How To Make Clear Glue Slime In An Instant

How to make clear glue slime in an instant

Having a go at a clear glue slime recipe is a such a great craft idea for your kids to get stuck into.

There's nothing better than the satisfaction of having made your own toy to play with! Slime making is something that's not only amazing fun but has therapeutic qualities to it too.

Playing with clear slime is a very tactile activity. The sensation your children will get from running clear slimes through their fingers and hands is a fantastic stress buster. It really has so many sensory benefits, and you can even add new textures to the clear slime like beads to make it even more appealing! Take a read below at some of the best clear slime recipes and how to make clear slime tips we recommend to get your kids' creative science minds going!

There are so many of the various UK slime recipes to choose from, however, we've whittled it down to our favourites. Clear slime making is actually not as difficult as you'd first think, and something that all the family can get involved with too! The clear slime recipe you'll find below shows you and your kids how to get the most out of clear glue.

Two Ways To Make Clear Glue Slime

Clear Glue Slime

The first uses boric acid for a really clear and transparent slime. Remember that to stop the slime from breaking, stretch and mould it slowly.

You will need:

-1/2 cup of clear glue

-1/2 cup of water to combine with the glue

-1/2 cup  of warm water to combine with the acid

-1/4 cup of borax powder or acid

-Measuring cups, spoons and a bowl for mixing


1. Put your clear glue and water into a bowl and mix to combine the substances.

2. Put your acid and water into a container (maybe adults can take over for this part) and mix to make your slime activator!

3. Add your slime activator to your glue/water mix and stir. You will find your slime starts to form before your eyes.

4. Remove the slime and place in a dry container

5. Knead the slime to get the best consistency!

The next slime recipes uses saline solution for maximum stretchiness!

Snazzy types of Clear Glue Slime

You will need:

-1/2 cup of clear glue

-1/2 cup of water to combine with the glue

-A few drops of saline solution

-1/4 cup of baking soda

-Measuring cups, spoons and a bowl for mixing


1. Add the glue and baking soda together and mix.

2. Add the soda gradually whilst mixing.

3. Add a few drops of a saline solution until you start to find the mixture binding together and becoming firmer.

4. Add saline to your hands and take it out of the bowl and start kneading. You should start to find it becoming less sticky, and if not, add more saline drops until it looks like a single mass of slime.

5. Put it in a container for 3-7 days.

The Science Behind Slime!

Green Coloured Clear Glue Slime

For those science geeks who want to know more about the science behind slime, here are some scientific facts to get you thinking!

In our first method, we recommend using borate powder. In this the borate ions mix with the glue (polyvinyl acetate). This is a process called cross-linking of ions and is what causes the slime clear stretchy substance at the end.

The long lines of molecules found in the glue (which is a polymer) begin to connect and clump together as soon as the borate ions are added into the mix. This is what transforms the slime substance from a liquid state to a solid-state, making it rubbery and thick slime!

Tips And Advice Of What To Mix Into Your Clear Slime

Sparkly Clear Glue Slime

For extra pizzazz, try adding glitter, beads, confetti, or small trinkets and treasures to your slime mix for some extra sparkle and texture!

If you want to vary your creations, why not add food colouring for some colourful slime options.

Remember that clear glue over white glue options is the best choice though if you want a thicker result and for it to be extra slimy!



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