Let Them Eat Cake! The Top B Bakery Sweet Treats That You and Your Kids Will Adore

B Bakery Covent Garden

Calling all cake-loving kids and sweet-toothed grown-ups – B Bakery Covent Garden is the place to be! B Bakery’s totally family-friendly afternoon tea makes the perfect pitstop for any day trip in the city. From the second you walk through the door you’ll be hit with the sweet smell of freshly-baked treats as your eyes feast upon the endless cakes on the counter in front of you. Kids of all ages will be crazy for the cakes on offer (not forgetting the delicious hot chocolate!) and you’ll have time to enjoy a cup of tea or two in this sumptuous sanctuary amid the busy streets of Covent Garden. As part of your afternoon tea, you'll get to tuck into a selection of freshly made cakes, scones, sandwiches and mini cupcakes, plus freshly-cut savoury treats such as cucumber and mint finger sandwiches, pastrami burgers with mustard mayonnaise and smoked salmon pretzels.Sweets included in the afternoon tea are lemon meringue tart, vanilla and raspberry jam choux, and chocolate mini cupcakes. Finish with a classic freshly baked scone with clotted cream and jam, all made by the expert chefs on site.

inside b bakery with tables set for afternoon tea

The super sandwich selection

Forget plain old egg and cress or cheese and pickle sandwiches; B Bakery’s sophisticated little sandwiches are a delight for children and grown-ups alike! B Bakery's minty cucumber and cream cheese filling is piled high on red beetroot bread that’ll have kids fascinated. If red sandwiches aren’t enough to get them excited, they won't be able to turn down the ham and cheese sandwich with wholegrain mustard mayo – yum!

The simply splendid savoury bites

Sandwiches are to be expected on an afternoon tea, but B Bakery takes the savoury offerings up a notch with other tiny tasty treats. Kids will go crazy for the savoury muffins, packed with spinach, feta and sun-dried tomatoes. There’s also a smoked salmon pretzel with cream cheese, chives and cucumber, and a dainty but perfectly delicious pastrami burger with tomato, salad and mustard mayonnaise – perfect for tiny tummies!

The magnificent mini sweet treats

hand holding a chocolate cupcake at afternoon tea at B Bakery

Mini chocolate cupcakes – need we say any more? Chocoholic children (and grown-ups!) will delight in tucking into these rich, creamy and totally tasty chocolate cakes. Meanwhile, biscuit tin raiders will be in their element with the queen sablé and sweet cream cheese mousse.

The perfect pastry selection

If baking is a science, patisserie is an art – especially on a scale as sweet and small as this! The sight of B Bakery’s pastry selection is enough to whet even the fussiest of eater’s appetites. The mini lemon meringue pie is the perfect size for small mouths (and tummies), and the vanilla and raspberry jam choux is like a doughnut that’s had a swanky upgrade – delicious!

The piece de resistance – scones!   

scone on a plate with jam and clotted cream at B Bakery

An afternoon tea wouldn’t be complete without scones, glorious scones. Hot and fresh from the kitchen, B Bakery’s plain scones are served with clotted cream and jam. The only arguments at the table will be about which goes on first. Cornish rules, or Devon rules? 

If you'd prefer to take your afternoon tea on wheels, you can always book the B Bakery afternoon tea on a bus - and take in London's most famous landmarks at the same time.



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