109 Lovely Boys' Names Beginning With L

Boys' Names Beginning With L

If you’re searching for a boys name that starts with the letter ‘L’ then you’re in the right place!

Names that start with 'L' for boys are easy to find, but not so easy to decide on. We’ve handpicked 109 of the best ‘L’ names with contemporary, classic, unique and short names along with their meanings and origins to help make your search a little easier. From Leo to Levi, Logan to Lucky, we have names to suit everyone!

Boys' Names Beginning With L

Short Boys Names Starting With L

Short and sweet baby boy names that start with the letter 'L'. From Norse to Italian origins, these popular 'L' boy names are perfect for your new arrival.

1) Ladd - Of English origin meaning “young boy”.

2) Lach - Of English origin meaning “lives near water”.

3) Lane - Of English origin meaning “path or small roadway”.

4) Lao - Of Chinese origin meaning “evening star”.

5) Lars - Danish origin meaning “crowned with laurel”.

6) Law - Of English origin meaning “town on a hill”.

7) Lee - Of English origin meaning “meadow”.

8) Lei - Of Chinese origin meaning “flower bud”.

9) Leif - Of Scandinavian origin meaning “son, descendant”.

10) Len - Of English origin meaning “bold as a lion”.

11) Leo - Of English origin meaning “lion”.

12) Leon - Of French origin meaning “lion”.

13) Lev - Of Russian origin meaning “lion”.

14) Levi - Of Hebrew origin meaning “joined, attached”.

15) Lex - Of Greek origin meaning “man’s defender or warrior”.

16) Li - Of Chinese origin meaning “pretty, powerful”.

17) Liam - Of Irish origin meaning “resolute protector”.

18) Linc - Of English origin meaning “lakeside colony”.

19) Lino - Of Greek origin meaning “flax”.

20) Lion - Of English origin meaning “lion”.

21) Loc - Of Vietnamese origin meaning “bud”.

22) Lock - Of German origin meaning “woods, fortified place or pond”.

23) Loki - Of Norse origin meaning “god of destruction”.

24) Lon - Of Gaelic origin meaning “fierce, blackbird”.

25) Lot - Of Hebrew origin meaning “ a covering, veil; the biblical nephew of Abraham”.

26) Luc - Of French origin meaning “light, illumination. Form of Luke”.

27) Ludo - Of Italian origin meaning “famous fighter”.

28) Luca - Of Italian origin meaning “bringer of light”.

29) Luis - Of Spanish origin meaning “form of Louis”.

30) Luka - Of Russian origin meaning “light; the Russian form of Lucas and Luke”.

31) Luke - Of Greek origin meaning “light-giving”.

32) Lyle - Of French origin meaning “the island”.

Contemporary Baby Boy Names Beginning with L.

Brilliant boy names that are right on-trend. These baby names add something a little bit different to your search, so your letter 'L' baby name can be as unique and personal as possible.

33) Landon - Of English origin meaning “from the long hill”.

34) Lamar - Of French origin meaning “of the sea”.

35) Lathan - Of English origin meaning “a contemporary rhyming variant of Nathan”.

36) Latif - Of Arabic origin meaning “gentle, kind, pleasant”.

37) Lael - Of English origin meaning “loyal, faithful”.

38) Lawford -  Of English origin meaning “hill-ford”.

39) Lawlor - Of Irish origin meaning “one who mutters”.

40) Leandro - Of Spanish origin meaning “lion”.

41) Lennox - Of Scottish origin meaning “with many elm trees”.

42) Lenny - Of English origin meaning “brave as a lion”.

43) Leonardo - Of Italian origin meaning “lion, bold”.

44) Leron - Of French origin meaning “the circle, derived from le rond”.

45) Leroux - Of French origin meaning “the red-haired one”.

46) Lochlann - Of Irish origin meaning “land of lakes”.

47) Lockhart - Of English origin meaning “deer from the forest”.

48) Logan - Of Gaelic origin meaning “from the hollow”.

49) Lorence - Of English origin meaning “from the place of the laurel trees”.

50) Lorenzo - Of Italian origin meaning “from Laurentium”.

51) Lucas - Of English origin meaning “light-giving, a form of Luke”.

52) Luciano - Of Latin origin meaning “light”.

53) Lucien - Of Latin origin meaning “light or from Lucanus”.

54) Lucius - Of Greek origin meaning “from Lucanus”.

55) Luigi - Of Italian origin meaning “renowned warrior”.

56) Lyons - Of French origin meaning “lion”.

Boys' Names Beginning With L

Classic Baby Boy Names Beginning with L

If you’re after a timeless, classic name starting with 'L' then these names are for you! Each popular 'L' baby name has been selected to stand the test of time and age along with your baby boy.

57) Lance - Of French origin meaning “lancet”.

58) Lancelot - Of French origin meaning “assistant”.

59) Lambart - Of Scandinavian origin meaning “land brilliant”.

60) Larry - Of English origin meaning “Laurel crowned”.

61) Laurence - Of Latin origin meaning “from Laurentum”.

62) Lawrence - Of Latin origin meaning “Laurel tree”.

63) Leonard - Of German origin meaning “lion strength”.

64) Lewis - Of English origin meaning “renowned fighter”.

65) Lincoln - Of English origin meaning “lakeside colony”.

66) Lionel - Of English origin meaning “young lion”.

67) Lloyd - Of Welsh origin meaning “grey-haired; sacred”.

68) Louis - Of French origin meaning “famous warrior”.

Boys' Names Beginning With L

Unique Baby Boys Names Beginning with L

Anglo-Saxon, Norse, Armenian or Hebrew? The choices for your letter 'L' baby name are endless. Looking for a baby name that will stand out from the crowd? Check out our picks of unique boy names that start with the letter 'L'.

69) Lake - Of Anglo-Saxon origin meaning “open water”.

70) Lakeland - Of Scottish origin meaning “from the fjord-land”.

71) Langley - Of English origin meaning “from the long meadow”.

72) Lanston - Of English origin meaning “from the long estate”.

73) Lanza - Of German origin meaning “land”.

74) Lanzo - Of German origin meaning “land”.

75) Largo -Of Italian origin meaning “wide, broad”.

76) Lark - Of English origin meaning “a song bird”.

77) Lazarus - Of Hebrew origin meaning “help of God”.

78) Lazlo - Of Slavic origin meaning “rules with glory”.

79) Leicester - Of English origin meaning “from Leicester”.

80) Leodegan - Of  Arthurian origin meaning “father of Guinevere”.

81) Leonids - Of French origin meaning “the circle; derived from le rond”.

82) Lethe - Of Greek origin meaning “oblivion”.

83) Levon - Of Armenian origin meaning “lion”.

84) Lexo - Of Greek origin meaning “man’s defender or warrior”.

85) Liuz - Of Portuguese origin meaning “glorious fighter”.

86) Lleu - Of Welsh origin meaning “shine”.

87) Locke - Of English origin meaning “lives by the stronghold”.

88) Loewe - Of German origin meaning “lion”.

89) London - Of English origin meaning “capital of the United Kingdom”.

90) Loren - Of Latin origin meaning “the Laurel or sweet bay tree”.

Boys' Names Beginning With L

91) Lorento - Of Spanish origin meaning “from Laurentum”.

92) Lorenz - Of Latin origin meaning “from Laurentum”.

93) Lorrimer - Of Latin origin meaning “harness maker”.

94) Lothair - Of German origin meaning “famous in battle”.

95) Lowell - Of French origin meaning “young wolf”.

96) Loyal - Of  French origin meaning “true, faithful, unswerving”.

97) Loxias - Of Greek origin meaning “oracle; one of the titles of Apollo”.

98) Lucan - Of Italian origin meaning “light”.

99) Lucero - Of Spanish origin meaning “Spanish form of Luke light”.

100) Lucky - Of English origin meaning “fortunate”.

101) Ludlow - Of English origin meaning “derived from the ancient tone of Ludlow”.

102) Lukman - Of Egyptian origin meaning “a prophet”.

103) Lunaire - Of French origin meaning “moon-like, related to the moon”.

104) Luthais - Of Scottish origin meaning “famous warrior”.

105) Luxovios - Of Celtic origin meaning “mythical god of Luxeuil”.

106) Lyaksandro - Of Ukrainian origin meaning “defender of man”.

107) Lyam - Of German origin meaning “determined protector”.

108) Lycus - Of Latin origin meaning “friend of Hercules”.

109) Lydon - Of Teutonic origin meaning “from the Linden tree hill”.



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