15 Amazing Legoland Windsor Hacks For The Best Family Day Out

Legoland Windsor

Here's all you need to know to get the most out of your day out at Legoland Windsor.

Here’s the straight-up truth: preparation is KEY. You should prepare for a day at Legoland in the same way that you’d prepare for a day at a festival: travel light, pack carefully and consider which ‘acts’ you’re going to catch and which ones your kids will be OK with missing. Here are our top 15 tips to help ensure that everything really is awesome on the day at Legoland Windsor:

1. The early bird catches the (Lego) worm

Book ahead to save up to 30% and print tickets out to save time on the day. Look into anywhere that’s doing a deal, and collect the ‘Adults go free’ coupons from cereal boxes. Be the first in the queue to get in and head to your favourite ride first (the further away this is from the entrance, the better).

2. To Q-Bot or not to Q-Bot?

That’s a question that only you can answer - but it’s definitely worth considering. Q-Bots allow you to skip the queue (while also doubling the cost of your day out). But you still have to queue with the other Q-Botters on busy days, so there’s no avoiding the queues completely.

3. Do your homework

Don’t even THINK about going without a game plan. Even if you spend all day there, realistically you’ll only get to go on around 6 rides, so choose them carefully and think about which order you’ll do them in.

4. Prepare to queue

We can’t stress this enough. Whether you have a Q-Bot or not, you’ll be queuing at some point - have some snacks ready or ideas of games you can play to pass the time.

5. Have a wet weather plan

Waterproofs are essential (plus swimwear and suncream if it’s hot enough for the Splash Safari zone). Go against the advice and do the wet rides first - lots of people do these last so they’re not walking around in wet clothes.

6. Pack carefully

Waterproofs, toilet paper and refillable water bottles are essential.

7. Check out the small print

Certain rides have a height restriction - make sure you know which ones your kids are not yet tall enough for so you can steer them away from these rides on the day and avoid disappointment.

8. BYO and save money

There are loads of places to buy lunch from but if it’s dry, pack a picnic.

9. Don’t follow the crowd

Once you have come through the ticket gates, there is a path veering towards the right to get to the rides - ignore this and veer to the left.

10. Bring a buggy

If you have smaller kids, bring your buggy - perfect for storing all your stuff and for long walks between rides.

11. Hit the shops early

Don’t leave the gift shop till the end of the day - it’ll be heaving.

12. Remember there’s more to Legoland than just the rides

Splash Safari in summer is brilliant, as is Miniland, the puppet show at Duplo Valley and the Pirates of Skeleton Bay show.

13. Stay overnight

There’s so much to do you can easily spend two days there and it takes the pressure off having to do everything in a day.

14. Go when the theme park is shut

Kidadler Kate is a huge fan of going over the festive period. She says: ‘You can get a brilliant deal to stay in a themed room and there’s loads of entertainment and stuff going on. My girls loved it.’

15. Start saving now…

A trip to Legoland can easily cost you £250+, when you factor in your travel, food, Q-Bots etc. But it’s totally worth it and your kids are guaranteed to be singing ‘Everything is Awesome’ the whole way home.


‘Lego’ comes from the Danish words ‘leg godt’, which mean ‘play well’.

The brand was invented by Ole Kirk Christiansen in 1932, who sadly died before it became a household name.

Lego bricks used to be made of wood, until a fire broke out in the warehouse in 1960.

Lego makes more than 300 million tiny wheels per YEAR.

There are over 4 billion Lego mini-figures.



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