149 Lovely Long Names For Your Baby

Baby wearing a hat lying on his tummy on a big cushion.

Long names are a beautiful option for your baby, and sound elegant and wonderfully lyrical. Whether you're seeking a bold choice like Maximilianus or Mirabella, or a more classic, popular long name like Charlotte or Christoper, we have all the top fancy baby names for you to browse.

Take a look at these luxuriously long baby names below, for a wonderful range of sophisticated names for babies.

Classic Long Names For Girls

These traditional long girl names have remained popular picks for years, and are timeless and elegant choices for any beautiful baby girl.

1) Abhinaya (Hindi/Sanskrit Origin) meaning "expressions".

2) Annamaria (Hebrew/Germanic/Italian Origin) meaning "grace and drop of the sea" or "grace, beloved".

3) Annemarie (Hebrew/Germanic/French Origin) meaning "grace and drop of the sea" or "grace, beloved".

4) Celestine (Latin Origin) meaning "heavenly".

5) Clarissa (Latin/Germanic Origin) meaning "bright, clear".

6) Constance (Latin Origin) meaning "steadfastness".

7) Dorothy (Greek Origin) meaning "gift of God".

8) Elizabeth (Hebrew/Greek Origin) meaning "God is my oath".

9) Felicity (Latin Origin) meaning "good fortune".

10) Francesca (Italian Origin) meaning "from France" or "free one".

11) Henrietta (Germanic Origin) meaning "ruler of the home and hearth".

12) Jacqueline (Hebrew Origin) meaning "supplanter".

13) Josephine (Hebrew/French Origin) meaning "God will increase".

14) Madeline (English Origin) meaning "woman from Magdala", a coastal town that lies on the coast of the Sea of Galilee believed to be the birthplace of Mary Magdalene.

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15) Magdalena (Greek Origin) meaning "woman from Magdala".

16) Margaret (Greek Origin) meaning "pearl".

17) Prudence (Latin Origin) meaning "good judgement".

18) Rosemary (Latin Origin) meaning "dew of the sea".

19) Samantha (Hebrew/English/Greek Origin) meaning "God heard" or "flower".

20) Sasithorn (Thai Origin) meaning "from the moon".

21) Veronica (Greek Origin) meaning "true image".

22) Victoria (Latin Origin) meaning "victory".

23) Vivienne (French Origin) meaning "alive".

24) Wilhelmina (Germanic Origin) meaning "wish to protect".

Classic Long Names For Boys

These classic long first names for boys are great options for parents seeking a time-honoured name for their baby son.

25) Alistair (Greek/Scottish Gaelic Origin) meaning "defender of mankind".

26) Anthony (Greek/Latin Origin) meaning "priceless" or "of the Antonius family", a powerful Roman family.

27) Benjamin (Hebrew Origin) meaning "son of my right hand".

28) Bernard (Germanic Origin) meaning "as brave as a bear".

29) Christopher (Greek Origin) meaning "bearer of Christ".

30) Edward (English Origin) meaning "wealthy protector".

31) Emmanuel (Hebrew/Latin Origin) meaning "God is with us".

32) Finnegan (Irish Origin) meaning "fair".

33) Frederick (Germanic/English Origin) meaning "peaceful ruler".

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34) Gregory (Greek/Latin Origin) meaning "alert".

35) Hiroshi (Japanese Origin) meaning "generous".

36) Jonathan (Hebrew Origin) meaning "gift of God".

37) Nathaniel (Greek/Hebrew Origin) meaning "gift of God".

38) Patrick (Latin Origin) meaning "nobleman".

39) Randolph (Germanic Origin) meaning "shield-wolf".

40) Raphael (Hebrew Origin) meaning "God has healed".

41) Siyabonga (Zulu/Ndebele Origin) meaning "thank you".

42) Theodore (Greek Origin) meaning "gift of God".

43) Timothy (Greek Origin) meaning "honouring God".

44) Wattana (Thai Origin) meaning "development".

Contemporary Long Names For Girls

These fancy names for girls are currently very popular, so why not pick one of these beautiful, fashionable options for your baby girl?

45) Alannah (Irish Origin) meaning "dear child".

46) Angelica (Latin Origin) meaning "angel like".

47) Annabelle (Hebrew/Latin/French Origin) meaning "loving".

48) Annaliese (Hebrew Origin) meaning "grace" or "devoted to God".

49) Anastasia (Greek Origin) meaning "resurrection".

50) Arabella (Latin Origin) meaning "yielding to prayer".

51) Bethany (Aramaic/Hebrew Origin) meaning "house of figs".

52) Charlotte (French Origin) meaning "free".

53) Clementine (Latin/English Origin) meaning "merciful".

54) Gabriella (Hebrew/Italian/Spanish Origin) meaning "God is my strength".

55) Isabella (Hebrew/Italian/Spanish Origin) meaning "pledged to God".

56) Jessica (Hebrew/English Origin) meaning "to behold".

57) Liliana (Italian Origin) meaning "lily flower".

58) Magnolia (English/French Origin) meaning "magnol's flower", named after Pierre Magnol, a French botanist.

59) Mariella (Hebrew/Latin/Italian Origin) meaning "drop of bitterness", "star of the sea" or a nickname for Maria.

60) Mirabella (Latin/Italian Origin) meaning "beautiful, wondrous".

61) Octavia (Latin Origin) meaning "eighth".

62) Savannah (Taino Native American Origin) meaning "open plain".

63) Zenobia (Greek Origin) meaning "force of Zeus", the King of the ancient Greek Gods.

Contemporary Long Names For Boys

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These long boy names are popular with parents, so why not choose one of these stylish yet cute baby names for your son?

64) Archibald (Germanic Origin) meaning "bright and bold".

65) Atticus (Latin Origin) meaning "from Attica", where Athens can be found.

66) Barnaby (Hebrew/Greek/English Origin) meaning "son of comfort".

67) Beauregard (English/French Origin) meaning "beautiful outlook".

68) Bellamy (French Origin) meaning "fair friend".

69) Benedict (Latin Origin) meaning "blessed", after St Benedict, a 6th century saint.

70) Campbell (Scottish Origin) meaning "crooked mouth".

71) Caspian (Latin Origin) meaning "of the Caspian Sea", which lies between Russia and Iran. Caspian was initially used as a first name by C.S Lewis in his Chronicles of Narnia book series.

72) Donovan (Irish Origin) meaning "dark little prince".

73) Lachlan (Scottish Origin) meaning "warrior" and "land of lakes".

74) Sebastian (Greek Origin) meaning "honourable, venerable".

75) Tennyson (Latin/English Origin) meaning "son of Denis".

76) Thaddeus (Aramaic/Greek Origin) meaning "praise", "brave heart" or "gift of God".

77) Zacchaeus (Hebrew Origin) meaning "pure".

78) Zachariah (Hebrew Origin) meaning "God has remembered".

Long Non Binary Names

Giving your child a non binary name is a great idea! Take a look at this lovely list for long names that will suit any baby.

79) Addison (English Origin) meaning "child of Adam".

80) Aishwarya (Hindi Origin) meaning "wealth".

81) Beverley (English Origin) meaning "beaver stream".

82) Blakeley (English Origin) meaning "dark meadow".

83) Brooklyn (Dutch Origin) meaning "broken land", also refers to a borough of New York City.

84) Cameron (Scottish Origin) meaning "crooked nose", the name of a Highland clan.

85) Channing (English Origin) meaning "wise", "young wolf" or "church official".

86) Cypress (Greek Origin) meaning "cypress tree".

87) Dominique (Latin Origin) meaning "of God".

88) Emerson (Germanic Origin) meaning "brave".

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89) Hyacinth (Greek Origin) meaning "hyacinth flower", a blue flower.

90) Journey (English/French Origin) meaning "trip".

91) Kaleoaloha (Hawaiian Origin) meaning "voice of love".

92) Kendall (English Origin) meaning "valley of the River Kent".

93) Leighton (English Origin) meaning "from the meadow town".

94) Mackenzie (Scottish Origin) meaning "comely".

95) Merritt (English Origin) meaning " boundary gate".

96) Phoenix (Greek Origin) meaning "dark red", the name of a mythological bird.

97) Presley (English Origin) meaning "priest's meadow".

98) Remington (English Origin) meaning "from raven's town".

Long Names For Girls, Inspired by Famous People

Why not take inspiration from these popular celebrities when it comes to choosing a name for your daughter? These long celebrity-inspired names are perfect for any little star in the making.

99) Angelina (Greek Origin) meaning "angel, messenger", after actress Angelina Jolie.

100) Donatella (Italian Origin) meaning "gift of God", after Italian fashion designer Donatella Versace.

101) Jennifer (English/Welsh Origin) meaning "fair, white wave", after actress Jennifer Aniston.

102) Karolina (Slavic Origin) meaning "free woman", "manly" or "warrior", after model Karolina Kurkova.

103) Lindsay (Scottish Origin) meaning "from the lake settlement", after American actress Lindsay Lohan.

104) Natalie (Latin Origin) meaning "Christmas day", after actress Natalie Portman.

105) Rihanna (Arabic/Welsh Origin) meaning "sweet basil" or "great queen", after singer Robyn Rihanna Fenty.

106) Scarlett (English Origin) meaning "red", after actress Scarlett Johansson.

Long Names For Boys, Inspired By Famous People

Pick one of these elegant names for boys based on iconic celebrities for a cute and cool name for your son.

107) Harrison (English Origin) meaning "son of Harry", after Star Wars actor Harrison Ford.

108) Leonardo (Germanic Origin) meaning "as brave as a lion", after actor Leonardo DiCaprio.

109) Matthew (Hebrew/Greek Origin) meaning "gift of God", after actor Matthew McConaughey

110) Orlando (Germanic/Italian/Spanish Origin) meaning "famous in the land", after actor Orlando Bloom.

111) Salvador (Latin/Spanish Origin) meaning "saviour", after deceased world-famous Spanish artist Salvador Dalí.

112) Sylvester (Latin Origin) meaning "from the woods", after actor Sylvester Stallone.

Girl Names With 4+ Syllables

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These long names with 4+ syllables are wonderful refined choices for any baby girl.

113) Alessandra (Greek Origin) meaning "defender of mankind".

114) Alexandra (Greek Origin) meaning "defender of mankind".

115) Alohalani (Hawaiian Origin) meaning "compassionate".

116) Arianna (Greek/Italian Origin) meaning "most holy".

117) Busarakham (Thai Origin) meaning "yellow sapphire".

118) Elepheteria (Greek Origin) meaning  "free".

119) Cordelia (Greek/Welsh Origin) meaning "of the sea" or "heart".

120) Evangeline (Greek Origin) meaning "bringer of good news".

121) Hermione (Greek Origin) meaning "well born", "earthly" or "messenger".

122) Leopoldine (Germanic/French Origin) meaning "of the people".

123) Mariana (Latin/Spanish Origin) meaning "grace and drop of the sea" or "bitter".

124) Maximiliana (Latin Origin) meaning "greatest".

125) Serendipity (Sanskrit Origin) meaning "unexpected fortune".

126) Tatianna (Latin/Russian Origin) meaning "of the Tatius family", a Roman clan.

127) Valentina (Latin Origin) meaning "strong, healthy".

Boys Names With 4+ Syllables

Check out these extra long names for a super stylish name for your son.

128) Abesaloma (Hawaiian/Hebrew Origin) meaning "peaceful father".

129) Adhiraja (Sanskrit Origin) meaning "supreme leader, emperor".

130) Bartholomew (Hebrew Origin) meaning "son of the furrows".

131) Bonaventura (Italian Origin) meaning "good luck".

132) Cornelius (Latin Origin) meaning "horn".

133) Demetrius (Greek/Latin Origin) meaning "follower of Demeter", an ancient Goddess of the harvest and fertility.

134) Eleuterio (Greek/Portuguese Origin) meaning "free".

135) Januarius (Latin Origin) meaning "of Janus", the Roman God of beginnings.

136) Maximilianus (Latin Origin) meaning "greatest".

137) Valentino (Latin Origin) meaning "strong, healthy".

Long Historical and Mythological Names For Girls

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Perfect for any parents who adore history or classics, naming your child after these admirable and legendary people from the past is a wonderful idea.


138) Calliope (Greek Origin) meaning "beautiful-voiced", the ancient Greek Goddess of epic poetry.

139) Cassandra (Greek Origin) meaning "to shine", a Trojan prophetess in ancient Greek mythology.

140) Penelope (Greek Origin) meaning "weaver", the wife of Odysseus in ancient Greek mythology and Homer's The Odyssey.


141) Emmeline (Germanic/French Origin) meaning "work", after Emmeline Pankhurst, a suffragette activist who helped achieve the right to vote for women in Britain.

142) Florence (Latin Origin) meaning "prosperous, flowering", after Florence Nightingale, a statistician, nurse and social reformer known for pioneering modern nursing in the 19th century.

143) Virginia (Latin Origin) meaning "maiden", after the famous modernist author Virginia Woolf.

Long Historical and Mythological Names For Boys

These long historical and mythological names for boys are full of meaning, and will be sure to stand out!


144) Amphion (Greek Origin) meaning "son of Zeus", a son of Zeus, King of the Gods in ancient Greek mythology, famed for his musical talents.  

145) Evander (Greek Origin) meaning "good man",  believed to have founded Pallantion, a town in Italy which later became the site of Rome.

146) Taranis (English Origin) meaning "thunder", the Celtic God of thunder.


147) Alexander (Greek Origin) meaning "defender of mankind", after Alexander the Great, a famous King of Macedonia known for his military prowess.

148) Augustus (Latin Origin) meaning "magnificent, venerable", after the first Roman Emperor.

149) Constantine (Latin Origin) meaning "consistent, steadfast", after the first Christian Emperor of the Roman Empire.



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