40 Mermaid Puns That Are Mermaid-sing

From breathing underwater, to their incredible hair, there's no end to the talents of mermaids.

What's not to love about mermaids?

They can breathe underwater, seem to have the secret to incredible hair, and can talk to animals... Mermaids are officially a trend, from amazing cakes to mermaid themed hair colours, make up and even mermaid baby names - mermaids aren't going anywhere!

With a Disney re-make of the Little Mermaid on the way, you can be certain you will be seeing even more mer-mazing mermaid content out and about. If you are a fan of a great pun (who isn't!) then we have a got the list for you, read on to discover some funny mermaid puns that are sure to mermake you laugh!

For more laughs take a look at our list of Disney puns.

Classic Mermaid Puns

You can't go wrong with these funny one liners, sure to tickle the scales of even the crabbiest mer-person! For classic mermaid related puns, you have some to the right place.

1. We were mermaid for each other.

2. You mermaid to go far.

3. You mermake me happy.

4. You really mermaid my day.

5. I think you're mer-mazing.

6. We mermaid to be friends forever.

7. Thanks mer-mate.

8. What an amazing mer-stache you have.

9. You seem a little mer-mad.

10. Mermaid you look, mermaid you stare.

The Little Mermaid Puns

The Little Mermaid is one of our all time favourite films. Not only is it a wonderful story but you will also definitely find some mermaid related humour in this film, mostly thanks to one crabby little character.

11. The seaweed is always greener in somebody else's lake!

12. Don't worry about the lost mermaid, we Flounder.

13. Just Scuttle along.

14. Don't fork-get your manners.

15. I love your shell bracelet, can I Triton?

16. I'm afraid this is a bit of a grey Ariel.

17. Did you see that? I think we are going to need an Ariel view.

18. It's a bit dark down here, could you turn the Triton?

19. Have you met Sebastian? He's hyst-eric-al!

20. We are going to need to Triton the load!

21. Should we tell Ariel that Scuttle made up the word dinglehopper, or should we just fork-get about it?

22. When it comes to mermaids growing legs, it's all in the de-tail.

When it comes to mermaids growing legs, it's all in the de-tail.

Let's Sea Some More Puns

We all know that mermaids live in the sea, right? Time to dive into the ocean and sea what puns are ready to be caught.

23. Long time no sea.

24. Seas the day!

25. The ocean doesn't like to say hello, it just waves.

26. It's high tide for some vitamin sea.

27. Sea ya later.

28. I can sea clearly now.

29. This sounds like some kind of conspira-sea.

30. Go on, give us a little wave!

Sea Creature Puns

It's not just mermaids making waves, you can find one or two sea creatures who whale-y want to give you a chuckle. Have a giggle at this list of puns all about a mermaid's favourite sea creature friends.

31. Are you feeling a little crabby?

32. Fishing you a wonderful day.

33. Wish upon a starfish.

34. I don't fin so!

35. Keep your friends close and your anemones closer.

36. Whale, whale, whale, what do we have here?

37. That's my nemo-sis.

38. Have a fintastic day.

39. Well, salmon had to say it.

40. You are shrimply the best.


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