London's Loveliest Christmas Window Displays


There’s a reason so many people come to London to do their Christmas shopping! Not only are there some brilliant bargains, the lights add a magical festive feel and the window shopping is on a whole other level. From Selfridges to Fortnum & Mason, make sure you don’t miss these amazing Christmas window displays.


Selfridges were the first department store in the world this year to unveil their Christmas windows! The wonderful theme for 2019 is ‘Future Fantasy: A Christmas For Modern Times’, which reimagines classic stories and fairytales with a futuristic modern twist. Go and see if you can spot any of your favourite story time characters!

John Lewis

You’ve probably seen Edgar the lovable dragon starring in the John Lewis Christmas advert this year, but why not go and see him in person? He is taking center stage in the department store’s window displays and getting into all kinds of cheeky trouble. The kids will love the fun and playfulness of these decorations.

Fortnum & Mason

These windows will certainly leave you feline festive! Cats are the focus of this year’s Fortnum & Mason window displays as we see them working behind the scenes to produce the famous hampers. The decorations are full of brilliant colours and moving parts to captivate all of your attention.


Harrods is one of the city’s most famous department stores with some of the most iconic window displays and this year is no different. Their decorations are absolutely wild, featuring all kinds of animals that were specially selected by different brands. There are plenty of Christmas activities going on in store as well, including a magical augmented-reality trail.

Watch out for the Grizzly!



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