Live Like A King At Hampton Court Palace This Summer

Hampton Court Palace Exterior

Transport yourself back in time and spend the Summer at Hampton Court Palace in Hampton Wick. Immerse your little kings and queens in Henry VIII's stomping ground and travel back to the days of jesters and execution (ouch!). Explore the magnificent grounds and uncover what's lurking among the trees and plants, get suited and booted in the finest royal robes, lose yourself in one of the most famous mazes in the world and more! There's so much royal fun for all ages to be had at Hampton Court Palace this summer - just make sure you don't lose your head!

1. Are you team Henry or Boleyn?

Draw your tennis racquets and limber up for a spot of archery! Join Henry VIII’s Sporting Academy and try your hand at some traditional Tudor sports. Little did you know, Henry VIII was a keen sportsman back in the day. He enjoyed tennis, archery, jousting and hunting and now he's inviting you and your mini kings and queens to follow in his footsteps and join his very own sporting academy! Have a go at sword fighting, aim for bullseye and take part in the all-important Tudor Dance Off! Will you rise to the challenge and compete for glistening bronze medals that Henry himself would be proud to wear? Only time will tell.

Boy playing the sporting activity of archery

2. Get lost!

Hampton Court Palace is home to the UK's oldest surviving hedge maze; it covers a third of an acre and is always loads of fun for everyone involved. This incredible maze will have you twisting and turning at every corner, reaching intriguing dead ends and making you question if there even is a centre point (trust us - you'll get there in the end)! Bring along the whole family and see who can get to the middle the fastest... you never know what's waiting in the centre!

Young girl with blonde hair scoping out her next move in a grass maze

3. Thyme to get cooking!

Experience what it takes to make food fit for a king in Henry VIII's Kitchens at Hampton Court Palace. Transport yourself back to a time of royal feasting and indulgent dining. Whether you want to get your hands dirty and try your hand at roasting some succulent meat or you just want to kick back and watch the hustle and bustle of the busy food factory - you can do either at Hampton Court Palace. (Although, we're not sure Henry would tolerate slackers...) Learn about Tudor delicacies and maybe even try one or two! Mmmm.

4. Once upon a time...

You and your little ones became part of the story! With Storytime Adventures at Hampton Court Palace, be immersed in much-loved children's stories that can be linked to Hampton Court's incredible history. Put on your crown and venture into the world of make-believe, learn about the Tudor past and be captivated by lively, engaging storytelling that is bound to have your little kings and queens on the edge of their thrones.

Boys and girls attentively listening to a story

5. What's that lurking behind the trees?

It can't be! Or can it? You'll have to find out for yourself in the Palace Gardens. Take a stroll through the beautiful gardens at Hampton Court Palace and see what you can find. We've heard that there are some fiery beasts waiting to be found, in all colours, shapes and sizes. Be sure to pick up an activity map from the Information Centre on arrival to begin your hunt for these magical creatures - you don't want it to drag-on now, do you?

Two children looking at a sculpture of a dinosaur


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