10 Magical Harry Potter Crafts and Activities


If you're a Harry Potter fan and looking for some Harry Potter activities to do then look no further.

No need to cast the revelio spell as we have revealed all the DIY Harry Potter crafts and activities ready for you to do today! Convert your home into the Room of Requirement with fancy decorations and fun craft ideas.

If you're planning on throwing a Harry Potter party then no need to take yourself down to Diagon Alley for supplies. Make them yourself at home with these Harry Potter DIYs and plan these cool party ideas for you and your guests! Plus, if you want to do a full Harry Potter movie marathon, you only need to set aside 20 hours (or watch a film a day for 8 days)!

Play Wizard's Chess

In Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, Harry and Ron are seen playing Wizard's chess, a barbaric and magical version of muggle's chess. This could be the perfect way to get the family learning and playing chess and you can add a few magical aspects to the normal game to make it more wizard-like. While wizard's chess looks entirely different the rules are very much the same as the chess game we know and love. The only differences are that wizards move their pieces on the board by exclaiming the square and the piece moves by itself and also that the removal of pieces is much more violent than just taking them off the board. Here are some ideas to jazz up normal chess.

Move your pieces with chopsticks or clear straws to show the illusion of the pieces moving by themselves.

If you are playing with a magnetic board then try moving the pieces with a magnet underneath the board.

Engage your imagination to remove your pieces more creatively than just taking them off the board. Try a sword battle between the king pieces or shoot invisible lasers from the bishop's hat to eliminate other players.

Make Your Very Own Floating Candles

One of the most memorable and iconic scenes in the Harry Potter Series is the moment when Harry enters the Great Hall for the very first time and is met with a sky of floating candles. Well, you can make your own Harry Potter DIY floating candles and transform your dining room into a dining hall fit for witches and wizards. This YouTube tutorial requires materials such as; toilet paper/paper towel rolls, a hot glue gun, cardboard and paint. If you don't have a hot glue gun then I would suggest using pipe cleaners or twirled tissue paper to create the illusion of wax dripping. The second half of her video is about transporting her ceiling which is obviously optional. Once you've made your easy floating candles you can hang them up any way that suits you! Plus, since the audiobook for Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone is free on audible - why not listen to the story while you are getting creative with the family!


Present Golden Snitch Party Snacks

Turn your bog-standard Ferrero Rochers into Golden Snitches with this clever and easy craft idea which is perfect for a Potter-themed birthday party. It is super simple and can be done in 3 easy steps:

Print out the template of Golden Snitch wings or alternatively, if you're looking for a challenge, create your very own wings by drawing and colouring them before cutting them out.

Once you have all your wings cut out and ready to be attached, remove the top sticker from the Ferrero Rochers and use it to stick your wings down to the top of the chocolates. If it is not sticky enough you may need a spot of glue or even some tape to help it along.

Then present your beautiful Golden Snitches on a platter and be the envy of all your Potter fan party guests. Remember: Ferrero Rochers contain nuts so make sure you have no guests with allergies before you pop them out.

Create a Howler Letter

The Howler Letter first appears in the Chamber of Secrets when Ron receives one from Mrs Wealey about how disappointed she is that he stole his father's magic flying car. The Howler is a letter that screams at you when you open it in the voice of the person who has written it before self-destructing by tearing itself up. While you can't make a Howler that does that, they are a fabulous decoration for your home and you could even send it to a Potter fan instead of a birthday card. Check up the easy instructions here!

Serve Some Treacle Tart

Everyone knows that Harry Potter's favourite dessert is treacle tart so it is only fitting that you would serve one at your Potter themed party (or as a tasty treat for your family). This 4-ingredient Treacle Tart is the perfect recipe to make with your family. Plus, if you are using frozen shortcrust pastry, you can use the 2-hour defrosting time to get cracking on reading the book series! Alternatively, you can use this shortcrust pastry recipe if you would like to make it from scratch.

Design a Window Transfer

Window transfers are a super easy and fun craft task to do. All you really need is paper and sticky back plastic (the clear plastic covering you often need to cover exercise books). Get your kids to draw their versions of the wolves from the Prisoner of Azkaban and stick your drawing to the window so the wolves howl at the moon!

Host a Potter Themed Olympics

The Triwizard Tournament is the biggest event that Hogwarts gets to host. Why not try hosting your own Triwizard Tournament at home with these nifty ideas:

Instead of retrieving the golden egg guarded by a dragon, why not play a family game of Dragon's treasure where one person (the dragon) sits on a chair blindfolded with a bunch of keys (the treasure) underneath them and the rest of the players have to try and steal them without being caught.

Try apple bobbing for specifically assigned apples to represent the underwater challenge. Make it harder using a blindfold if it is too easy.

For the last task, the maze, create your very own garden obstacle course out of anything you have around the house. Adjust the difficulty depending on the ages of your children.

You can also assign yourself houses and play for your teams by wearing house colours and creating your very own team flags to cheer on the other players!

Harry Potter

Butterbeer Slime

Make your very own Butterbeer Slime; it's super sweet smelling and really fun to play with but it's not edible so no trying to sneak a taste!

DIY Feather Quill Pens

Try out this easy Potter craft of making quills, let's just hope they don't have the same effect as Professor Umbridge's ones.

Put on a Muggle Magic Show

The Weasley twins worst-selling product: the Muggle Magic Trick kit! Can you believe that there is a little bit of muggle magic in the wizarding world? Get your kids to put on their very own muggle magic show with this helpful video:



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