100 Marvelous Mexican Boy Names For Your Baby

Mexican baby boy names can be great for your baby boy.

Mexican names are vibrant and fascinating, just like Mexico's rich culture.

Mexicans, also know as Mexicanos in Spanish, have a very rich source of culture and heritage. Mexican culture comprises of a fusion of European Mexicans, Afro-Mexicans, Asian Mexicans, Arab Mexicans, and more.

Mexico is a Catholic country; religion plays a major role in Mexican culture, including Mexican names. The national language of Mexico is the Spanish language; therefore, the names are generally Spanish or are of Spanish origin. Mexican baby names are a symbol of the Mexican culture and showcase the traditions of the beautiful place. Mexico has witnessed many invasions in the past; the Mexican Revolution freed the country from its colonizers. Mexico is a place where various people, of different ethnicities, live together. And thus, most Mexican names have varied places of origin. And we have prepared a list of the top 100 best Mexican boy names for your little one.

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Popular Mexican Baby Boy Names

Mexican names are a blend of different cultures, traditions, and beliefs. And the Mexican boy names are preferred because of their deep meanings. Here is our list of some popular Mexican boy names.

1. Abundio (Spanish, Latin origin) meaning "abundant".

2. Alejandro (Spanish origin) meaning "mankind's defender". One of the best Spanish names for boy derived from the greatest military mind the world has ever seen, Alexander the Great.

3. Alvaro (Spanish origin) meaning "the guardian".

4. Beltran meaning "bright raven".

5. Blas (Spanish, Dutch origin) meaning "pale".

6. Camilo (Spanish origin) meaning "helper to the priest". Camilo Lara is a famous Mexican musician.

7. David (Hebrew origin) meaning "beloved". A great name associated with the popular Mexican actor David Zepeda.

8. Emilio meaning "to strive".

9. Enrique (Spanish origin) meaning "home ruler". Enrique Olvera is a Mexican chef.

10. Fernando (Spanish origin) meaning "daring". A popular name in Mexican history related to the Spanish conquistador who freed Mexico from the Aztecs.

11. Geraldo meaning "the spear rules".

12. Guillermo (Spanish origin) meaning "will or desire". A good baby boy name linked to the popular Mexican horror and fantasy movies director, Guillermo Del Toro.

13. Godfredo (Spanish origin) meaning "God's friend".

14. Huitzilopochtli (Aztec origin) meaning "Southern-Hummingbird". One of the unique boy names derived from the Aztec God of Wars with the same name.

15. Hernando meaning "adventurous".

16. Iago (Spanish, Hebrew origin) meaning "supplanter".

17. Jocobo (Spanish origin) meaning "son of Jacob".

18. Joseph (Hebrew origin) meaning "He Will Add". A popular boy name derived from Saint Joseph who was married to Mary, Jesus's mother.

19. Lalo (Spanish origin) meaning "rich guardian".

20. Lazaro (Spanish origin) meaning "God has helped".

21. Macario (Spanish origin) meaning "happy".

22. Marco (Spanish origin) meaning "warlike". This beautiful Mexican baby boy name is derived from the Roman God Mars.

23. Neron (Spanish origin) meaning "sea".

24. Oliverio meaning "olive tree".

25. Rico (Spanish origin) meaning "cute". This name is related to the American singer-songwriter, Rico Love.

Good Mexican Boy Names

Having a name with deep meaning, perhaps named after famous Mexicans, is nothing less than a compliment.

A person's name is said to seemingly define their identity. So choosing a proper name for your little baby boy will be a big compliment for him. Here is our list of some very good and cute Mexican baby boy names.

26. Adán (Spanish origin) meaning "of the Earth".

27. Alberto (Spanish, Italian origin) meaning "noble, bright".

28. Benedicto (Spanish origin) meaning "blessed". One of the popular Spanish boy names linked with the famous Argentine motorcycle road racer, Benedicto Caldarella.

29. Carmelo (Spanish origin) meaning "vineyard of God".

30. Damián (Greek origin) meaning "powerful person". Damián Alcázar is a famous Mexican actor.

31. Dimas (Spanish origin) meaning "sunset".

32. Donatello (Spanish origin) meaning "God's gift". One of the popular boy names in Spanish related to one of the lead characters from the famous Hollywood movie, 'The Ninja Turtles'.

33. Eugenio (Spanish origin) meaning "well-born".

34. Emanuel (Hebrew origin) meaning "God with us". This name is derived from an ancient Greek God, Emmanuel. Emmanuel is a Mexican singer.

35. Fausto (Spanish origin) meaning "lucky".

36. Fidel (Spanish origin) meaning "faithful". Fidel Castro is a famous revolutionary who set up a base in Mexico for a short while.

37. Godfredo (Spanish origin) meaning "friend of God".

38. Héctor (French, Spanish origin) meaning "restrain". Héctor Herrera is a Mexican footballer.

39. Iván (Hebrew origin) meaning "gift from God".

40. Jairo (Spanish origin) meaning "God".

41. Juan (Spanish origin) meaning "being graceful".

42. León (Spanish origin) meaning "fierce, brave warrior".

43. Miguel (Hebrew origin) meaning "like God".

44. Nacho (Spanish origin) like the tortilla chips. Nacho is the short form of the name Ignacio meaning "fire".

45. Natalio (Spanish origin) meaning "born at Christmas".

46. Oliverio (Spanish origin) meaning "of the olive tree".

47. Pablo (Spanish origin) meaning "small".

48. Santiago (Spanish origin) meaning "at the heels". This name is derived from Saint James the Great, the brother of John the Apostle. Santiago is a municipality in Mexico.

49. Sebastián (Greek origin) meaning "from Sebastia". Sebastián is a famous Mexican sculptor.

50. Tomas (Spanish origin) meaning "twin".

Rare Mexican Baby Names

Most of the Mexican names are commonly used by everyone all over the world. But giving your baby boy a unique name has a different feeling. Here are some rare Mexican baby boy names.

51. Alejo (Spanish origin) meaning "defender".

52.Basilio (Spanish origin) meaning "king, sovereign".

53. Cruz (Spanish origin) meaning "cross".

54. Climaco (Spanish origin) meaning "ladder".

55. Danilo (Spanish origin) meaning "God is my judge".

56. Enrico (Spanish origin) meaning "homeowner". This name is derived from the great King Henry V of England.

57. Fabio (Latin origin) meaning "noble". Fabio Morábito is a Mexican writer.

58. Felix (Spanish, Latin) meaning "lucky". This beautiful Mexican name is derived from the famous Mexican-American writer, Felix Alexander.

59. Gregorio meaning "watchful".

60. Hernan (German, Spanish origin) meaning "gentle traveler".

61. Isaías (Spanish origin) meaning "God is salvation". Isaías Juárez was a Mexican cleric.

62. Maximo (Spanish origin) meaning "the greatest".

63. Patricio (Spanish origin) meaning "noble". This Mexican name can be linked to the first president of Chile Patricio Aylwin.

64. Ramiro (Spanish origin) meaning "supreme judge".

65. Tenoch (Mexican, Aztech origin) meaning "fruit". This name is derived from the great Aztech ruler, Tenoch.

Cool Mexican Boy Names

Your baby boy deserves a beautiful name and you should give that to him.

The name you have can really show off your cool attitude as well. So if you are looking for some cool Mexican boy names, have a glance at our list.

66. Antonio (Spanish, English origin) meaning "praiseworthy". One of the coolest Spanish names associated with the Mexican politician, Antonio López de Santa Anna.

67. Bernardo (Spanish origin) meaning "bold".

68. Alfonso (German, Spanish origin) meaning "eager". Alfonso Cuarón is a famous Mexican director.

69. Balam (Mayan origin) meaning "jaguar". Ekʼ Balam is an archaeological site in Mexico.

70. Cesáreo (Latin origin), derived from Caesar, meaning "heaven". Cesáreo Quezadas is a former child actor.

71. Diego (Spanish origin) meaning "holder of the heel". Diego Luna is a famous Mexican actor.

72. Eduardo (Spanish origin) meaning "wealthy guardian".

73. Felipe (Spanish origin) meaning "friend of the horses". One of the coolest Spanish names associated with Felipe Esparza, a Mexican comedian.

74. Gabriel (Hebrew origin) meaning "God is my strength". Gabriel Iglesias is a Mexican heritage, American comedian.

75. Grimaldo (Spanish, Italian origin) meaning "masked ruler".

76. Itzcóatl (Aztec origin) meaning "snake". This is the name of the fourth ruler of Tenochtitlan.

77. Javier (Basque, Spanish origin) meaning "castle".

78. Julio (Spanish origin) meaning "downy-bearded". Julio César Chávez is a famous Mexican boxer.

79. Ovidio (Spanish origin) meaning "Shepard".

80. Pedro (Spanish, Latin origin) meaning "stone". Pedro Armendáriz Jr. was a famous Mexican actor.

81. Rafael (Hebrew origin) meaning "God". Rafael Márquez is a famous Mexican boxer.

82. Raúl (Spanish origin) meaning "counsel of wolf". Raúl Valerio was a famous Mexican actor.

83. Teyo (Spanish origin) meaning "God".

84. Videl (Spanish, Latin origin) meaning "life-giving".

85. Xavier (Spanish origin) meaning "castle". Xavier Ortiz is a Mexican actor.

Unique Mexican Boy Names

Giving your little ones some unique names can make them stand out in a huge crowd. And there are hundreds of unique Mexican baby names that are stylish and cool. Here is our list of the most unique Mexican baby names.

86. Carlos (Spanish origin) meaning "free man". Carlos Gallardo is a Mexican actor.

87. Domingo (Spanish origin) meaning "of the lord".

88. Felipe (Spanish origin) meaning "friend of horses".

89. Gerardo (Spanish origin) meaning "brave spear". Gerardo Torrado is a former Mexican football professional.

90. Gilberto (Latin, Spanish origin) meaning "bright pledge".

91. Jose (Spanish origin) meaning "may God increase".

92. Josias (Spanish origin) meaning "Jehovah has healed".

93. Kukulkan (Mayan origin) meaning "feathered snake". This name is derived from a Mayan God Kukulkan.

94. Leonel (Spanish origin) meaning "lion".

95. Normando (Spanish origin) meaning "man of the north".

96. Pacorro (Spanish origin) meaning "free".

97. Ricardo (Portuguese, Spanish origin) meaning "brave ruler". Ricardo Flores Magón was a famous politician in Mexico.

98. Ramón (Spanish origin) meaning "protective counsel". Ramón Ayala is a famous Mexican singer.

99. Vincente (Latin origin) meaning "vincent". Vicente Fernández is a famous but retired Mexican singer.

100. Virgilio (Latin origin) meaning "flourishing". Virgilio Ruiz Fernandez is a Spanish-Mexican painter.

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