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Kids love to draw and create, but it's not as easy as giving them a blank piece of paper and a pencil... Artists of all ages need to feel inspired - so we have gathered a list of resources that will help kids learn how to draw, and maybe even to fall in love with drawing!

If kids learn to master the 'basics', they will find it much easier to make art of all types - whether that's creating posters, paintings, sculpture or illustrations. Drawing trains the eye to see what is really there, and it is also a great way to get kids to concentrate - using their imagination and their endless creativity to produce beautiful artworks.

Child with crayons


Rob Biddulph is a children's author and illustrator - who was inspired to make tutorials that kids could follow whilst they have lots more time at home during lockdown. These fun videos teach kids how to draw characters from Rob's books - like the sausage dog from 'Odd Dog Out' - as well as other videos which explain how to draw a self-portrait in Rob's cool, cartoon style.  

Each video is only around 12 minutes, and Rob teaches kids how to draw in a fun and engaging way. Draw With Rob posts a new video to his YouTube channel every Tuesday and Thursday at 10 am BST - and the full series can be found on YouTube or his website. Rob encourages kids to share their finished pictures with him on social media, using #DrawWithRob on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Steve Harpster Harptoons

Harptoons was created to inspire kids to get creating and imagining. Steve Harpster, an illustrator and author, wanted to help kids to draw - so he started to make weekly follow-along videos to get kids more excited about drawing and creating. The videos start by simply drawing a letter or number, then Steve shows you how to transform the lines into fantastic animals, scary monsters and fun characters...

Search 'Draw with Steve Harpster' for lots and lots of video tutorials - and during the lockdown, Steve is also hosting a  new challenge every day, which you can follow from 6pm.

Crayon drawings

Muffalo Potato

Similarly to Harptoons, Muffalo Potato uses numbers and letters that your child is already familiar with to create drawings of their favourite characters and fun animals. Perfect for younger kids to learn how to draw, each drawing takes around five to ten minutes to finish, and the tutorials are really easy to follow.

Follow the step by step videos to learn how to draw characters from Frozen, Mario Bros, Minions, Star Wars and Iron Man - as well as other art lessons, like how to draw a monkey, a dragon or a sleeping cat. Kids will love learning to draw these cartoons - and you only need simple art materials, like pens, coloured pencils and paper.

Child and parent making art


Craft Whack has created an amazing list of 100 drawing exercises for kids, which is sure to inspire a new activity for the day. The list is split into different age groups, with ideas for 0-5-year-olds as well as lessons for tweens and teens. Ideas for the younger kids include drawing around wooden blocks or lego pieces to make different shapes; making your own 'scribbler' by taping lots of different coloured pens to the inner tube of a toilet roll, and making 'helmet drawings' by attaching a pen or paintbrush to a bike helmet, and seeing what the results you can get!

Drawing challenges for older kids include lessons about perspective, how to create a mixed media drawing, shadow tracing, observational drawing, 3D lettering and grid drawings. This is a great list to refer back to if you are out of ideas for lockdown art classes - or have a spare morning or afternoon to fill.

The 30-Day Drawing Challenge

Natural Beach Living has posted a list of 30 different drawing activities to inspire your kids to keep drawing whilst they're at home. The daily drawing challenges include ideas like 'draw your dream house' and 'draw you and your friend together'. Kids can take as long as they like to complete the challenge of the day, and the prompts are a great way to inspire kids to draw from their imaginations.

Sketch of buildings and nature

Paul Priestly

Older kids will learn drawing technique through Paul's videos. These tutorials are great to follow along with during lockdown at home, showing kids how to draw everything from simple shapes to realistic trees, people and animals. The step by step drawing lessons break down concepts that are new to kids - like perspective and the vanishing point - making them easy to understand and explaining how to use them to make better drawings. Paul's YouTube Channel has lots of different mini-series, including 'Learn to Draw Simple Objects', 'Starting to Draw?', 'Edges not Outlines' and 'Drawing for Beginners'. Each video is only around 5 - 10 minutes long, and kids will learn valuable lessons about art that they can use to improve their drawings at home - and back at school.

Child concentrating while drawing

Thrive Art School

Thrive Art School has some great online art tutorials that are designed to give kids the confidence and skills to have fun whilst learning to draw. The tutorials have been split by skill level, with a 'Beginners' course and an 'Intermediate' course, which makes it easy to find an art class that your child will love.

Lots of online art classes focus on teaching kids how to draw a single object or animal but Thrive Art School's videos give step by step instructions to make a completed artwork, encouraging kids to learn how to draw the whole picture. A great way to replicate art classes at home, the tutorials begin by looking at photos of the animals or objects that the kids will learn how to draw.

Kids following the beginner art classes will learn to draw a parrot in an exotic rainforest, a tropical fish in an underwater landscape and they will design their own dragon. Kids following the intermediate videos will learn to draw a sailing ship, an imaginary tree and an ocean octopus.



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