55+ League Of Legends Puns For The Gamers In Your Life

League of Legends is developed by Riot Games and did much to jumpstart the craze of MOBAs.

'League of Legends' is a flagship multiplayer online battle arena video game or 'MOBA' of the Riot Games esports company.

The developers have recently changed gears to 'Valorant', a first-person arena shooter drawing inspiration from 'Overwatch'. But it is anyone's guess that League still remains one of the top MOBAs.

In fact, an ever-present divisive quandary is about the two biggest MOBAs in the world: 'Dota 2' and 'League of Legends'. The one big selling point 'League of Legends' has over 'Dota' is its accessibility and player-friendly design. 'Dota' revels in its complex game mechanics and elaborate, shifty meta. 'League' is much more intuitive and simplistic in comparison. That is not to say that 'League' is easy. Both have a high skill ceiling, in fact, both games are fiercely competitive. But, that doesn't mean you can be rude when you win a match, however hard you own your opponent.

So here is a friendlier method of rubbing it in when you are playing 'League of Legends': league puns. They will never get you banned, but your opponents will be fuming at how corny they are! These puns will really make you a puns-master in 'League of Legends', especially if your puns land at the right spot. Subsequently, you could also take a look at 'Star Wars' jokes and 'Harry Potter' jokes for more punny content.

League Of Legends Champion Puns

League of Legends jokes and puns can really amp up your sense of humor in the team.

Here are some League of Legend jokes and puns that center on a hero's abilities, traits, or game mechanics.

1. Lee Sin may be a blind monk, but he is good at leesining.

2. Yasuo never gets locked out of his apartment, because he hasaki at all times.

3. Sivir can only spell shield, so she did poorly at the Spell Bee.

4. Twisted Fate could not immigrate to the land of opportunity. He did not have a green card.

5. Zyra got picked off out of the blue, things did not go as plant.

6. Malphite walks into a bar and finds Rammus hanging out in the lounge. A night of rock 'n roll ensues.

7. Teemo resides in a humble cottage, he does not need mushroom.

8. Fiddlesticks was awarded a badge of honour because he was outstanding in his field.

9. Vayne's social media of choice is Tumblr.

10. Blind pick is Lee Sin's favorite game mode.

11. Cassiopeia is very weight-conscious, thanks to all her scales.

12, Janna can shield her fellow champions with Ease.

13. The chef thought that Ekko must really love his cooking, because Ekko keeps coming back four seconds.

14. Naomi put out a very subpar performance, all her grades went under C.

15. When a Warwick goes off vision, you should watch out for the wherewolf.

16. Could Kennan carry the game if played right? Sure-he-can!

17. Sejuani, Fury of the North, walks into a boar...

18. While everyone else was busy pushing, Zyra was garden the base.

19. The Brand spammer got banned for flaming too much.

20. If you throw rocks at the Ragnarok-buffed barbarian, he will just Olaf it off.

21. You shouldn't take a diver like Malphite for granite.

22. Kassadin's dinner party had quite the menu. He served just ice.

League Of Legends Name Puns

Here are some league jokes that are a play on the champions' colourful names.

23. My drone crashed into a tree and went up in flames. It was brand new, too!

24. The Undead Juggernaut probably believes in Sion-tology.

25. You only need to own a Zilea clocks to be a master of time.

26. An invisible Camille is a Camille-on.

27. The jury condemned an innocent man in Vayne.

28. All a rogue assassin eats for breakfast is a kaliflower.

29. Mega Gnar is slower than the other forms because the passages are simply too gnarrow.

30. Early game snowball with Garen will garentee an early win.

31. The Green Father makes the best Thanksgiving turkey - he has his secret ivarnish.

32. Why Ahri drafting with no strat?

33. I lost the lane against a solo Brand. I was Singed.

34. An Ekkio and Amumu lane eats Kayle salad for breakfast.

35. I heard a sad mummy talking to himself deep inside the tomb. There was amurmur in the air.

36. The bounty hunter's prized target escaped. It was quite a MissFortune.

37. The more the people rebelled, the mordecaeser lost grip on his power.  

38. How much does the butcher of the sands weigh? A renek ton.

39. "Vi so serious?" The Piltover Enforcer with a clown makeup blurted out.

40. It Lux like we might win this one after all.

41. Kennenyone tell me why the weather is so stormy?

42. I was trynda merely avoid the Barbarian King when he had bloodlust active.

43. Where's the good boy? Darius!

44. What is a support Renekton's favorite drink? Gator-aide.

45. Lee Sin likes sunbathing Cos he wants to get Tan.

46. You are Draven me crazy!

47. I could make a blacksmith joke, but that would be too c-Ornny.

48. I'm Dianna take my Brand new car out for a spin.

League Of Legends Item Puns

League of Legends is among the highest paying games in the competitive esports scene.

Like all MOBAs, League has a huge swath of items and consumables to append your abilities. Here are some funny League of Legends jokes based on them.

49. I will not give you a dental health evaluation, I am Nashor tooth doctor.

50. Here's how to greet a friendly wisp. "Aether, wisp."

51. Cassiopeia was the fastest girl on the pageant, so she bagged a quick silver sash.

52. We all got 40% bonus movement speed. Shurleya that must be huge buff?

53. Alcohol addiction treatment cheaply! For merely 1300 gold, you could become an Exdrinker.

54. That is a married man, don't be a Ohmwrecker!

55. You rylai got the crystal scepter?

56. With 450 bucks, you could buy something really cull.

57. Get a disinfectant and rabidon the wound.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly puns for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for League of Legends puns then why not take a look at 'Minecraft' jokes, or for something different take a look at 30 teeth jokes and puns!



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