30+ March Trivia Questions (And Answers) To Spring You Into Action

The best time of the year!

The month of March is indeed a beautiful month.

It's that time of the year when the flowers blossom again after a chilly and frosty winter. The sun shines warmly upon us, and we know the month of March has commenced.

We have curated a questionnaire based on the most interesting facts about March. These fun facts about the month of March will surely entertain you and your family. If you like our quiz compilation, do check out our fun quizzes such as this October trivia and New Year's Eve trivia. So, what are you waiting for? Let's see if you know everything about this beautiful month.

March Themed Trivia

A beautiful spring day is loved by many.

Apart from being the month of Saint Patrick's Day, March is popular for many famous events. We hope you enjoy these March "did you know" facts and quizzes to test your knowledge on the beautiful month. Let's test how well you know the month and the significance of March in our lives here!

1.Question: When is St. Patrick's Day celebrated?

Answer: 17 March.

2.Question: What planet is the month March named after?

Answer: Mars.

3.Question: What was Mars the God of?

Answer: The Roman God of war.

4.Question: According to the ancient Roman calendar, what was the first month of the year?

Answer: March.

5.Question: What is the month before March ?

Answer: February.

6.Question: Which month comes after March?

Answer: April.

7.Question: How many days are in March?

Answer: 31.

March Madness Trivia

March Madness is a single-elimination basketball tournament organized every year in the United States. It features 68 college teams from across the States who participate in the fun game together. Are you a basketball fan? How mad are you about March Madness? Let's see in the questionnaire below.

8.Question: Who organizes the March Madness basketball tournament every year?

Answer: NCAA.

9.Question: When was the phrase "March Madness" coined?

Answer: 1982.

10.Question: In which year did the NCAA tournament commence?

Answer: 1939.

11.Question: Which team won the first ever NCAA tournament?

Answer: Oregon Webfoots.

12.Question: Name the only coach ever to have won both the NCAA and NBA championships.

Answer: Larry Brown.

13.Question: Who coined the famous phrase "March Madness"?

Answer: Brent Musburger.

Surprising Facts About March

March is a sign of the beginning of spring . It is a warm and pleasant month that has many fun facts to be discovered. How well do you know this month? Let's see in the easiest March facts and trivia quiz below.

14.Question: With which month always ends on the same day of the week as the month of March, every year?

Answer: June.

15.Question: When is Pi Day celebrated?

Answer: 14 March.

16.Question: According to astrology, what are the zodiac signs associated with the month of March?

Answer: Pisces and Aries.

17.Question: According to astronomy, when does the first equinox take place in the year?

Answer: 21 March.

18.Question: What was March called in Old English?

Answer: Hlyda.

19.Question: When is Read Across America Day celebrated?

Answer: 2 March.

Ides Of March Trivia

March is an important month in Roman history.

March doesn't just have historical significance with celebrations like St. Patrick's Day, it is equally important in the Roman Calendar. Apart from being celebrated as the ides of March, it was also the month in which Julius Caesar died. How well versed are you in Roman History? Let's find out!

20.Question: What date was the first ide on?

Answer: 15 March.

21.Question: According to the historian Eutropius, how many times was Julius Caesar stabbed?

Answer: 23.

22.Question: Before the death of Caesar, how was the ide of March significant to the Romans?

Answer: New Year's Celebration.

23.Question: On which day was Julius Caesar assassinated?

Answer: 15 March .

24.Question: Name the place where Julius Caesar was killed?

Answer: The Theatre of Pompey.

25.Question: What was the title awarded to Julius Caesar two months before he was stabbed to death?

Answer: Dictator Perpetuo.

March Trivia For Tweens And Teens

If you love trivia quizzes about March you will love these questions all about March birthday facts, St. Patrick's Day and more.

26.Question: What number month of the year is March when counting backwards from December?

Answer: The tenth.

27.Question: Who is the Greek equivalent God of Mars, the Roman God of war?

Answer: Ares.

28.Question: What is the meaning of the old proverb which says, "March comes in a like a lion, and goes out like a lamb"?

Answer: "Comes in like a lion" signifies the ending of winter, and "goes out like a lamb" represents the beginning of spring.

29. Question: Complete the famous phrase: "Mad as a March _____ ."

Answer: Hare.

30. Question: When did Albert Einstein publish his theory of relativity?

Answer: 20 March 1916.

31. Question: When was famous basketball star Shaquille 'Shaq' O'Neal born?

Answer: 6 March 1972.

32.  Question: Which famous pop-star was born on the first day of March, 1994?

Answer: Justin Bieber.

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