Lockdown: Kew Stays Open, Along With National Trust Gardens

Venues that are outdoor spaces which you can pre-book, like Kew Gardens, will be allowed to remain open this lockdown.

Most of England’s cultural attractions are closed from 5 November as part of the new lockdown, but not everywhere. The rules set out by the Government allow us to visit “public gardens and grounds (whether or not you pay to enter them)”.

That second clause means that largely outdoor, paid-for attractions like Kew Gardens are safe to remain open. Below, we’ve set out a few of the more notable examples. We’ll add to this list with any major additions we hear about.

Can I Travel?

Government lockdown advice has been updated to allow travel “to spend time or exercise outdoors - this should be done locally wherever possible, but you can travel to do so if necessary (for example, to access an open space)”. Importantly, anyone visiting the parks should stick to all health and safety precautions, including social distancing, hand washing and (where appropriate) the wearing of masks.

Major Attractions That Remain Open

The alphabetical list below includes only venues who charge an admission fee. Free gardens and parks, such as the Royal Parks, can be assumed to remain open (though check before you travel).

Castle Howard, North Yorkshire: Both the grounds and the adventure playground remain open, though the house is closed.

Chatsworth House, Derbyshire: The farm and house are closed, but the famous grounds remain open.

English Heritage venues: English Heritage will make an announcement on Friday 6 November about which of its outdoor sites will open through the November lockdown. We will update when we know.

Farnham Sculpture Park, Surrey: Over 600 works of art over 10 acres. One of our top-listed sculpture parks.

Kew Gardens, south London: The main gardens remain open, but indoor spaces such as the greenhouses, restaurants and shops are off limits. 

London Wetland Centre, west London: This haven for waterfowl and other wildlife is always a pleasure to stroll around. 

National Trust Gardens: Most, if not all, National Trust gardens in England are remaining open during lockdown, though buildings other than toilets will be closed.

RHS Gardens: The Royal Horticultural Society’s gardens in Wisley (Surrey), Harlow Carr (North Yorkshire), Hyde Hall (Essex) and Rosemoor (Devon) all remain open.

Wakehurst Gardens, Sussex: Kew’s sister site has 500 acres of its own, and contains the Millennium Seed Bank (look but don’t touch!). 

Yorkshire Sculpture Park, West Yorkshire: The park’s 500 acres, and all the sculptures therein, remain open, though buildings are closed.

See here for more inspiration on family activities you can still do during lockdown.



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