50 Magical Disney Puns (There Are So Minnie Good Ones!)

Walt Disney debuted Mickey Mouse in 1928, the world's most famous mouse.

Anyone for some hilarious mouse puns?

Ever since Walt Disney first debuted Mickey Mouse in 1928,  the world's most famous mouse and his Disney friends have been delighting fans of all ages. You're never too old for Disney, whether your favorite is Snow White, Disney's first full-length animated film released in 1938, or you've just fallen in love with the new live-action Disney films, there is something for everyone.

Disney has created a legacy that will last forever but we're not sure they counted on the pun potential of their hit movies too. Sit back and buckle up, you're in for a hilarious ride.

For more laughs take a look at our list of Disney jokes, or for something different try these Star Wars puns for kids.

Funny Mickey Mouse Puns

Walt Disney urged us all to never forget that it was all started with a mouse, so what better way to launch into this epic collection of Disney puns than with the best mouse puns!

1. What is Mickey Mouses' favorite dessert? Mice-cream.

2. How does Mickey feel when he's having a down day? Mous-erable.

3. Did you hear about Mickey's favorite road trip destination? It's Minnie-sota.

4. Whenever Mickey steps out to perform, him and his friends bring the 'mouse' down.

5. When does Mickey Mouse hang up next years calendar? New Ears Eve.

Minnie Mouse Puns

You can't have one adorable mouse without the other, so get your polka dots on, and enjoy this pun collection.

6. Minnie Mouse takes all accidents in her stride, she just says 'Disney matter' and gets on with her day.

7. If you stand up and keep seeing Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck and Pluto you must be having Disn-ey spells.

8. Minnie, Mickey, Gus Gus, and all the Disney mice love to play games, their favorite is hide and squeak.

9. If you want to join the Disney characters when they go shopping, just head for the Minnie-mart.

10. When you're a Disney character, a Min-nie van is surely the only way to travel.

11. I'll help, Minnie hands make light work.

12. It's your birthday, Minnie Happy Returns.

Disney Pixar Puns That Never Fail To Make You Laugh

Buzz Lightyear isn't a big fan of reading, but he does buy a lot of comet books.

13. What does Woody say whenever he visits a car showroom? Au-di partner!

14. Why did Woody buy Bulls Eye some cough medicine? Because he was so horse.

15. Did you hear about Nemo's adventures when he went in to battle? He got caught behind anemone lines.

16. Where do the Monsters Inc gang like to go for a drink? The Mile Kowals-tea shop.

17. It's o-fish-al, clownfish are the funniest in the ocean.

18. What take-away does Lightning McQueen order? Ka-Chow Mein.

Disney has created a legacy that will last forever.

Epic Movie Puns From The Marvel Universe

A recent addition to the Disney family, but these strong powerful superheroes and villains are worthy of a pun or two.

19. It's Thorsday, The Avengers favorite day of the week.

20. Did you hear of the Marvel character that's always ready for summer? He's tan-os.

21. Which Avenger is always in a hurry? Black Widow she's Russ-ian.

22. The God of thunder's favorite dessert is always Thor-bet.

23. Want an Avenger you can trust? Call on the Credible-Hulk.

Disney Princess Puns That Never Get Old

The Disney Princesses sprinkle some magic wherever they go, and they like a pun too.

24. Ariel loves toast for breakfast, she spreads it with merma-lade.

25. What does grumpy always ask Snow White for when she gathers fruit? Sour grapes.

26. Did you know cows like a Disney movie or two, Their best watch was Moo-lan.

27. Thanks for the offer, I'll Mulan it over.

28. This is a whole different Belle-Game.

29. Hmm, it doesn't ring a Belle.

30. I'm off to a buy and Belle sale.

31. We're alive and Belle.

32. Meet Gaston, winner of the No-Belle prize.

33. What do Ariel and her under the sea friends sing at Christmas? Christmas corals.

34. If your name is Ariel, I really think we're mer-maid for each other.

35. What did Ariel excel at when she was at school? Algae-bra.

36. What did Snow White say when waiting for her photos to be printed? One day my prints will come.

Donald Duck And Friends In Some Epic Disney Puns

Read on to find out what funny Disney puns we've got in store. They are totally quackers.

37. Donald duck is a big music fan. His favorite band is Huey, Duey, Lewis and the News.

38. Donald is my absolute favorite Disney character, he always quacks me up.

39. Donald Duck always wanted to become a private detective, he would make a great duck-tective.

40. Why was a magic broom in Fantasia always late? It over-swept.

41. You've hit the Nala on the head.

42. Yes Lion King is my Disney favorite, you've Nala-ed it.

43. Are Disney Imagineers coming up with the next big hit animation or theme park ride? You can Bur-bank on it.

44. Hello pirates, it's Smee!

45. What do Huey, Dewey, and Louie have before bed? Milk and quackers.

46. The Disney Ducks are early risers, Donald and Daisy wake at the quack of dawn.

47. Where do Tarzan and friends shop? The jungle sales.

48. Baloo, Bagheera, and friends are all ready for Christmas, the decorations are up and they've been practicing Jungle Bells.

49. Why did Donald Duck cross the road? To get some dinner from Quacker Barrel.

50. What does Donald Duck like to put on his nachos when he visits the Mexico pavilion in Epcot? Quacker-mole.



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