Maths Homeschool Resources For KS2 And KS3

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Maths can be really tricky at times and with the ever-changing nature of teaching techniques, it can be hard to keep up.

While you're at home it is important to keep your children learning at home and keeping up-to-date with their studies. We know that maths can be the hardest school subject to help your children with at home so we've made it easy for you by compiling this list of resources to get you started.

Make maths fun at home to help enhance your home learning with these helpful teaching resources for home education.

Resources for All

Free Worksheets from Homeschool Math

This free website provides worksheets tailored to each school year group. You can even pick the specific topics that your child needs to work on or to follow their school syllabus. These helpful learning resources will function as good home education activities during school closures. Use these as extra work, full lesson plans or as exercises after the basic teaching is done!

BBC Skillswise Free Resources

BBC Skillswise has provided free lessons in the form of videos, fact sheets and worksheets for children of all ages in key stage 2 and 3. They are split up into 6 main categories: numbers, calculations, percentages and fractions, measuring, shapes and graphs. These links then have smaller categories to tend to your children's every need.

10ticks Online Courses

These online courses will tailor themselves to your children's specific needs and learning requirement. The course involves video tutorials, worksheets and activities that are specifically designed for working at home. They have everything from primary school resources all the way to GCSE and for only £12.24 a month (which is just 40p a day) for up to 5 different users so you can use this one site to teach all the children in your household and track their progress online!

AAA Math Lessons

AAA Math brings us lessons and online quizzes that are free home learning resources that are broken down into different year groups. While this is an American site, math is the same in every language so this is a really incredible resource that relies on instant feedback to ensure that your kids aren't being taught incorrect methods.

Maths Worksheet Land

Find unlimited worksheets, quizzes and tests that have proven to save up to 10 hours in lesson planning. This website costs $29.99 for a year (approx. £25) and will provide you with a huge archive of resources to help plan lessons for your kids at home. Plus, use these as extra home education around your children's studies when they are back at school.

Visual Fractions

Perfect for 7-14-year-olds who struggle with understanding and working with fractions, this website provides a different teaching technique for more visual learners. Explore their investigation pages, interactive games and printable worksheets with separate answer pages.

Cut the Knot

Miscellany and puzzles are the themes of this free website, aimed at children who like to work alternatively and struggle with the usual structure of lessons and worksheets. This is a really different and cool resources for all ages that will allow your children to learn in the way that they want to.

Corbett Maths

Use videos and useful questions to test your kid's knowledge. These educational resources will not limit your child to any subject and will certainly help in teaching at home.

Engage your Little Ones

Maths Cats Website

This cools and interactive website is a free resource which will help your young kids have fun learning at home. Explore maths in a different way and make light of learning. This is a perfect resource for young kids who aren't too keen on mathematics at school.

Cool Math 4 Kids Online Games

These online maths games are a free resource that doesn't require any download and could help you children learn in a fun and interactive way. This is a good resource to add to your teaching at home as extra activities alongside more structured lesson plans and work. This is perfect for key stage 2 children.

Primary Resources

If you need to keep up to date with the UK national curriculum then this could be the website that you're looking for. Primary Resources provides free resources for home learning that you need to help your primary school kids. All arranged by topic, they provide free printable worksheets and activities for your kids to work through.

Doodle Maths

Use this interactive online resource that are offering a free trial for 7 days. This is also a tablet base resource which you can download from the Apple app store for £6.99.

Maths Factor

Let Carol Vauderman teach your kids via videos for free! A great resource for 4-12-year-olds.

KS2 Worksheets and Resources

This website provides resources free to use provided you make a membership. There is lots to explore in this website from videos to worksheets to printable games for young primary school children to work through at home.

How To Be A Maths Whizz

While this great book is on the more expensive side, with 144 pages of maths content this could be a really good one to add to your arsenal, especially if you have more than one child aged 7-9-years-old.

For the Older Audience

KS3 Worksheets and Resources

The same website also contains free home resources available to use for home education. Your older kids could worksheets, complete lessons or help on a specific topic that they are struggling with. Dive in!

The Maths Goodies

These free resources will help your children with the more difficult topics to grasp such as geometry, percentage and decimals, and all things circular. This is ideal for children who are struggling with these topics for extra tuition at home for free. This could also be used for older KS2 kids who are more advanced in their maths learning.

Intense Algebra

An online textbook that you or your child can work through to help them fully understand the intense world of algebra. It is perfect for older children and teens to get a grip with algebra or for parents to fully understand the concept so they are more resourceful as teachers.



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