30 Male Dwarf Names With Meanings For Your Characters

Some dwarves are adorable, and some are formidable fighters.

Dwarfs are fixtures in almost all fantasy stories.

Dwarves have been described as human-shaped entities in Norse mythology. They are considered to be wise and are associated with crafting, smithing, and mining. They are believed to live in the mountains.

In mythology Dwarves have their language and culture, and their parents grant them names. Here is our list of dwarven male names.

We hope this helps in your search, but why not look at 'Game Of Thrones' names or clan names, for more inspiration.

Male Dwarf Names Inspired by the Earth

Dungeons and dragons dwarves have strong and impeccable skills, particularly with metals of the earth. We have listed down some male names inspired by nature and earth we think will work for all dwarves.

1 . Anin is an Arabic origin name that means "fountain."

2 . Anvari is an Arabic origin name that means "radiance."

3 . Ari is a Hebrew name that means "lion."

4 . Anaq is a Hebrew origin name with variant spelling as Anak, meaning "collar" or "neck chain."

5 . Bes is an Egyptian origin name that means "bring joy."

6 . Chirysaor is the Latin origin name that means" sword."

7 . Fafnir is the old Norse name and represents dwarves that turned into dragons and symbolizes greed.

8 . Gandalf is the popular mythological name for the dwarf that means "elf of the wand."

9 . Gidel is the Hebrew origin name with variants Gidal that means "too great" or "giant."

10 . Goliath is the Hebrew origin name that means "exile."

11 . Huffie is an English origin name that means "peaceful giant."

12 . Onfroi is a French origin name that means "giant peace".

13 . Titan is a Greek origin name that means "Sun God."

14 . Wade is an English origin name that means "to go."

Male Dwarf Names Inspired by Fiction

A Christmas decorative dwarf figurine.

Dwarf characters have become famous through fiction stories and movies. The fairytale ‘Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs’ and the film ‘The Hobbit’ have dwarves that have become very popular. We have listed down a few male dwarves names inspired by popular fiction.

15 . Bashful is the oldest dwarf and is known for his silence.

16 . Ballin is the oldest of all the dwarves.

17 . Bifur is the dwarf with the axe's piece stuck in the head.

18 . Bofur is the dwarf with a massive hat.

19 . Bombur is the fastest dwarf ever.

20 . Doc is the leader of all the dwarves.

21 . Dopey is a childlike dwarf and is famous for his affection.

22 . Dori has a massive potato-sized nose.

23 . Dwalin is the only dwarf that is bald.

24 . Fili is the dwarf with the man-ish look.

25 . Gloin is the dwarf with deep brown, red hair.

26 . Grumpy is Doc’s nemesis and always has something to complain about.  

27 . Happy always had a smiley face.

28 . Kili is the youngest dwarf.

29 . Nori is a dwarf with braided facial hair.

30 . Ori is the dwarf with a bowl haircut.

31 . Oin is the dwarf with a massive curvy mustache.

32 . Sleepy is known for sleeping all the time.

33 . Sneezy is popularly known for sneezing.

Male Dwarf Names Inspired by Mythology

Dwarves are hardworking folk in any fantasy story, and they use heavy weapons like pickaxes and swords. They represent the strong short character and are warrior worthy creatures. Here is a list of strong dwarven names.

34 . Addanc was a welsh legend and had a strong character.

35 . Argos (Greek origin) meaning "bright."

36 . Brokk (old Norse origin) meaning "breeches."

37 . Brand is a popular name for a dwarf, meaning "sword."

38 . Fimbul dwarf name means "great."

39 . Gim is the dwarf name that means "fire."

40 . Hannar dwarf name means "skilled."

41 . Kibil dwarf name means "silver."

42 . Oinn dwarf name means "fearful."

We hope this list helped you in your hunt for dwarf names, if you still need more inspiration why not look at void elf names or valyrian names.



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