100 Medieval Girl Names With Old World Charm

An illustration of a beautiful yet fierce looking modern maiden in Medieval costume firmly holding a sword.

Choosing the right name for your baby girl can seem impossible since you have only one chance to pick from thousands of baby names, but you can choose the perfect name for your new baby and have fun at the same time.

Medieval girl names possess an old-world charm like none other. The Middle Ages were rich in agriculture, the church, the arts, and more, so Medieval times passed along many popular and unique baby names for you to choose from.

We have compiled a list of gorgeous Medieval girl names to help sift through baby names and pick the perfect name. You may even find something new along the way.

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Baby Names Common To Medieval Times

These Medieval names for girls were popular in the Middle Ages, and many of them share famous namesakes today.

1. Adelina (Hebrew origin) means “Yahweh is just,” like Countess of Boulogne, Adelina of Holland.

2. Agnes (Greek origin) means “pure, holy, lamb," like Agnes Moorehead in Bewitched.

3. Avice (German origin) means "battle, wide, bird." She'll see her enemy coming.

4. Beatrice (Latin origin) means “bringer of joy and blessings.” Beatrice Arthur starred in Golden Girls.

5. Estrilda (Saxon origin) meaning “star, battle,” maybe the new Goddess of Dawn.

6. Juliana (Latin origin) means “youthful, juvenile.” Juliana Hatfield was an indie rock musician.

7. Letecia (Latin origin) means “thankful.” Letecia Cline is a model.

8. Petronella (Greek origin) means “stone, rock.” Petronella Barker was Anthony Hopkins' wife.

9. Sabine (Greek origin) means “black, dark.” Sabine Busch is a famous athlete.

Medieval Girls' Baby Names Relating To Status

These Medieval princess names denote status.

10. Adela (German origin) meaning “nobility,” was given to William the Conqueror’s daughter.

11. Adelicia (German origin) meaning “noble, kind,” as Queen Adelicia of Louvain.

12. Cyneburg (Saxon origin) meaning “royal fortress,” is for her safety.

13. Edan (Saxon origin) meaning “elf or magical counsel,” will be a fine Santa’s helper.

14. Eshina (French origin) means “nobility, high birth” or born into an extremely high social status.

15. Kyneburg (English origin) meaning “the royal’s valley,” is usually a boy name.

16. Regina (Latin origin) means “queen.” Regina King played in Watchmen.

17. Uta (English origin) means “wealthy.” Uta Pippig won the Boston Marathon three times.

Medieval Girls' Baby Names Relating To God

These Medieval names relate to the Bible.

18. Arabella (Latin origin) means “prayerful.” Arabella Goddard was a famous pianist.

19. Benet (Latin origin) means “blessed.” Benet Mercade is Fabrega was a Catalan painter.

20. Catel (Greek origin) means “pure.” Catel Muller is a French artist and writer.

21. Christina (German origin) meaning “Christian, follower of Christ,” was an early saint whose pagan father tormented her.

22. Dodie (Hebrew origin) means “well-loved, a gift of God.” Dodie Smith, wrote The Hundred and One Dalmatians (1956).

23. Gabella (Hebrew origin) means “God is my strength,” a form of Gabriel, who will blow the trumpet when Jesus returns.

24. Maerwynn (Celtic origin) means “One who illuminates, brings joy or delight.” Maerwynn Montfort was a fictional medieval wizard and author.

25. Michiele (Hebrew origin) meaning “close to God, a gift from God,” is derived from Michael, the archangel.

26. Pentecouste (Greek origin) meaning “the seventh Sunday after Easter,” is a Christian festival.

27. Sanchia (Latin origin) means “holy, sacred.” Sanchia of Provence was known as an “incomparable beauty.”

28. Sedille (Latin origin) means “seat on the south side of the chancel of the church for clerical use.”

29. Selova (German origin) means “blessed, overjoyed.” It’s a village in Serbia.

30. Simmonette (Hebrew origin) meaning “God has listened,” is a form of Simon.

Medieval Girls' Names Relating To War

These Medieval names denote strength in battle.

31. Aldietha (Saxon origin) meaning “battle-seasoned,” is for a winner of wars.

32. Ayleth (Saxon origin) meaning “seasoned warrior,” is for those ready to fight.

33. Berenice (Greek origin) means “bearer of victory.” Berenice Abbot was a photographer of New York City.

34. Gunne (Norse origin) meaning “strife, battle,” is for survivors.

35. Hildeth (Saxon origin) means “battle counselor.” She will be wise.

36. Martine (French origin) means “servant of Mars,” the Roman god of war.

37. Osyth (Saxon origin) means “God of war.” God of War is a video game on PC and PS4.

38. Sigerith (Norse origin) meaning “beautiful victory,” is for winners.

Medieval Girls' Names Relating To Fine Jewels

These Medieval names from the list are truly worth something.

39. Garnet (Hebrew origin) means “green.” Garnets are ravishing stones.

40. Orella (French origin) meaning “gold,” is for a girl worth her weight in it.

41. Oriana (Latin origin) meaning “golden,” was a nickname for English queen, Elizabeth I.

42. Sapphire (Hebrew origin) means “blue.” Sapphires are stunning gems.

Medieval Girls' Names Relating To Life

These Medieval names are springing up with life.

43. Betha (Scottish origin) meaning “life,” is an uncommon given name.

44. Eve (Hebrew origin) meaning “giver of life, mother of life”, is the mother of mankind.

45. Genevieve (Celtic origin) means “woman of the race, woman of the family.” Genevieve Padalecki starred on Supernatural (2005).

46. Vivienne (Latin origin) means “alive.” Vivienne Haigh-Wood Eliot was poet, T.S. Eliot’s wife.

Medieval Girls' Names Relating To Nature

These Medieval names denote growth, nature, and life.

47. Anthea (Greek origin) means “flower, blossom”. Anthea Askey was a TV actress in the 1950s.

48. Ceday (English origin) means “cedar tree,” which is strong, durable, graceful, and beautiful.

49. Everill (Saxon origin) means “wild boar.” Ferocious, strong, and fast are great traits.

50. Florence (Latin origin) means “flowering.” Florence Ballard is a rock singer.

51. Flossie (Latin origin) means “blossoming.” Flossie Clegg is a YouTube star.

52. Lillian (Latin origin) means “lilly.” Lillian Marie Disney was the wife of Walt Disney.

53. Lorelle (Latin origin) means “bay laurel.” She'll rule the kitchen.

54. Maryell (Celtic origin) means “drop of the bright sea.” It’s a fresh, mysterious name.

55. Midwinter (Saxon origin) means “mid-winter season” and is a synonym for that time of year.

56. Nixie (German origin) means “water sprite,” like a mermaid with pixie dust.

57. Olyffe (Latin origin) means “olive tree,” a symbol of friendship and peace.

58. Pavia (Latin origin) means “peach farm or orchard.” It’s a town in northern Italy.

59. Pechel (French origin) meaning “little dove,” is usually a surname.

60. Posy (English origin) means “a bunch of flowers.” Posy Simmonds is a newspaper cartoonist

61. Theldry (Saxon origin) means “cool breeze.” Theldry is like a beach vacation.

62. Viola (Latin origin) means “violet.” Viola Allen was a Shakespearean actress.

63. Wren (English origin) means “small bird”. The Celts believe wrens symbolize accuracy, action, and enthusiasm.

64. Yvonne (German origin) means “yew wood, archer.” Yvonne Craig, who played Batgirl in the Batman series.

65. Zenith (English origin) means “the very top” or when a thing is most successful or powerful.

Medieval Girls' Names Relating To Character

These Medieval names for girls denote honorable characteristics.

66. Agatha (Greek origin) means “good.” Agatha Christie was a novelist and playwright.

67. Alyva (Saxon origin) means “intellectual, creative.” What a combination!

68. Bellaflor (Latin origin) meaning “kind, hospitable,” is historically used as a surname.

69. Bridget (Gaelic/Irish) means “strength.” She was the mythological Celtic goddess of fire and poetry.

70. Damisona (English origin) means “intelligent, brave.” Intelligent and brave rules the world.

71. Emengar (Saxon origin) means “artistic, dramatic.” You may have the next pop idol on your hands.

72. Grace (Latin origin) means “gracious.” Grace Kelly was Princess of Monaco.

73. Honora (Gaelic/Irish) means “honor.” Honor your daughter with this name.

74. Protasia (Latin origin) means “capable, ambitious" - from Saint Protasius, a 2nd-century Christian martyr.

75. Scholace (Latin origin) means “scholar,” a form of Scholastica, for a brilliant baby girl.

Medieval Girls' Names Relating To Personalities

These Medieval names denote good personalities.

76. Bencelina (English origin) meaning “easy-going, simple,” is a name for a girl with flowers in her hair.

77. Effie (Greek origin) means “well-spoken.” Effie Howard was an African American quiltmaker.

78. Felice (Greek origin) means “lucky.” Felice Frankel was a photographer, who achieved multiple awards.

79. Gatty (Saxon origin) means “habitational.” Not everyone has to be a socialite in this century.

80. Goodeth (Saxon origin) means “jovial, loves to talk.” This will be the perfect name for your toddler.

81. Ingerith (Norse origin) meaning “beautiful, beloved.” Your baby girl will be beautiful.

82. Joie (Latin origin) means “happiness.” Joie Lee is the sister of Spike Lee.

83. Livith (Saxon origin) means “charismatic.” The charismatic get people’s attention.

84. Milburegh (Saxon origin) means “loving, domestic.” She may make a great homemaker.

85. Plesance (Latin origin) means “pleasure, agreeable.” It’s historically a surname.

86. Seburuh (Saxon origin) means “friendly, loving nature.” This is the best kind of child.

87. Tycelin (Latin origin) means “silent, calm.” It is a gorgeous name for your baby girl.

Medieval Girls' Names Relating To Darkness

These are Medieval female names from the dark side.

88. Athelyna (Saxon origin) means “noble serpent.” It has roots in magic and the occult.

89. Brangwine (Welsh origin) means “fair raven, dark beauty” and is a character in the Final Fantasy series.

90. Danae (Greek origin) meaning “she who judges,” was the mother of Perseus in Greek mythology.

91. Guinevere (Welsh origin) means “white ghost, phantom.” She was the wife of King Arthur.

92. Lella (Italian origin) means “dark, night.” Lella Vignelli was an Italian designer.

93. Sybil (Greek origin) means “seer, oracle.” Sybil Danning is an actress, model, and producer.

Medieval knight's armor, sword and battle headgear.

Medieval Girls' Names Related To Life Roles

These Medieval names from the list denote honorable positions or roles.

94. Leffeda (Saxon origin) means “domineering leader,” as are most CEOs.

95. Lewen (Saxon origin) means “teacher.” Teaching is the honor of the wise.

96. Livilda (Saxon origin) means “perfectionist,” as are many of our world’s greatest people.

Unique Medieval Girls' Names

These are cool Medieval names that rock because they're different.

97. Brise (Greek origin) means “curse, swear, insult, insolence, outrage.” Labor hurts, so it may be fitting.

98. Emmalina (German origin) meaning “whole, universal,” has several unique spellings and variations, like Emelyne and Emlyn.

99. Heryeth (Hebrew origin) means “brightness.” We know your baby girl will shine like a bright light.

100. Jacquelle (French origin) meaning “supplanter,” is the name of Jacquelle Crowe, a young Christian writer.

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