56 Leo Quotes: Get To Know Your Sign

We have the best Leo quotes listed for you

People born between 23 July – 22 August come under the Zodiac sign, Leo.

This fifth astrological sign is associated with fire and is ruled by the Sun. Leos are known to be warm and strong.

Leos are known to be like sparkling fire and tend to have great, fiery personalities. They are considered most consistent, brave, and dynamic. Our Leo quotes will help you learn more about Leo's personality. For more quotes about signs, also visit Cancer Zodiac quotes and Virgo quotes.

Best Leo Quotes

Leos can make the best for themselves and anyone related to them. Below are the best zodiac sayings on their sun sign and their nature.

Leo is a fire symbol in astrology.

1. "Don't forget that Leo contains the essence of royalty."

-Linda Goodman, 'Linda Goodman's Love Signs'.

2. "I have such an ego 'cause I'm a double Leo. I can't let go of me, so it's very difficult for me to be somebody else and not me. I'm so into me."

-Paul Mooney, 'NPR.'

3. "Maybe it's just because I'm a Leo."

-Tierra Whack, 'NME.'

4."I am into having my hands in a bunch of different things. I am a Leo and I love to be active and creative."

-Howie Dorough, 'Reuters.'

5. "I think of myself as a young prince from a long line of royalty. My sign is Leo. A Leo has to walk with pride."

-Wesley Snipes, 'People.'

6. "The vibrations of Leo, ruled by the Sun itself, are things you can actually feel throughout your whole being in the presence of a lion or lioness."

-Linda Goodman, 'Linda Goodman's Love Signs.'

The following quote shows how Leo can be related to the summer season.

7. "Something about being born in the summer season means that you have the natural ability to shine bright like the sun."

-Marisa Casciano.

8."Full of fire that bursts from within, Leo's are dramatic, yet creative in nature -How could life never be spectacular with a Leo around?"

-Carlie Fox.

9."For Leos, there is one currency to rule them all: attention. When they love someone they laugh at their jokes, compliment them, make them the star of the show."

-Chrissy Stockton.

10."A Leo absolutely loves being around people. They also really enjoy watching their favorite shows with someone they love."

-January Nelson.

11."Leos, you are a natural-born leader. You are the type of person people admire because they want to emulate your spirit and your sociability."

-January Nelson.

12. "The lion will be a chivalrous and gallant suitor, tenderly protective and sentimentally affectionate."

-Linda Goodman.

13. "Confidence is key, Leo. You're dominant and never passive. You make the first move and are the ones to turn up the temperature."

-Bob Alaburda.

14. "Leos are fiercely loyal and some of the most generous friends to have. People are drawn to their enthusiasm and passion, in everything they do."

-Caithlin Pena.

15."To impress a Leo it is quite simple. Demand attention, be charming, and look them straight in the eye."

-January Nelson.

16. "I'm Pisces with Leo rising. The Pisces part is the dreamer. Leo always says, 'Let's execute'. "

-Quincy Jones.

17. "Not all Leos will explode into a rage when they feel wronged. Some will freeze into a royally icy detachment, shielding themselves behind a barrier of cool hauteur."


18. "Leos are seldomly hampered by modesty or self -effacement."

-Linda Goodman.

19. "A Leo will give you just enough chances to show they care (their forgiving nature) but don't push it."


20."Give like the sun, and the whole world grows tall."


Quotes About Being A Leo

We have listed some Leo zodiac quotes for one of the most excellent signs, with a lion's heart.

21."You know, I am a Leo. The lion is a giant part of me."

-Patrick Swayze, 'The New York Times.'

22."Leos believe that you're the ruler of your own destiny and if you're not going to change your life when problems occur, don't cry about it!"


23."Leo the lion, rules all the other animals. Leo, the person, rules you and everybody else."

-Linda Goodman.

24."The day will be what you make it, so rise like the sun, and burn."

-William C. Hannan.

25."Let nothing dim the light that shines from within."

- Maya Angelou.

26."I'm a Leo, with an Aquarian mid-heaven, so I can be mistaken for an Aquarius. My Sun-Uranus conjunction in Leo makes me an honorary Aquarian anyway."

-Roland Orzabal.

27."Every lion (and lioness) is born free."

-Linda Goodman.

28." You can't kill the spirit of the lionhearted."

-Erin Van Vuren.

Leo Women Quotes

Actually, Leo Women are known to have a strong mind and are stubborn. Let us see some Leo sign quotes made for these influential women.

Leo quotes on women can shed light on how women related to the sign think and act.

29."A lioness is a lot of woman. She's rather a luxury item, not available in the bargain basement."

-Linda Goodman.

30."A Leo woman couldn't love you if you weren't strong."

-Linda Goodman.

31."The Leo girl usually makes a jewel of a wife."

-Linda Goodman.

32."A Leo woman may control all other sun sign men, but when it comes to the male and female Leos, the Lion dominates the Lioness."

-Linda Goodman.

Leo Love Quotes

It is said that Sagittarius can shine as an excellent match for Leos. We have listed some quotes here on Leo's love life we think any Leo would like.

33. "Leo admires and is admired, loves and is loved."

-Linda Goodman.

34."Leos may be born brave by the brain. Yet the fragile heart which kneels for their loved one, always makes them go weaker by the time."

-Zephyr Limns.

35."One might say Leos possess a kind of instant passion."

-Linda Goodman.

36."She slept with wolves without fear, for the wolves knew a lion was among them."

- R. M. Drake.

The below quote is related to the Sun and Leos.

37. "If you have good thoughts, they will shine out of your face like sun beams and you will always look lovely."

-Roald Dahl.

38."When a Leo is falling in love, they're as charismatic as ever, but they're also looking for someone with whom they can share the life they love so much."

- Brianna Wiest.

39."If love is missing from his life, the fiery lion will simply pine away – dramatically of course."

-Linda Goodman.

40."Nice guys and girls everywhere bitterly envy a Leo who has no problem singing their own praises. Leos are successful and get their well-deserved acclaim because, very simply, they ask for it."

-Chrissy Stockton.

41."It is best to be born in April or August when the life-giving Sun is in its exaltation sign Aries or Leo, it is home, for then we enter the sea of life on the crest-wave and are backed in the battle of existence by an abundant fund of vim and energy."

-Max Heindle.

42."She is cool with a good heart, soft but strong."

-R.H. Sin.

Funny Leo Quotes

To deal with Leos, never tell them that they are overthinking, have to change, calm down, etc. Here are some amusing Leo quotes, including Leo birthday quotes for those born between 23 July and 22 August. You'll certainly like at least one!

43."My sign is Leo. A Leo has to walk with pride. When he takes a step, he has to put his foot down. You walk into a room and you want people to know your presence, doing nothing."

-Wesley Snipes.

44."My favorite holiday is my birthday-it's very Leo."

-Jennifer Lopez.

45."Leos have trouble finding the fine line between being confident and arrogant."


46."Leos walks into a room and wants people to know they're are there."

-Wesley Snipes.

47."There are no introverted Leo, they pretend to be introverts."

-Linda Goodman.

48. "If you hear a Leo crying in the bathroom, mind your business."


Quotes By Famous Leos

Listed here are some quotes by famous people born in this zodiac sign and the Leo horoscope quotes. We've also included some quotes showing what happens when you leave a Leo.

49."To be brave is to love someone unconditionally without expecting anything in return."

-Madonna, ' The Oprah Magazine.'

50."When Leo doesn't like someone, it is written all over their face, in bold expression."


51."You can't let your failures define you. You have to let your failures teach you."

-Barack Obama, 'Remarks To Students At Wakefield High School.'

52."We can't always agree on everything."

-Roger Federer.

53."I have a feeling that inside you somewhere, there's somebody nobody knows about."

-Alfred Hitchcock Thornton Wilder.

54."Leos try to avoid confrontations not because they are afraid of the threat but what they are cable of doing to that threat."


55. "You don't want to tell a Leo to leave because they will leave and they won't come back."


56."At the end of the day, I'm walking with the heart of a lion."

-Kid Cudi, 'Heart of a Lion.'

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