List Of Direwolf Names Plus Direwolf Name Ideas

A direwolf name should reflect the great terror and awe that these beasts inspire.

The direwolf is considered to be one of the most famous prehistoric carnivores native to North America which is now an extinct species of the genus Canis.

Direwolf names should be as fearsome as the great canines themselves. Their names should instil fright, fascination, and respect while reflecting the magnificent strength of these creatures.

Although extinct in real life, these warrior-like beasts have recently been resurrected in popular culture. They were brought back to life through 'Game Of Thrones', a celebrated series based on George R. R. Martin's novels. Our first introduction to the direwolf is in  'A Song of Ice and Fire', the first novel of the series, where six direwolf puppies are adopted by the Stark children.

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Names For Direwolves In Game Of Thrones

Here's a list of some of our favorite direwolf names that we hope will help you to name your character.

1. Ghost (English origin) meaning "spirit" or "spectre"; one of the two remaining direwolves that remain alive, belonging to Jon Snow. A great direwolf name for a silent creature.

2. Grey Wind (English origin) meaning "mixture of ash and air"; name of Robb Stark's direwolf. A good direwolf name for a fast beast.

3. Lady (Middle English origin) meaning "female head of a household"; the direwolf of Sansa Stark. A great name for a loyal, lovable direwolf.

4. Nymeria meaning "warrior queen"; the direwolf of Arya Stark who grows up to be a great hunter and remains alive. A sophisticated name for a fierce, loyal direwolf.

5. Shaggydog (Hebrew origin) meaning "handsome and impressive canine"; the direwolf belonging to Rickon Stark in 'Game Of Thrones'.

6. Summer (English origin) meaning the warmest season of the year"; this direwolf belonged to Bran Stark from 'Game Of Thrones' who died defending him after the White Walker attacked. Named after every character's favorite season; this direwolf name implies hope and warmth.

Direwolf Name Ideas

Primarily known as ferocious, Direwolves can also be friendly creatures.

Here are some fantastic names of direwolves which can inspire you.

7. Adalwolf (German origin) meaning "noble wolf", a great male name for direwolves.

8. Adalwolfa (German origin) meaning "noble she-wolf", a beautiful name for a female direwolf.

9. Adolph (German origin) meaning "noble wolf"; an ominous-sounding direwolf name.

10. Bardawulf (English origin) meaning "ax wolf".

11. Beowulf (English origin) meaning "intelligent wolf"; a fictional Anglo-Saxon warrior famous for slaying the beast Grendel.

12. Catori (Hopi origin) meaning "spirit"; an appropriate name for a white wolf.

13. Eyolf (Norwegian origin) meaning "lucky wolf"; a good name for a lucky wolf.

14. Gonzalo (Spanish origin) meaning "wolf".

15. Gunnolf (Norwegian origin) meaning "fighting wolf"; an appropriate name for a fighter.

16. Honiahaka (Cheyenne origin) meaning "little wolf"; an intimidating name for a baby direwolf.

17. Hototo (Hopi origin) meaning "the warrior spirit who sings"; a beautiful direwolf name.

18. Kiyiya (Yakima origin) meaning "howling wolf"; a beautiful Native American name for direwolves.

19. Lonan (Zuni origin) meaning "cloud"; an elegant name for grey direwolves.

20. Lupe (Spanish origin) meaning "wolf"; a unique direwolf name.

21. Macha (Sioux origin) meaning "aurora"; a beautiful Native American direwolf name.

22. Micco (Seminole origin) meaning "chief"; a great name for an alpha wolf.

23. Mingan (Algonquian origin) meaning "grey wolf"; an appropriate name for grey direwolves.

24. Nashoba (Choctaw origin) meaning "wolf".

25. Nikan (Potawatomi origin) meaning "my friend".

26. Otaktay (Sioux origin) meaning "one who kills many".

27. Pauwau (Algonquian origin) meaning "witch"; a gender-neutral name for a direwolf.

28. Rafe (German origin) meaning "council of the wolf"; a great name for a chief wolf or alpha wolf.

Direwolf Names Based On Their Coat

(Direwolves are often named after their fur color.

Just like any pet, direwolf names that can be given based on the color of their fur.

29. Amaruq (Inuit origin) meaning "grey wolf"; a rare name for a direwolf.

30. Auriel (Latin origin) meaning "golden", a beautiful name for a golden-brown wolf.

31. Bruno (German origin) meaning "brown"; a good name for a brown beast.

32. Greyson (English origin) meaning "grey-haired"; an appropriate name for a grey wolf.

33. Griselda (Scottish origin) meaning "grey battle maid"; a fantastic name for a female grey wolf.

34. Hotah (Sioux origin) meaning "white"; a pretty name for a pale direwolf.

35. Kali (Hindu origin) meaning "the black one" or "devourer of time".

36. Kanika (Egyptian origin) meaning "black"; great name for a black wolf.

37. Kapil (Hindu origin) meaning "reddish-brown"; a male name for brown direwolves.

38. Kin (Japanese origin) meaning "gold"; a short name for a golden wolf.

39. Melania (Italian/ Spanish origin) meaning "black" or "dark"; a fantastic name for a black female direwolf.

40. Meoquanee (Chippewa origin) meaning "one who wears red"; a beautiful Native American wolf name.

41. Orla (Irish origin) meaning "golden princess"; a beautiful wolf name.

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