100 Merman Names For Your Water Baby

We think a sea name could be perfect for your little one

It is perfectly normal for parents and story writers to hunt for names.

If you are searching for some cool and creative merman names we have compiled a list for you.

We have collected a brief of names both for baby boy and baby girl which are inspired by the mermaids, the legendary female characters. Male mermaids are called Mermans. Their upper half resembles humans and the bottom half of fish.

Many cultures around the world have versions of Merpeople, they have a long tradition stretching back to the ancient Greeks. In medieval times, sailors (probably going a bit mad with scurvy) often said they could see beautiful women calling to them from the sea, but you should be careful before you think of a mermaid as a friend.

Many of the stories revolve around them dragging humans down into the sea, to their watery doom! Some stories of course have the people of the sea being much more friendly, like in Disney's 'Little Mermaid', so it's up to you which version you want to believe or write into your story. Either way, they have some lovely, sea-inspired names, perfect for a baby or a character, which we have collected into a list, below.

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Popular Mermen Inspired Names

Choosing sea names for your water babies can be a great option to help you in your search

While we may never get to completely live our fantasies about being a mermaid, we can utilize mermaids and their way of life to impact our merman name. Well a little pun here and there, you have a perfectly cool and creative merman name. Here are some of the perfect merman (male mermaid) names that will be perfect for water babies.

1. Abijam (M) (Israel origin) means "father of the sea". A powerful name for a baby boy.

2. Ambudhi (M) (Indian origin) means "the sea". It is a Hindi that started a name with numerous implications. Ambudhi name significance is Ocean.

3. Arran (M) (English origin) means "a person who established on an island". Aaron was the senior sibling of Moses in the Old Testament and the name is related to the main esteemed ministers of Judaism.

4. Atl (Unisex) (Aztec origin) means "water". The name Atl implies Water and is of the Aztec source.

5. Bardo (M) (German/Aboriginal origin) means "water". "bardo" is the real middle of the road between two carries on with on earth. A perfect name for a cute baby boy.

6. Bradan (M) (Irish origin) means "salmon". Braden is a name that has been utilized essentially by guardians who are thinking about infant names for young men.

7. Cain (M) (Welsh origin) means "clear clean water".

8. Caldwell (M) (English origin) means "cold water source". Caldwell is a name that has been utilized by guardians who are thinking about unisex or a little boy..

9. Cid (M) (Arabic/English origin) means "from a large island". A cool merman name for a cute boy who loves playing in the water.

10. Delmore (M) (French origin) means "of the sea". This name is of Norman descent and alludes to the nearness of their previous spot of habitation to the ocean.

11. Dillan (M) (Welsh origin) means "son of the sea". A merfolk name suitable for a little boy who loves swimming.

12. Douglas (M) (Scottish/English origin) means "dark water". A perfect name for a baby boy who loves dolphins.

13. Ervin (M) (Hungarian origin) means "a friend of the sea". A name for a little boy who loves boating.

14. Firth (M) (Scottish origin) means "an arm of the sea". A man mermaids lover name who loves sea creatures.

15. Hotham (M) (Israel origin) means "a seal". A cute merfolk name for a cute little boy who loves beachside and waves.

16. Hurley (M) (Irish/Gaelic origin) means "sea tide". The English rendition of the name is a habitational name from spots of a similar name in Berkshire and Warwickshire.

17. Irwin (M) (English origin) means "sea friend or sea lover". A perfect name for a baby loves playing basketball near the beachside.

18. Kaikane (Unisex) (Hawaiian Origin) means "masculine sea". It is gotten from the Hawaiian words 'kai', which signifies 'ocean', and 'Kane', which signifies 'male'.

19. Kaiholo (Unisex) (Hawaiian origin) means "moving sea". The perfect name for a baby boy who is obsessed with skydiving.

20. Katsumi (M) (Japanese origin) means "who can win over the sea" or " God of the water".

21. Kelsey (Unisex) (English origin) means "from the island of ships". The name that you cant find easily is attractive and creative.

22. Kye (Unisex) (American origin) means "the ocean".

23. Mar (M) (Spanish origin) means "the sea". A name for a cute baby boy who is fond of fish.

24. Marion (M) (Hebrew origin) means "bitter, or from the sea". A cool merman name for a friend who loves seafood.

25. Merlin (Unisex) (England/Celtic/Welsh origin) means "by the sea, sea fortress".

26. Merrik (Unisex) (English origin) means "ruler of the sea". Merrick is a name that has been utilized by guardians who are thinking about unisex or non-gendered child names, baby names that can be utilized for any sexual orientation.

27. Murdoch (M) (Irish/Scottish/Celtic origin) means "seaman, protector of the sea".

28. Murrough (M) (Irish origin) means "fighter of the sea".

29. Myrddin (M) (Welsh origin) means "sea fort". Myrddin is a name that has been utilized basically by guardians who are thinking about baby names for a little boy. It is the first name of the famous entertainer Merlin from the famous story named "King Arthur".

30. Namazzi (M) (African origin) means "water". A perfect merman name for water babies who love ocean.

31. Nen (Unisex) (Arabic/Egyptian origin) means "ancient waters".

32. Pelagios (Unisex) (Greek origin) means "from the sea". Pelagios is a name for people who love scuba diving in the ocean.

33. Ponce (M) (Latin origin) means "of the sea".

34. Roka (Unisex) (Japanese origin) means "white crest of the wave coming from the sea".

35. Ronan (M) (Irish origin) means "little seal". Ronan is a famous character in the name the infamous Harry Potter series.

36. Sachiel (M) (Israeli origin) means "angel of water". A name signifying blue water and the unique name of a little boy.

37. Seager (M) (English origin) means "sea spear". A perfect baby boy names who I funloving and deep thinker

38. Shui (Unisex) (Chinese origin) means "coming from water". A perfect name for babies who loves seafood.

39. Varun (M) (Indian origin) means "lord of the sea". A name that is attractive and has meaning too.

40. Zale (M) (Greece origin) means "sea strength". A cool merman names for a cute and attractive baby boy.

Unique Mermen Inspired Names

Choosing a sea related name can be really lovely for a baby

Names distinguish a person from another. It likewise gives a feeling of having a place with a specific family. Henceforth names can shift depending on a specific network or social guidelines.

At the point when somebody needs to pick a name for their kid, there is a lot of thought that goes into it. Some of the time they pick something they simply like the sound of, yet many feel it is essential to locate an important name. If you are looking for some unique merman-inspired names, here are some of the cool and creative merman names for you.

41. Aegaeus (M) (Latin American origin) means "from the Aegean sea". One of the perfect names for a water baby who loves seal.

42. . Alton (M) (Finnish origin) means "waves". It is a regal choice of name for a little water baby.

43. . Angus (M) (Scottish origin) means "Celtic God of beauty and youth". Angus is viewed as the 'Celtic God of excellence and youth'

44. Axenus (M) (Latin American origin) means "from the Black sea". Perfect names for a sea baby who loves playing near the beachside.

45. Ceolbeorht (M) (English origin) means "sea man". Perfect names for water or sea babies who love traveling on a cruise.

46. Cephas (M) (Hebrew origin) means "rock or shore". Cool merman names for a baby who loves watching waves from the seashore.

47. Chelan (M) (Native American origin) means"deep water". Among the perfect names for a sea baby who loves fish.

48. Cid (M) (Arabic/English origin) means "from a large island". Cool sea names for babies who are obsessed with seal.

49. Colbert (M) (English origin) means "sea man". Merfolk names for water babies who love hanging out near the seaside with friends.

50. Damarion (M) (American origin) means "of the sea or bitter".

51. Deniz (M) (Turkish origin) means "the sea". Baby-names for a cute boy who loves cycling near the beach.

52. Dylan (M) (Welsh origin) means "son of the sea". A man mermaid names for cute little baby boy.

53. Earwyn (Unisex) (English origin) means "friend of the sea". Popular names that a friend would love to call.

54. Havelock (M) (Norway origin) means "sea sport".

55. Hotham (M) (Israel origin) means "a seal".

56. Jamarion (M) (American origin) means "sparks and sea". Jamarion is derived from word Jamar. A perfect merman name for a cute baby boy.

57. Lamarr (M) (French origin) means "of the sea".

58. Llyr (M) (Welsh origin) means "from the sea". These are the names of the Welsh divine force of the ocean.

59. Lockhart (M) (French/Germanic origin) means "freshwater fish".  A word related name for a herder accountable for a sheep or battlefield. A very popular name in fiction.

60. Mariatu (M) (African origin) means "of the sea or bitter".

61. Morogh (M) (Scottish origin) means "man of the sea". A funny merman names for water babies who are fond of octopus.

62. Narayan (M) (Indian origin) means "moving water". An Indian origin name with meaning for a cute baby.

63. Ondine (M) (French origin) means "little wave". The name is additionally gotten from 'Undine', which signifies 'the soul of the waters'.

64. Saebeorht (M) (English origin) means "glory at sea". This would be a perfect name for a character who seeks naval victory.

65. Samudra (M) (Indian origin) means "king of the ocean". A unique Indian name for a little one that signifies the blue water of the ocean.

66. Seaward (Unisex) (English origin) means "sea guardian". A cute merman name for little baby who is fond of the sea and oceans.

67. Shoney (M) (Irish origin) means "sea god". A perfect name for babies who are fond of seahorses.

68. Sid (M) (English origin) means "from a large island".

69. Strom (M) (Swedish origin) means "river". A subjectively received elaborate name however potentially a geological name for somebody who lived by a waterway.

70. Tahoe (M) (Native American origin) means "lake, big water". Names for a person who appreciated the lake and its encompassing area for all it had to bring to the table.

71. Teddington (M) (English origin) means "where the tide ends".

72. Toru (M) (Japan origin) means "sea". The name Toru shows up in the anime and manga Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid as the name of one of the main characters.

73. Trai (M) (Vietnamese origin) means "oyster". Merman names for people who loves oyster.

74. Troy (Unisex) (Irish origin) means "water or footsoldier".

75. Udadhi (Unisex) (Indian origin) means "sea". Merman names loved by people who are connected to the spiritual world.

76. Wade (M) (English origin) means "cross the water". Among the cute names for babies who love whales.

77. Waverly (M) (English origin) means "From The Brushwood Field". It also sounds like wave.

78. Weller (M) (English origin) means "extracting salt from the sea".

79. Yaxha (M) (Spanish origin) means "green water".

80. Zulimar (Unisex) (Spanish origin) means "blue ocean".

Famous Mermen Names From Mythology And Fiction

In Greek mythology, the most celebrated merman was the god Poseidon. He was the child of Titans Rhea and Chronos. Two of his siblings where Hades and Zeus, god of the underworld, and the leader of the gods. A powerful family!

There is a long tradition of merpeople in fiction and in mythology, there are stories of such people from all over the world. If you are writing a story with them in or using the name for your child, you are a part of a long, powerful tradition.

Some of the powerful or power-packed name ideas for perfect merman names. But names that mean lightning are a perfect way to describe the joy your baby brings in your life are given below.

Following are some of the best merman names.

81. Ariel (Unisex) (Hebrew origin) means "lion of the God". The name was got famous after the female lead charactered animated movie 'The Little Mermaid'.

82. Bran (M) (Welsh origin) means "Raven and is of Welsh". Bran was the Celtic God of Health and child of Welsh ocean God.'

83.. Calypso (Unisex) (Caribbean origin) means "she who conceals". According to sources Calypso was a  sea nymph with beautiful eyes and fell in love with Odysseus.

84. Flynn (M) (Irish origin) means "son of the red-haired one". The main of a famous lead in a fairy tale, 'Tangled'.

85. Galil (M) (Arabic/Hebrew origin) means "wave of God". A unique best merman name for a small baby boy.

86. Jesper (M) (Danish/Persian origin) means "the keeper of the treasure". Jesper is a famous character from the movie named, 'Jesper Who Herded the Hares'.

87. Kano (M) (Japanese origin ) means "one's masculine power, capability". A cute merman name for a cute little boy.

88. Kawai (Unisex) (Hawaiian origin) means "coming from water". A merfolk name for a cute baby who loves playing in the sand near the beachside.

89. Magus (M) (Latin origin) means "sorcerer". A  merman name for a cute little baby boy.

90. Merv (M) (Irish origin) means "the person who loves the sea". A cute baby merman name for a cute baby boy who is fond of collecting stones from the beachside.

91. Morgan (M) (Welsh origin) means "sea defender". It is a well-known name that comes from a character in the mystical universe of Camelot and King Arthur.

92. Mufidy (M) (Scotland origin) means "man of the sea". A cute and attractive merman name for a little baby boy.

93. Neptune (M) (Latin American origin) means "God of water". An attractive name people will love to say.

94. Proteus (M) (Greek origin) means "God of sea". A magical and powerful merman name for a magical baby.

95. Phorcys (M) (Greek origin)  means "seal". A unique cute name for cute babies from Greece.

96. Tangaroa (Unisex) (Polynesian origin) means "God of the sea".  A name from New Zealand and perfect for a cute little boy.

97. Valdimar (M) (Icelandic origin) means "ruler of the ocean". A perfect and unique baby name for a baby boy who loves water and fish.

98. Zealand (M) (English origin) means "from the sea-land". A perfect name for a baby who loves fish and tail.

99. Zeus (M) (Greek origin) means "God". The name was likewise advocated in the enlivened arrangement Hercules. A name of a baby boy who loves enjoying on a cruise with a friend and is a social animal.

100.Zephyr (M) (Greek origin) means the gentle, mild, and magical "west wind". A perfect name for a cute baby boy with sparkling eyes.

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