17 Fun Milky Way(s) To Learn About Space By Age

Learning about space

Space is awe-inspiring and full of wonder. Your kids no doubt have hundreds of questions about the world, the planets and how it all really works.

We've put together some great resources for you to help kids of all ages get deep into the depths of learning about Space. If your kids are missing their science lessons then these great space activities and resources are a brilliant way to keep your little ones going on their space journey!

Under 5s

Good Night Baby Moon, by James Mitchem

This beautiful rhyming book teaches your little ones about the moon, and why it disappears every night. Little ones will love the light-up moon on the front cover, and the rhymes make it a lovely read with your toddlers.

Space Song

This catchy song about the solar system teaches little ones about where the planets live in the solar system and gives some fun facts about each one.

Woolly Planets

These cute woolly planets are great for improving the fine motor skills of your toddler, and another cute space activity to start introducing the different planets for the first time. All you need is some wool, some cardboard and a pair of scissors and you're ready to go.

Age 6-8

Space Compilation: Crash Course Kids

This fun visual resource is an exciting way for your kids to find out more about the solar system. The engaging narrator will guide you through the universe with cartoon animations that will be sure to keep your kids engaged and learning more.  

Out of This World Space Games

The Science Kids website is packed full of great games and projects for primary age children to get stuck in and learn more about the solar system. Test your knowledge with this space quiz first, and then try a  word search and you may learn some new Space words.

Get Obsessed with Space Racers

Space Racers is a cool animated TV show that's been produced with NASA experts. It gives an accurate, informative view on life in the Space Station, as well as being easy to watch! Due to school closures, you can download free episodes, as well as educational STEM projects and lesson plans to help your kids learn more about space and find out what it's really like to leave Earth.

Age 9-12

Build a Moon Habitat

NASA has created this great resource to help you build your very own moon habitat at home out of newspapers and masking tape. You might have to search through the recycling bin to find all of the newspaper you need, but we promise it'll be worth it.

Take a Rover onto Mars

Your kids will love the great selection of games on the NASA website like Roving_On_Mars, where you get to drive a rover around the planet. There are tons of other great games your kids will love, which will help them learn more about Space while having a good time - it's a win-win.

View the atmosphere with Google Earth

Use Google Earth to see the entire world, including its incredible atmosphere from the comfort of your home. You'll be amazed at the mesmerising view of Earth, and all the wonderful views you may be able to see.

Spot the Space Station

Kids will love this spot the station tracking tool, where you can check if you can see the International Space Station pass overhead from your location on Earth. You can sign up to get alerts by text or email, so you can run to the doorstep and check out the view.

Age 12-15

Make Moon Cookies

Edible ways to learn about space are my personal favourite, and these moon cookies are the best! Teens will love making (but mostly eating) these quick delicious treats, just like they're in a real space station.

Garden Stargazing

If you've got any outdoor space, now is a great time to try stargazing. Teens will love staying out late to try and tell one constellation from another, and even trying to find some planets out there in the night sky that you can see from Earth. If you search, you should be able to spot Venus in the evening, and Mars, Jupiter and Saturn at dawn. Check out this handy guide from NASA for sky maps to help you on your search to learn about the stars.

Ask An Astronaut: My Guide to Life in Space, by Tim Peake


In this eye-opening book, astronaut Tim Peake answers hundreds of people's questions relating to all things Space. Teens with an interest in what life in Space is really like will get a no-details-spared account of the amazing, the dangerous, and the downright gross aspects of travelling in space. Tim Peake goes into extreme detail on the meticulous planning and disaster avoidance that's a large part of a day in the life. The questions and answers are accompanied by some cartoon illustrations to make it a bit of a lighter read. For anyone dreaming of life as an astronaut, this book offers information about training, launch and flight, and returning back to Earth. This is the kind of book you will find easy to dip in and out of as you please.

Age 16+

Take a 3D view of our Solar System

The National Geographic offers this factual extensive guide to the solar system with 3D videos that go into great detail about each amazing planet.  Great for revision, and just plain interesting to learn more about each planet, one at a time, teens with an interest in Space will get lost for hours as you search for another view.

Journey to the Edge of the Universe, Space Documentary

For a feature-length Space experience, indulge in this awe-inspiring documentary featured on the Discovery Channel. The documentary takes you on a virtual journey from Earth to the edge of the universe, in one continuous beautiful take. Kids, teens and adults alike will be amazed at the beauty of the documentary, and you'll find the 90 minutes will fly by.

Listen to This Informative Podcast

Teens that are Space obsessed will love Houston, We Have a Podcast - a NASA podcast on all things from the Space Station to Mars, interviewing incredible astronauts to learn the ins and outs of their life in Space, and what it really takes to be a space traveller and leave the Earth.

Become a Real Astronaut

If your teens still can't get enough of Space travel, it may be time to take the ultimate plunge and apply to become an astronaut. NASA's applications are re-opening in mid-2021, so if your teens are serious about going to Space, they may want to find out more about the first steps they can take to take their first steps on the moon. If your teens aren't sure - it's still great to find out about the process and work out if it may just be for them.



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