101 Last Names That Start With R With Meanings And History

Choosing last names beginning with R for your character can make them memorable.

There is nothing more exciting than to search and choose the perfect surname for your character.

Choose the last name that gels well with the first name. It stands as one of the essential aspects while you start with the name quest with R.

You might feel all the excitement to search for a surname of some famous personality to name your character after. Or you might want to choose some shorter surnames starting with R, from the United States census bureau. Start your search and pick one that is easy to pronounce and also has a certain uniqueness and some meaningful connotations. Read below the 101 last names beginning with R, suitable according to the United States census bureau, coupled with meanings and associated historical facts.

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Popular Last Names That Start With R

Many authors search for the literal meaning of the character's name last names with R, directly linking to their story. It reflects their significant character traits, or position in the story. Here are some popular last names that start with R.

1. Radcliff, (Old-English origin) beginning with 'R' meaning "red-hued cliff".

2. Ramsey, (Scottish origin) meaning "an island of garlic".

3. Rey, (English, Spanish, French, Catalan origin last names) meaning "a ruler".

4. Ricci, (Italian origin) one of the common last names that start with R means "coiled".

5. Richardson, (Old English origin) meaning "Richard's son".

6. Rittenhouse, (German origin) a habitational surname for those from a farm near Altena, a town in Westphalia, Germany. One of the most common surnames starting with R, as per the United States' census bureau today, commonly belonging to the Jewish community.

7. Ruskin, (English origin) from the name Rose.

8. Russell, (English origin) meaning "a person who has red-colored hair."

Famous Last Names That Start With R

Many of the celebrities' of United States' history are well-known from their famous surname beginning with R. If you search for stars from the past, consider researching their last names. At the beginning of their careers, they often went by different names. As time went on, people started to recognize them by their last names beginning with R. Thus, read up and search on people having their last names begin with R, especially if it sounds somewhat unique.

9. Rácz, (Hungarian origin) former name for Serbians dwelling in the Empire of Habsburg.

10. Rapp, (Swedish origin) means "quickly" or "promptly".

11. Rasputin, (Russian origin) means "a junction".

12. Reagan, (Irish origin) means "little king".

13. Riagán, (Irish origin) an anglicized form of Irish Ríagáin.

14. Roosevelt, (Dutch origin) meaning "a field full of roses". The last name of American president/s Theodore Roosevelt (1858-1919) and Franklin D. Roosevelt (1882-1945).

15. Rousseau, (French origin) one of the R last names which connotes the well-known philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau (1712-1778).

Short Last Names That Start With R

Last names can bring people together. Since R last names are pretty common, many people discover a connection with each other.

Are you trying to develop a name for your next protagonist, but having trouble searching for common and short surnames that start with R? Or do you already have a great, long first name and need punchy last names options to match? You might have some of these questions and are trying to search for a name. Read below the surnames starting with R, in accordance with the census, and choose the one that rings bells in your ear!

16. Rade, (German origin) one of the occupational last names for a wheel maker. It is the short form of Rademacher.

17. Radev, (Bulgarian origin) meaning "the son of Rade".

18. Radić, (Serbian and Croatian origin) it is a common south Slavic name.

19. Radko, (Bulgarian origin) meaning "Radko's son".

20. Raffert, (Irish-Anglicized origin) means "Rabhartach’s descendants".

21. Ragno, (Italian origin) means "spider".

22. Rais, (Italian origin)meaning "fisherman".

23. Rake, (English origin) name for an inhabitant on a narrow mountain pass or hillside.

24. Ralston, (Scottish origin) means "an enclosed area".

25. Ramos, (Spanish origin ) one of the Spanish last names that start with R, formerly meaning "an individual living in a densely wooded forest".

26. Rana, (Italian origin) meaning "a frog".

27. Ranta, (Finnish origin) name, connoting "an individual dwelling near the sea-shore".

28. Rap, (Swedish origin) means "quickly or promptly".

29. Raptis, (Greek origin) connoting "a tailor".

30. Rapunzel, (German origin) it also denotes a pet name for an individual with thick black hair.

31. Rask, (Danish origin) one of the last names that start with R, meaning "a person full of energy".

32. Ratti, (Italian origin) one of the Italian last names that start with R, means "a rat".

33. Rautio, (Finnish origin) one of the last names with R meaning "a smith".

34. Rayne, (French origin) means "advice, or to counsel".

35. Read, (Middle English origin) meaning "red color".

36. Ready, (English origin) means "well-prepared, to be prompt".

37. Rebane, (Estonian origin) meaning "a fox".

38. Reed, (English origin) means "a cleared piece of land".

39. Reedie, (Scottish origin) meaning "a person from 'Reedie' farm in Angus".

40. Reiher, (German origin) meaning "a heron".

41. Richter,  (German origin) "the judge".

42. Ridge, (Old English origin) denoting "an individual living next to a bank".

43. Ridley, (Old English origin) one of the last names starting with R hailing from places of this particular name in England.

44. Riese, (German, Jewish origin) one of the rare last names starting with R meaning "giant-like person".

45. Riggi, (Italian origin) one of the topographic last names starting with R from the Italian city's name of Reggio Calabria.

46. Rigó, (Hungarian origin) meaning "thrush."

47. Riley, (Old English origin) from the town’s name of Ryley in Lancashire.

48. Rimmer, (Old English Origin) connoting a "writer or a poet".

49. Rinn, (Finnish Origin) last names starting with R meaning "a hillside".

50. Ritter, (German Origin) last names starting with R meaning, "a knight or a rider".

51. Rivers, (Old English origin) meaning 'someone dwelling near the riverbank.'

52. Robson, (Old English origin) meaning "the sons of Rob".

53. Rodney, (Old English origin) meaning "famous".

54. Roe, (English origin) meaning a "female deer."

55. Róg, (Polish Origin) one of the common last names starting with R meaning  "a horn of an animal".

56. Rojo, (Spanish origin) meaning "red hair or skin".

57. Roosa, (Dutch origin) surname meaning "a beautiful rose".

58. Rossi, (Italian origin) surname indicating a red-haired person.

59. Rose, (English origin) meaning "beautiful red flower".

60. Roth, (Jewish origin) means "the red color".

61. Rounds, (Old English origin) means "round or plump".

62. Row, (Old English origin) one of the last names to start with R meaning "a care-free soul living beside the hedges".

63. Rowe, (Old English origin) meaning "in a row".

64. Roy,  (Scottish origin) means "red-colored hair".

65. Royce, (Old English origin) a variant of flower rose.

66. Royer, (French origin) meaning "a wheel".

67. Rózsa, (Hungarian origin) from the feminine name Rozsa.

68. Ruan, (Chinese origin) refers to a "musical instrument".

69. Ruggiero, (Italian origin) a topographical name referring to the north-eastern part of Italy.

70. Rustici, (Italian origin) surnames starting with R, means "rustic or rural".

71. Ruzsa, (Hungarian origin) meaning "rose".

72. Ruzzier, (Italian origin) one of the last names that start with R from a dialect.

73. Ryan, (Irish origin) meaning "king".

74. Ryba, (Polish origin) meaning "a fish".

75. Rybář, (Czech origin) meaning  "a fisherman".

76. Ryder, (English origin name) means a "rider".

77. Rye, (Old English origin) means "river's side."

78. Ryer, (German origin) an Americanized name form of Reiher.

79. Ryskamp, (Dutch origin) means "camp".

80.  Ryzwan, (Arabic origin) meaning "paradise".

Long Last Names That Start With R

And many parents take pride in selecting a long last name that starts with R, for their lovable child or interesting character. Beginning with R, also comes under the United States' census. Get hold of common long last names that start with R from this list. Get the know-how on their origin and meaning before choosing the best surnames beginning with R.

81. Rademaker, (Dutch origin) meaning "a 'wheel-maker".

82. Rapallino, (Italian origin name) the town’s name of Rapallo near Genoa.

83. Regenbogen, (German origin) means "a rainbow".

84. Remington, (Old English origin) from the town’s name Rimington in Lancashire.

85. Robustelli, (Italian origin)meaning "firm, powerful or oaken personality".

86. Rodrigues, (Portuguese origin) meaning 'Rodrigo's son".

87. Rodríguez, (Spanish origin) meaning "Rodrigo's son".

88. Romanov, (Russian origin) the Russian tsars' last name.

89. Rooijakkers, (Dutch origin) meaning "red-colored field".

90. Rosário, (Portuguese origin) one of the Portuguese last names meaning "a rosary".

91. Rosenberg, (German origin) one of the popular surnames starting with R meaning "a mountain full of roses".

92. Rosenfeld, (German origin) one of the R surnames meaning "a field full of roses" and also a common Jewish last name.

93. Rothbauer, (German origin) last names starting with R means "cleaning land".

94. Rothenberg,  (German, Jewish origin) one of the popular last names starting with R, means "big mountain".

95. Rothschild, (Jewish origin) one of the rare last names beginning with R means "shield".

96. Rowbottom, (Old English origin) one of the unique British surnames meaning "someone living in a fully-grown valley".

97. Rowntree,  (Old English origin) one of the rare last names, meaning "an individual living nearby a rowan tree".

98. Rudawski, (Polish origin) one of the popular last names starting with R means "living next to the River Rudawa".

99. Rundström, (Swedish origin) one of the well-patterned last names, starting with R meaning "round shape stream".

100. Rutkowski, (Polish origin) last names starting with R meaning "someone from Rutki, Poland".

101. Růžička, (Czech origin) last names starting with R meaning 'little red rose".

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