70 'Marvel' Trivia Questions Only True Avengers Will Get

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The Marvel comics, started in 1939 by Martin Goodman, is an American media and comic franchise centered majorly on superheroes.

It has since secured a popular fanbase and grown to be the best superhero movies for kids and family. In 2002 the first spider-man movie debuted with Toby Mcguire playing the main role, among many others.

Marvel has given birth to our all-time favorite superheroes like Iron Man, Wolverine, Doctor Strange, Ant-Man, Scarlet Witch, all The Guardians of the Galaxy, The Punisher, Deadpool, Black Panther, and Spiderman to name a very few. The era of Marvel began during 1961 with the launching of 'The Fantastic Four', created by none other than Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, and others and has undoubtedly, since then, acquired a colossal loyal fanbase, purely built on more than 8,000 characters. Some of the famous characters are Spiderman, Captain Marvel, Ironman (aka Tony Stark), Thor, and the Guardians of the Galaxy. The last movies, 'Avengers Infinity War' and 'Avengers Endgame' have been the highest-grossing movies. This trivia will test your marvel knowledge quiz skills. This marvel universe quiz includes MCU trivia facts, Marvel characters trivia, and some easy marvel trivia with impossible MCU quiz and your favorite marvel actors quiz for you. If you have liked our marvel comics quiz, check out our [dc comics trivia] and [superhero trivia]!

Marvel Movie Quiz

The movies and TV shows that the filmmakers have been making for us are special, meaning, now, the Marvel fandom starts from here if you like them! Answer this Marvel Cinematic Universe movies quiz to know if you are one. Guess the marvel movie here.

1. Question: In the movie, which villain was the Keeper of the Soul Stone?

Answer: Red Skull.

2. Question: Who does Tony Stark refer to as 'Legolas'?

Answer: Thor.

3. Question: What is Black Widow's name upon being appointed the new assistant to Stark?

Answer: Natalie Rushman.

4. Question: What is the letter about that Barton Blaze discards at the beginning of 'Ghost Rider'?

Answer: Regarding the spread of his Cancer.

5. Question: In 'Thor: Ragnarok', how long does Loki say he was falling for?

Answer: 30 minutes.

6. Question: In the 'Ant-Man' movie, what was Luis arrested for stealing?

Answer: Smoothie machines.

7. Question: Who does Tony Stark refer to as 'Raindeer Games'?

Answer: Loki.

8. Question: What item of clothing on Johnny Blaze does the goons in the lock-up comment on?

Answer: His jacket.

9. Question: A total of how many infinity stones are there?

Answer: Six.

10. Question: In 'Thor: Ragnarok', which character says the first line?

Answer: Thor.

Avengers Trivia Questions

We hear 'Marvel', and then our head immediately goes to 'Avengers'. To be approved a Marvel geek, answer this true marvel trivia game ultimate avengers quiz correctly! This avengers quiz questions and mcu trivia questions are going to prove if you are worthy or not.

The Infinity Gauntlet is a special part of MCU

11. Question: In 'Thor: Ragnarok', what object does Hela say she loves the most in Odin's room of treasures?

Answer: The Eternal Flame.

12. Question: Name all the six infinity stones?

Answer: The Space Stone, the Reality Stone, the Power Stone, the Mind Stone, the Time Stone and the Soul Stone.

13. Question: Where was the Mind Stone situated before?

Answer: Loki's Sceptre.

14. Question: Name Thor's hammer?

Answer: Mjolnir.

15. Question: What does S.H.I.E.L.D. stand for?

Answer: Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division.

16. Question:  Who did The Winter Soldier take shelter with during 'Infinity War'?

Answer: Black Panther.

17. Question: Which villain is responsible for the original formation of the Avengers?

Answer: Loki.

18. Question: In the comics, who is the first avenger to quit the team?

Answer: The Hulk.

19. Question: What real-life celebrity is Tony Stark based?

Answer: Howard Hughes.

20. Question: In the movies, which superhero refers to Spiderman as "Queen"?

Answer: Captain America.

21. Question: In 'Avengers: Endgame', what does Thanos use as a scarecrow?

Answer: His discarded armour.

Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) Movies Quiz

This Marvel Cinematic Universe quiz will decide if you are the true ultimate Marvel fan. Take the Marvel movie trivia questions and answers including Marvel trivia facts and Marvel Cinematic Universe trivia to decide for yourself.

22. Question: In the United Kingdom, what did Disney change the title of 'The Avengers' o?

Answer: 'Marvel Avengers Assemble'.

23. Question: What was the first MCU film to earn $1 billion?

Answer: 'The Avengers'.

24. Question: During an interview, what did Tom Hiddleston say was the codename for the movie 'The Avengers'?

Answer: 'Group Hug'.

25. Question: Roughly how many separate pieces make the Iron Man suit?

Answer: 450.

26. Question: Which Marvel film did Michael Bay call his favourite?

Answer: 'Iron Man' (2008).

27. Question: Name the motorcycle young Johny Blaze is working when he meets the Devil?

Answer: Evolution Sportster.

28. Question: What technology powers Ant man's suit?

Answer: Pym particles.

29. Question: What was Chen Lu's occupation before becoming a Radioactive Man?

Answer: A nuclear physicist.

30. Question: Which other Marvel movie was announced at 2012 San Diego Comic-Con along with 'Guardians of the Galaxy'?

Answer: 'Ant-man'.

Marvel Comics Trivia

This marvel comic trivia quiz and marvel trivia quiz will decide your ultimate fate.

Marvel superhero comic books are great fun to read.

31. Question: Name Thor's magic belt.

Answer: Megingjörð.

32. Question: Which supervillain is shared between Spiderman and Daredevil?

Answer: Kingpin.

33. Question: Name the first-ever Marvel Superhero?

Answer: 'Human Torch'.

34. Question: How old is Black Widow?

Answer: 70.

35. Question: What does Kingpin leave after killing someone?

Answer: A rose.

36. Question: Who turns Bucky Barnes into the Winter Soldier?

Answer: Russian Generals Vasily Karpov and Aleksander Lukin.

37. Question: What makes Thanos want to destroy half of the universe?

Answer: To impress his love, Death.

38. Question: Which Marvel supervillain played the part of Iron Man in the comics for a while?

Answer: Dr Doom.

39. Question: Name the two war goats that pull Thor's chariot?

Answer: Toothgrinder and Toothgnasher.

40. Question: Where was the Winter Soldier born?

Answer: Barracks.

41. Question: Where does Iron Man's origin story begin?

Answer: Vietnam.

42. Question: Who designed the Quinjet?

Answer: Black Panther.

43. Question: Who is called 'The Man Without Fear'?

Answer: Daredevil.

Marvel Superhero Trivia

Answer these Marvel superhero trivia questions and answers including some hard superhero trivia to find out your true marvel calling for yourself!

44. Question: Which Marvel superhero's alter ego is Donald Blake?

Answer: Thor.

45. Question: Which Ant-man character was originally a part of The Avengers?

Answer: The Wasp.

46. Question: The Avengers initiative was started by whom?

Answer: Nick Fury.

47. Question: How did Captain Marvel get her powers?

Answer: Light-speed engine.

48. Question: Name the building that situates the headquarters of the Fantastic Four?

Answer: Baxter Building.

49. Question: What part of Tony Stark's armour keeps him alive?

Answer: Magnetic chest plate.

50. Question: Which paper does Peter Parker work?

Answer: The Daily Bugle.

51. Question: Who created The Vision?

Answer: Ultron.

52. Question: Captain America was frozen in which war?

Answer: World War II.

53. Question: What metal is Wakanda's most precious resource?

Answer: Vibranium.

54. Question: 'Matt Murdock' is whose secret identity?

Answer: Daredevil.

Hard Marvel Trivia

Do you like Impossible tasks? Take this impossible and ultimate marvel quiz to learn if you are the true Marvel nerd!

55. Question: What 'Top Gun' character is Captain Marvel's cat named after?

Answer: Goose.

56. Question: Which Marvel character is said to have inspired the creation of Darth Vader?

Answer: Doctor Doom.

57. Question: What language do the people of Wakanda speak?

Answer: A variant of Xhosa.

58. Question: In the Marvel Comic Universe, name the fictional company assigned to clean up after the mess the superheroes and villains leave behind?

Answer: 'Damage Control'.

59. Question: Where did S.H.I.E.L.D. begin their operation?

Answer: Ancient Egypt.

60. Question: Which issue was it that the first Marvel superhero appeared in?

Answer: Marvel #1 in 1939.

61. Question: Who voices Groot in 'The Guardians of the Galaxy'?

Answer: Vin Diesel.

62. Question: Which supernatural being was Marvel prevented from using in their comics?

Answer: Werewolves.

63. Question: In what capacity did Stan Lee work in the comics department of a publishing company named 'Timely' after graduating high school?

Answer: Stan Lee was the office gopher.

64. Question: While writing fan letters, towards the end of each, what was the word used by Stan Lee?

Answer: Excelsior!

65. Question: Name Hela's mother?

Answer: Angrboda.

Movies Marvel Quotes Quiz

When you are a true Marvel fan, quotes are child's play. Take this easy marvel questions to find out!

66. Question: Who said, "There are no men like me"?

Answer: Loki.

67. Question: Who said, "I have a plan: attack!"?

Answer: Iron Man.

68. Question: Which superhero says the line,"I Can Do This All Day"?

Answer: Captain America.

69. Question: Who said, "She's Not Alone"?

Answer: Black Widow.

70. Question: Who says, "We Have A Hulk" to Loki?

Answer: Iron Man.

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