and musicians

38.Lopes or Lopez: athletes, tennis stars, actors, and singers are just some with this surname; Jennifer Lopez ring a bell?

39.Lord: famous surname shared by actors Jack and Marjorie, and director Del Lord

40.Lott: interesting short surname starting with L, also shared by sportsmen Ronnie and George, and US politician Trent Lott

41.Louis: among famous surnames with L, shared by British, Greek, French, and Belgians; designers, actors, musicians, poets, and sportsmen boast of the surname

42.Love: lovable surname shared by singers Courtney and Monie, politician John, and actor Bessie Love

43.Lowe: among immensely popular surnames with hundreds of famous people from America, Australia, England, Germany, and Canada

44.Lucas: actors and director Josh, Wilfred, and George, politicians Frank and Ken, novelist Tim, and basketball player Jerry share this surname

45.Lynn: among surnames shared by Americans and British; poet Robert Lynn and director Jonathan Lynn are some noteworthy names

46.Lyons: British royalty, sportspeople, politicians, actors, singers, and authors are just some people you may be connected to through this surname

Long Surnames Beginning With The Letter L

Last names beginning with letter L are a good place to look in your search for character names.

There are all kinds of surnames. Short, long, common, and unusual. Any of these that start with the letter L are distinguished, musical, and very special. However, long last names starting with the letter L have a distinct ring to them and stand out easily. Here are some surnames that are long, lovable, and lasting.

47.Langbroek: Dutch surname beginning with L, after the small town meaning a wide meadow

48.Langenberg: German and Durch origin, meaning a long mountain

49.Leonardson: an English last name starting with L, meaning son of Leonard

50.Lestrange: a French surname beginning with L meaning strange

51.Lewandowski: a Polish surname from the estate named Lewandow

52.Lindberg: a Swedish surname starting with L, meaning mountain with linden trees

53.LLewellyn: a Welsh surname carried by several leaders and rulers

54.Lockwood: an English last name starting with L, meaning a closed wood

Intriguing Last Names That Start With L

While there are several common last names starting with the letter L, there are some that are intriguing. By their origin, the sound, or even what they mean, these surnames inspire a sense of mystery and wonder that compels people to want to get to know you better.

55.Laaksonen: Finnish surname from the word Laakso, meaning valley

56.Labelle: French surname starting with L, meaning beautiful

57.Lachapelle: means a chapel, French origin

58.Lacombe: also among French last names that start with L, means one living near a ravine

59.Lacroix: among common Canadian French last names, means one living near a cross

60.Lafrenz: German origin, derived from the last name Lorenz

61.Lagomarsino: Italian surname, after the village located near Genoa

62.Lambert: last name of French origin meaning a bright land

63.Langley: an old English surname meaning a long clearing in the woods

64.Landolfi: an Italian surname from the German name Landulf

65.Landon: an English variant of the last name Langdon

66.Lavigne: French surname, means vineyard

67.Lawman: among common English last names, derived from a lawyer

68.Lawrie: Scottish surname, a nickname of Lawrence

69.Lazar: Hungarian surname, derived from the name Lazarus

70.Leary: from the surname O’Leary

71.Leavitt: an English surname after the town Livet in Normandy

72.LeBlanc: a French last name meaning ‘the white’

73.Lefevre: a French surname after the occupation of a blacksmith

74.Legrand: French surname meaning grand, among the distinguished last names starting with L

75.Lennon: from Irish surname O Leannain, meaning lover

76.Lennox: Scottish origin, after a district called Leamhnachd

77.Leroux: French surname meaning ‘the red’

Short Last Names That Start With L

The beauty of short surnames is that they are easy to pronounce and remember, and have a very attractive appeal. Short last names that start with L are fun, meaningful, and have a touch of romance to them.

78.Lam: a Chinese version of the last name Lim

79.Lamar: French and English origin, from the place near Normandy

80.Lama: from the village Lama in Italy; among the sweet surnames that start with L

81.Lamon: last name from Italy after the village near Belluno

82.Lando: last name of Italian origin, a form of the surname Lance

83.Lang: Swedish version of the surname Long

84.Lange: German, Danish surname, version of the last name Long

85.Lau: Chinese modification of the surname Liu

86.Lenz: from a German nickname, means spring

87.Leon: French surname derived from Lyon

88.Levi: a Jewish surname from the first name Levi

89.Li: a Chinese surname meaning plum tree, popular among Chinese last names starting with L

90.Liao: Chinese state

91Lin: Chinese surname meaning forest

92.Lis: Polish surname; the word means fox

93.Liu: a Chinese surname meaning destroy

94.Lobo: Portuguese and Welsh origin, meaning wolf

95.Losa: Spanish last name meaning slab or tile

96.Lu: Chinese last name, a musical note; among the simplest of surnames that start with L

97.Lum: an English surname after the town of Lumb

98.Luna: common among Mexican last names that start with L; means moon

99.Lund: English, Danish and Swedish origin; means grove

100.Lusk: Scottish surname meaning cave

101.Lyne: Scottish name for those from the place with this name

102.Lynn: an English last name, after the town Lynn, means lake

103.Lyon: French surname from the city, also a name for lion

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