15 Louise Belcher Quotes That Will Have Bob's Burger's Fans In Stitches

Louise Belcher quotes for 'Bob's Burger's' fans are hilarious.

Louise from 'Bob's Burgers' is the youngest daughter of Bob Belcher.

This American animated TV show 'Bob's Burgers' is in the name of a hamburger restaurant owned by Bob Belcher. He has a wife named Linda and three children named Tina, Gene, and Louise.

This TV series is about a family who owns a hamburger restaurant in a seaside community and their ups and downs in the workplace. When Bob was a child, he did not have much fun, so he wants his children to have fun. Though he cannot get them the best things, they are always supportive of him and are always fun-loving. Every episode's line from 'Bob's Burgers' is full of humor.

Bob's wife Linda is supportive and always stands by his side. Tina is Bob's eldest daughter, is a bit dorky, and wears glasses. Gene is the only son of Bob, he is fun-loving and always enthusiastic. Louise is the youngest child, she is brilliant and always plays pranks on people. Despite being the youngest member and only nine years old, she is manipulative and intelligent, and smarter than her elder sister (Tina) and brother (Gene). Louise's moments from 'Bob's Burgers' are always hilarious. She never steps back to make her feelings expressed and often helps her family to overcome difficult situations with her tricks.

This show was first released in 2011. You'll love to hear the dialogues of every episode. It will be hard not to get captivated by this one of the best TV shows. Every season's episodes are well written, and you will appreciate reading them, producing so many funny Louise Belcher quotes.

So, what's next? Do you feel like watching all the episodes now? But before that read our best quotes from 'Bob's Burgers'. If you liked reading our Louise Belcher quote, do check out the related quotes from 'Bob's Burgers' of Tina Belcher and Linda Belcher.

Best Louise Belcher Quotes

'Bob's Burgers' TV show's funny quotes.

Every episode's dialogue with Louise is hilarious. In every episode, the line she says comes from the conversation she has had with her sister and brother or with her parents. Despite her naughty nature, she loves being with them, and when they are in trouble, she is the one who rescues them using her tricks. Read the famous funny Louise Belcher quotes of all time.

1. "Your room looks like it was decorated by a perverted jockey."

- Louise.

2. "Can we roll down the windows? I'm starting to breathe in Tina's breath."

- Louise.

3. "Our gang is called the Broken Glass Kids. We'll cut you."

- Louise.

4. "You're peddling like crazy and not getting anywhere- just like your life!"

- Louise.

5. "What is this feeling I'm having? It's like I'm feeling sad for someone other than myself. Is that a thing? Am I going crazy?"

- Louise.

6. "We're adrenaline junkies. We like our rides pure...and assembled in Meh-hi-co!"

- Louise.

'Bob's Burgers' TV Series Quotes

'Bob's Burgers', hamburger restaurant.

'Bob's Burgers' is a hamburger restaurant owned by Bob Belcher. He loves his wife, children and helps everyone. Sometimes, when he gets angry, he says, "They are horrible and why do we make them". Read the famous 'Bob's Burgers' related lines and quotes from this TV show.

7. "Say goodbye to the trucks, kids, because tomorrow we are taking back the street."

- Bob.

8. "Kids are horrible. Why do we keep making them?"

- Bob.

9. "Oh, boy, she's onto us. Alright, let the negotiations begin. How much?"

- Bob.

10. "Love you, cutie pie. Sorry, I'll think of a better one than 'cutie pie.' You're my angel...dust. Sorry, that's a drug. I'm gonna go."

- Bob.

11. "Linda Belcher: Maybe it's time for a little creative parenting.

Bob Belcher: Wait. What do we do, Lin? Bribe her to get the filling?

Linda Belcher: Bribe Louise? We don't have that kind of money."

-'Bob's Burgers'.

12. "Every year, I try and tell you guys that no one really sings Thanksgiving songs."

- Bob.

13. "Linda, Torpedo Jones said he liked my burger! I want that on my tombstone. Seriously, I do."

- Bob.

14. "Well, Your Honor, I couldn't see the meter because there was a kid standing in front of it. And he was exactly….meter-sized…"

- Bob.

15. "It's not dinner, and it isn't theater either. It's like the imitation cheese of theater."

- Bob.

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