36 Library Puns That You Won't Be Able To Stay Quiet Reading

Library puns are funny because they use wordplay to make us laugh.

We all know that libraries make any bookworm happy, and so will these jokes!

This collection of jokes contains puns about books, libraries, librarians and reading; they are practically the perfect pun book for a little bookworm! Dive straight into them for some guaranteed wordy and clever entertainment.

The oldest library in the world was built in the seventh century BC in Assyria (modern day Iraq) and contains over 30,000 cuneiform tablets. Nowadays, there are millions of libraries around the world, but they don't all contain books: there exists a library of smells in Versailles (France) which holds over 3,200 scents!

If you have ever been to a library, you will know that the librarian is the person in charge of arranging and putting away the books. But their role is not limited to that: they can advise readers about what to borrow, order new books when they come out, and refresh the library's book collections! Books are carefully classified inside libraries using an elaborate system invented in 1976 called the Dewey Decimal Classification (or DDC), which separates books into different areas of knowledge such as Philosophy, Language, Pure Science, Literature or History and Geography. Each area is divided into categories and subsections.

Libraries and book shops often have really funny and clever names, like Ripping Yarns or Moby Dickens. They are generally run by well-read people who love book puns!

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Clever Library Puns

Library puns make you think creatively and also make you giggle.

Here is a collection of the best, funniest and slightly cringe worthy library puns!

1. I was reading in the library when I noticed a guy staring at me, he was really checking me out.

2. You're so beautiful, you have fine written all over you.

3. I went to visit the world's biggest library, but sadly it was overbooked.

4. If you are looking for a book with a good cliffhanger, I recommend -

5. You can bring beverages into the library, but please do not pour milk onto the serials.

6. I know my library is a big mess, I'm really ashamed of my-shelf.

7. The tallest building in every city is always the library, because it has the most stories.

8. I went to the doctor and he recommended bibliotherapy; now that's a novel prescription!

9. I'm really sorry for all these library jokes, I'll put them on hold.

10. I tried checking out 100 books from the library the other day, but the librarian said "Don't overdue it."

11. Dewey belong together? I think we'd make a great two volume set!

12. ISBN thinking about you a lot.

13. There's a top secret library project happening, but it's all very hush hush.

Funny Librarian Puns

These amazing librarian jokes are the ideal entertainment for a book nerd. If you like book puns you are sure to love these librarian puns too!

14. A librarian has to stick to their timetable, they are bound to their work.

15. My librarian friend is so busy, I have to book a time slot to see her!

16. If you want to go on a date with a librarian, just ask if you can take them out.

17. If the library gets really cold, the librarian can just put on a book jacket.

18. Every year, the librarian wishes me many happy returns.

19. I asked the librarian on a date, and she said it was long overdue!

20. The librarian was lacking confidence, so I told him to believe in him-shelf.

21. It turns out all along the librarian was a policewoman! She was just undercover.

22. I think the librarian is into me, but I don't know if I'm correctly reading between the lines.

23. If a librarian breaks up with you, you have just got to move on, turn the page and start a new leaf!

24. I like reading scary books, so I asked the librarian if they had any books written by ghostwriters.

25. The librarian is changing jobs, she's starting a new chapter in her life!

26. Before I go on a date with the librarian, I just want to check we're on the same page.

27. The librarian got fired because he was always checked out.

28. Librarians love a good joke, they always get the reference.

29. I asked the librarian if they had any books on illusionists, but she said they all seemed to have disappeared.

Hilarious Library Puns

These question and answer puns are perfect to make your little book lovers think!

30. Why did the ghost keep coming back to the library? Because he went through his books too quickly!

31. Why did Dracula go to the library? Because he wanted a good book to sink his teeth into.

32. What do you do if your pet starts eating your library books? You take the words right out of their mouths!

33. Where does the library keep books about Big Foot? In the large print section.

Reading Puns

What better than some clever word play for someone who loves to read? Book lovers of all ages will love these funny reading puns.

34. I'm reading a book in braille and something bad is about to happen in it, I can feel it.

35. I'm reading a book about anti-gravity and I just can't put it down!

36. When you have finished reading the dictionary, every other book is basically a remix of it.

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