The Perfect Reading Den Idea For Kids

Set up a reading den in your living room, complete with fairy lights and cosy blankets.

Make a reading den for your kids to curl up with their favourite book!

It's no secret that children love dens, and creating a reading corner for your kids is a great way to encourage them to get page-turning, create a magical space all for themselves and have fun building the cosiest den they can! All you need is a bit of floor space, a few chairs and some bedding, and then you can make your reading den as imaginative as you like. String up some fairy lights if you have them, put on some calming music and collect all your favourite things to make your den feel super special. Inviting your best toys in is a great idea too, as kids can read aloud to them in the privacy of their own reading nook!

1.Choose the perfect place for your reading den and clear some space on the floor. Pull a few pieces of furniture together as supports and drape blankets or sheets across them, using objects or other books to keep them in place if needs be.

2. Add plenty of sofa cushions and pillows from your room to make the cosiest den you can.

3. Bring in your favourite books, grab a torch and snuggle down for some quality reading time!

4. Why not invite your toys to be the different characters in your story and practice reading aloud to them? You could even bring some pens and pencils in to draw out the story or get imaginative and write one yourself!

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