50 Lovely Lizard Names With Meanings

Giving pet lizards a cool and unique name reflects how they are as a pet.

Picking the perfect name for your pet lizard is a crucial task.

Although Shakespeare trivialized the importance of names by claiming, “What’s in a name?” you don’t need to follow suit. Your baby lizard deserves a great unique name that’d suit its personality.

Now, we know that choosing the perfect name for your pet can be somewhat arduous. Names for a lizard often range from ancient to outright funny depending on the type of lizard.  So we recommend you check out the list we’ve curated and pick the one you like best.

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Cute Boy Lizard Names

The best thing you can give your lizard boy is a quirky name the world will know him by. We’ve prepared a list of cute reptile names that are quite popular yet unique. Let’s check them out.

1. Antonio (Greek origin) meaning ‘Highly Praiseworthy.’

2. Archie (English origin), short for Archibald, means 'bold' or 'brave'.

3. Bodhi (Indian origin) meaning ‘Awakened’ or ‘Enlightened.’

4. Fabio (Italian origin) meaning ‘Bean Grower’ or ‘Noble.’

5. Houdini (Arabic origin) meaning ‘Escape Artist’ or ‘Magician.’

6. Nigel (English origin) meaning ‘Champion.’

7. Ozzy (English origin) meaning ‘Divine Power.’

8. Rango (Aztec origin) means ‘A rouge’ or ‘Someone who likes to wonder.’ It was popularized by the animated  movie 'Rango.'

9. Ugo (Italian origin) meaning ‘Mind’ or ‘Intellect.’

10. Zuko (Arabic origin) meaning ‘Gift of God.’

Cute Lizard Name For Girls

Lizards and bearded dragon make good pets and are fun to give quirky names to.

Your lizard girl deserves a unique and exclusive name that separates her from the crowd.  So here’s a list of all the names you could give her.

11. Acacia (Greek origin) which means ‘Thorny Tree’ symbolizes immortality or resurrection.

12. Bonita (Spanish origin), meaning ‘Pretty’ or ‘Beautiful,’ is an incredibly smart option.

13. Dandy (American origin), meaning ‘Fancy,’ is another attractive choice.

14. Elora (Hebrew origin) means ‘God is light.’

15. Fiona (Scottish origin), meaning ‘White’ was invented in the 19th century by the Scottish author William Sharp.

16. Gigi (French origin) meaning ‘Earth Worker’ or ‘God is gracious.’

17. Kabira (Arabic origin) means ‘Noble’ or ‘Great.’

18. Khaleesi (American origin) was made famous by the TV series, Game of thrones. It means ‘Queen’ or ‘Mother of Dragons.’

19. Morla (Italian origin) meaning ‘The ancient one.’

20. Voila (Italian origin) meaning ‘Violet.’

Good Bearded Dragon Names

We’ve decided to make a small list of names that’ll suit your bearded dragon which are more regal sounding names for these beasts.

21. Elliot (English origin) meaning ‘The Lord is my God.’

22. Mushu (Indian origin) meaning ‘Very pleasing.’

23. Rex (Latin origin) meaning ‘King’ or ‘A mighty ruler.’

24. Simba (Swahili origin) means ‘Lion.’ A traditional African name made famous by the Lion King on Disney.

25. Typhon (Greek origin) meaning ‘A child of the titans.’

Gender Neutral Lizard Names

(Lizards like geckos and bearded dragons are unique pets which should have unique names.

If you couldn’t settle down on a single name after going through the above lists, we’ve got some reptilian names that’ll work for lizards of any gender. It is not uncommon for pet owners to give their lizards a gender-neutral name.

26. Aiden (Irish origin) means ‘Fiery’ or ‘bringer of fire’ and was a Celtic sun god.

27. Cammy (Latin origin) is derived from the Latin word ‘Camila’ and means ‘Young ceremonial attendant.’

28. Cleo (Greek origin) meaning ‘Pride, Fame or Glory.’ can be short for Cleopatra or Cleophus.

29. Darius (Persian origin) means ‘Rich’ and ‘Kingly.’

30. Nagini (Indian origin) literally means a snake and was popularised by the pet snake in the Harry Potter series.

31. Niamh (Irish origin) means ‘Daughter of the god of the sea.’  

32. Peanut (American origin) means ‘Groundnut legume.’

33. Puff (American origin) means ‘A sudden or short blast of wind.’

34. Remi (French origin) means ‘Remedy.’

35. Vega (Arabic origin) means ‘Stooping Eagle.’

Funny Lizard Names

Some names could be too mundane for your pet lizard. Cartoon lizards have inspired many to own one.  And that’s why we’re going to provide you with some playful, witty, and funny names for your consideration. So if your new pet companion makes you laugh, here’s a list of potential names you will like.

36. Basil (Greek origin) meaning Royal, Kingly, or Brave.

37. Coco (American origin) meaning Chocolate beans.

38. Donatello (Italian origin) means ‘Gift’ or ‘Given by God.’

39. Iggy (Latin origin) meaning ‘Fiery.’

40. Leonardo (Italian origin) means ‘Strong as a lion.’

41. Raphael (Hebrew origin) meaning ‘God heals’ can also be spelled as Rafael, Raffael, or Raffaelo.

42. Scampers (English origin) means ‘To run or go quickly or hastily.’

43. Whiskers (English origin) means ‘Brave and  Bold’ or ‘One who moves with a quick, sweeping motion.’

44. Wylie (English origin) means ‘From the tricky river’ or ‘well-watered meadow.’  

45. Yoshi (Japenese origin) means ‘Virtuous, Respectable or good luck.’

Cute Leopard Gecko Names

If you’ve recently got a leopard gecko as your new lizard pet, then this list is for you.

46. Darth (American origin), meaning ‘Dark,’ was popularized by the Star Wars series.

47. Gizmo (English origin) meaning ‘Smart and Handsome.’

48. Nova (Latin origin) meaning ‘New.’

49. Yanni (Greek origin) meaning ‘God is gracious.’

50. Yoda (American origin), meaning ‘Warrior’ was also popularized by the Star Wars movies.

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