100+ Leprechaun Names For Your Characters

Find the best leprechaun names.

The story of the leprechaun is a beloved part of Irish lore.

Traditionally known as a member of the fairy family, they are also popular for being cobblers now. The stories of these small creatures emerged in the eighth century during the time when legends about small water dwellers started to spread among the Celtics.

Leprechauns are known to hide from the world by living in hollow tree trunks or small underground caves. Their name comes from the word 'luchorpán' that means "small body" and it suits them well as they are believed to be just two to three feet tall. Their name is often associated with the term 'leath bhrogan' that means "shoemaker". It is because of this profession that they own pots of gold. Leprechauns are also known for their funny sayings like “Give away all you like, but keep your bills and your temper” and "Don't break your shin on a stool that is not in your way”. If you ever catch a leprechaun, you can touch it but be careful not to take your eyes off it, otherwise it will certainly run away!

Every year on 17 March, people in Ireland and all over the world celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. This day is all about parades, costumes, shamrocks and leprechauns. Leprechauns are an important part of Irish culture and history and play a big role on this special day.

Ever since they have been embraced by Hollywood, leprechauns have become an even more prominent part of popular culture. Famous leprechauns have weird and wonderful names. If you are looking for one such name, here is a list of over 100 names for your leprechaun characters. If you find this list interesting, you can check out other articles from Kidadl like these Mage names for your characters or these Wood Elf names.

Leprechaun Names For Girls

Technically, according to 'A History Of Irish Fairies’, there is no record of female leprechauns. However, this doesn’t mean that you cannot have some fun with your character. After all, just because there is no record of something, it doesn’t mean that they can’t be used as a character. Check out this list of girls’ leprechauns name ideas for your characters.

1. Biddy McLoughlin, meaning “strong and powerful Viking” this will be a well suited name for your leprechaun character. It depicts their strength and tough qualities.

2. Bree Flynn meaning “higher power that is brightly red in colour” is among the common Irish names that will perfectly describe your leprechaun. Leprechauns were red in colour prior to the 20th century.

3. Brianna McGrath meaning “noble son of grace” is one of the most common female leprechaun names for your leprechaun who is honest and honourable.

4. Caitriona Boyle meaning “pure vain” is one of the popular names for your character who is a little too into her appearance.

5. Ciara Casy meaning “a watchful little girl” is one of the famous leprechaun names for a Gothic looking leprechaun girl who is mindful of her surroundings.

6. Fiona Foley meaning “fair plunderer” is a name for a leprechaun who takes over someone else’s things by force.

7. Moira O’Doherty meaning “rebellious and hurtful women”, is a well suited female name for a leprechaun who distresses people around her with her rebellious nature.

8. Neve O’Donnell meaning “dazzling” is one of the most popular girl leprechaun names.

9. Nora Maher meaning “honourable and majestic” is a popular leprechaun name that suits a character who is honest and dignified.

10. Sloane Healy meaning “an artistic raider warrior” is an appropriate name for your leprechaun who fights and loves art.

11. Sorcha Kavanagh meaning “attractive and beaming” is a fitting name for a friendly female leprechaun.

Leprechaun Names For Boys

Here is a list of names of leprechauns that are suited for boys.

Select the best boys’ names for a leprechaun.

12. Alby Sweeney meaning “pleasant” will suit your leprechaun who is sweet, caring and innocent.

13. Aodh MacDermott meaning “flaming and free from jealousy” is among the common Irish names that can be used for a leprechaun who is confident in themselves and isn’t bothered by the emotion of jealousy.

14. Cairbre MacKenna meaning “one who rides in a fire sprung chariot” is an unusual yet cool name for your leprechaun.

15. Conall Sheehan meaning “powerful and peaceful wolf” is a suitable name inspired by wolf that can be used for a strong and calm leprechaun.

16. Culkin O’Dwyer meaning “learned” is a name appropriate for a leprechaun who is knowledgeable and feared by others.

17. Fergus Byrne meaning “a raven full of energy” is a bird inspired name for your leprechaun who is full of life.

18. Flannery O’Callaghan meaning “brave and bright headed” is a well suited name for a fearless and intelligent leprechaun.

19. Leary Donovan meaning “keeper of calves” is an appropriate name for a leprechaun who is an animal lover.

20. Mannix Fitzpatrick meaning “monk who is a devotee of Saint Patrick” is a name suited for a leprechaun who is faithful to his religion.

21. Quinn O’Shea meaning “wise and large” is a name fitting for a leprechaun who is large in size and is very knowledgable.

22. Rian Magee meaning “little brave ruler” is a name appropriate for a tiny and courageous leprechaun.

Unisex Leprechaun Names

If you are looking for genderless names, here are a few unisex names for your leprechaun characters. These work really well as leprechaun names for kids or Saint Patrick's day names.

Check out these unisex leprechaun names.

23. Apple O’Charm, a fruit based name will be a great name for your charming leprechaun.

24. Bailey O’Brannigan, a name that will suite any leprechaun character, whether male or female.

25. Bailey Potfiller, a cute name for your gold pot owning leprechaun.

26. Big Nose O’Ligan, a unisex name for your leprechaun character who takes an excessive interest in someone else’s business.

27. Blarney O'Gratin, a perfectly suited name for a charming or persuasive leprechaun.

28. Bleary Regan, a name for a sleepy and tired leprechaun.

29. Bonzi O’Reilly, an unusual name for your leprechaun.

30. Birthday O’Malley, a cute name for a leprechaun.

31. Bunyon O’Blaze, an interesting and uncommon name for your leprechaun character.

32. Cabbage McCorn, a cute vegetable based leprechaun name.

33. Carrot Reilly, a vegetable based name for your leprechaun.

34. Celtic McJig, a name for a leprechaun inspired by the Celts.

35. Cheery McMurphy, a well suited name for a happy-go-lucky leprechaun.

36. Clover McFeverish, a plant based name for your leprechaun.

37. Clumsy McIrish, a name for your awkward and uncoordinated leprechaun.

38. Corned Beef Pot O'Gold, one of the popular gold names that comes from the famous dish called corned beef.

39. Daffodil Greenknickers, a flower based name for your leprechaun.

40. Dirtfoot Greentooth, a perfect name for your leprechaun who refuses to wear shoes.

41. Dizzy O’Sullivan, a name for your leprechaun who can’t stay steady or strong on their feet.

42. Emerald O’Brien, one of the popular green names that is derived from a green coloured precious stone.

43. Fearsome McCharmless, a name suitable for a terrifying and menacing looking leprechaun.

44. Feisty Buckley, a name suited for your courageous and determined leprechaun.

45. Fiddles O’Blaze, a name for a musically inclined leprechaun who loves to play piano.

46. Fightin’ O’Rainbow, an unusual name for your leprechaun character.

47. Foodie O’Donnell, a name for your leprechaun who can’t stop eating.

48. Folklore McGinger, a name for a leprechaun who can’t stop talking about his stories.

49. Fluffernuffer O’Callaghan, an unusual name for your leprechaun.

50. Fluffernutter Shortlegs, a simple name for your leprechaun with short legs.

51. Fluffy O’Knuckles, a cute and warm name for your leprechaun.

52. Fortune O’Cranky, a suitable name for a lucky leprechaun. This is one of the best lucky leprechaun names.

53. Freckles McHoran, if your leprechaun has freckles, this is a really cute name idea.

54. Gaelic McStout, a name suited for a Gaelic leprechaun.

55. Giddy McTavern, a name for a happy leprechaun.

56. Ginger Magee, a name well suited for your red-haired leprechaun.

57. Giggles McDoodles, a cheery and chuckling leprechaun name.

58. Goldie Whelan, a perfect name for a pot-filling and gold-obsessed leprechaun.

59. Greenie McNugget, a name for your green coloured leprechaun.

60. Hairy O'Gold, a name that is perfect for a friendly leprechaun.

61. Happy Dancyfeet, a name suited for your cheerful leprechaun.

62. Jiggy O’Danaghue, an unusual name for your leprechaun who laughs to dance.

63. Leafy McCarter, a plant based name for your leprechaun.

64. Little McKing, a suitable name for your tiny leprechaun.

65. Lucky Cloverhopper, a name suited for your leprechaun who is fortunate and blessed with several pots of gold. If you are looking for names that mean lucky, it doesn't get better than this!

66.Midge McPixie, an insect based name for your leprechaun who is small in size.

67. Mini O'Reilly, a perfect name for your tiny, little leprechaun.

68. Mischievous McIreland, a character based name for your leprechaun, inspired by a supernatural being who occurs in many Irish folklore stories.

69. Moneybags, a name well suited for your rich leprechaun character.

70. Patrick O’Pal, a cute name for your leprechaun.

71. Patty McOutrage, a food based name for your leprechaun.

72. Pete O’Shivers, one of the most uncommon and interesting names for a leprechaun.

73. Plucky Ettercap, a name for your brave and courageous leprechaun.

74. Potsy O’Wickless, a name based on a game that you can use for your leprechaun.

75. Rainbow McCoppertop, a colourful name for your leprechaun with a colourful personality.

76. Riverdance McGold, a leprechaun name based on the Irish step dance of the same name.

77. Rusty O’Gingerly, an interesting name for your leprechaun.

78. Shillelagh McSpud, one of the best Irish leprechaun names for your characters.

79. Sneaky Luckleaf, one of the most popular names for leprechauns for a secretive and devious character.

80. Sprinkles McMuffin, a cute and interesting name for your leprechaun.

81. Spudsy McFeverish, this name,that comes from the alternative word for ‘potato’, can be used for your leprechaun.

82. Squeezie O’Apple, one of the cute leprechaun names.

83. Squeezer McGoGo, an uncommon name for your next leprechaun character.

84. Stingy O’Shaughnessy, one of the most popular leprechaun names that refers to a character attribute of lacking genoriosity.

85. Stinky O'Shamrock, a popular and funny leprechaun name.

86. Stump O’Lyin, one of the common tree-based Irish names for your leprechaun.

87. Tater Maher, a name for your leprechaun that refers to the ‘potato’ vegetable.

88. Thunderous McTurnips, a fitting name for angry, menacing and evil leprechauns.

89. Tim O'Taters, a cute name appropriate for any leprechaun.

90. Tiny Twinkletoes, a cute name for your tiny leprechaun who loved to dance.

91. Toadstool McFearsome, an unusual name for your leprechaun.

92. Tweedle O'Fire, a leprechaun name for a character who loves singing.

93. Twindle O'Mar, one of the good leprechaun names that are interesting and uncommon.

94. Twitchy Rainbowchaser, a fitting name for a nervous leprechaun.

95. Underpants O’Farrell, a funny name for your leprechaun.

96. Warty O’Wobbles, a lovable name for your leprechaun covered in warts.

97. Whispers McSullied, a name well suited to a softly spoken and shy leprechaun.

98. Wee O’Shea, another cute name for your tiny leprechaun.

99. Weebit Cabbageleaf, another popular leprechaun name inspired by their physical attribute of being small.

100. Wooly O'Mammoth, is among the funny leprechaun names for your confused leprechaun.

101. Teeny O’Looney, a popular leprechaun name for your small leprechaun.

102. Zany McWoozy, a leprechaun name for your crazy or foolish leprechaun.

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