25 'Minecraft' Trivia Questions (With Answers) To Blow You Away

Who is your favorite 'Minecraft' character?

'Minecraft' is one of the games that has dominated the industry for years.

Do you enjoy playing this game?  If yes then dive into these spectacular 'Minecraft' trivia questions for kids and see how many you can get right!

With a deep and complex background, 'Minecraft' is a sandbox game that seems simple but is not. This game was developed for computers and released in 2011. If you look for bestseller games, you will find out that 'Minecraft' is on the top list of bestseller games of all time. More than 200 million have been sold, and more than 100 million users are currently playing this fantastic game.

If you know all the 'Minecraft' trivia facts then this 'Minecraft' trivia quiz should be a breeze for you! Encouraged by the success of anime trivia and nerd trivia in the past, we decided to come up with this set of  difficult 'Minecraft' trivia questions and answers to test the memory of the fans across the globe. Read on to take up the trivia about 'Minecraft' and answer these 'Minecraft' quiz questions!

'Minecraft' Quiz Questions With Answers

How much do you know about 'Minecraft'?

Brush up your brain with this trivia quiz along with Diversity trivia answers 'Minecraft' fans will love! Let's see if you remember the characters, especially our favorite Steve, with this 'Minecraft' trivia quiz!

1. Question: How many versions of 'Minecraft' are there?

Answer: Two.

2. Question: Which equipment must you utilize to mine stone and ores in 'Minecraft'?

Answer: Pickaxe.

3. Question: How do you enter Diversity Three 'Minecraft'?

Answer: You have to complete the monument by collecting the colored wool.

4. Question: Name some main characters of 'Minecraft'.

Answer: Steve, Alex, Herobrine, Enderman, Wither, Zombie Pigman, Ender Dragon and Skeleton.

5. Question: When was 'Minecraft' released?

Answer: 18 November 2011.

6. Question: How many slabs of iron ore are used to make one iron ingot?

Answer: One.

7. Question: What are creepers petrified of?

Answer: Ocelots.

8. Question: What can you wear to avoid Enderman ambushing you?

Answer: A pumpkin.

9. Question: How is a Charged Creeper built?

Answer: When lightning strikes within four blocks of a Creeper.

10. Question: On which consoles can you play 'Minecraft'?

Answer: Computer, Xbox and Wii.

11. Question: Who is the Endermen's commander?

Answer: Ender Dragon.

12. Question: What can you do when you get an Enchanted Music Disc from Cosmic Sky?

Answer: Insert it in the jukebox to change the game's music.

13. Question: How tall is a Ghast (not including the tentacles)?

Answer: Four blocks.

More 'Minecraft' Quiz Game Questions

Play 'Minecraft' with your family and friends!

Did you know that you can play Enchanted Music Discs in 'Minecraft'? This trivia for 'Minecraft' fans will leave you awestruck about how fabulous the game really is! This 'Minecraft' quiz (easy and hard questions included) will check if you are a true 'Minecraft' story mode trivia quiz champion or not!

14. Question: What is the premise of 'Minecraft'?

Answer: Destroy, collect build and interact in the world of blocks.

15. Question: How many people like to play 'Minecraft' every month?

Answer: 55 million.

16. Question: What ore can you construct complex machines with?

Answer: Redstone.

17. Question: Who do you fight at the climax of the game?

Answer: Ender Dragon.

18. Question: What do zombies drop, if pigs drop pork chops and skeletons drop bones ?

Answer: Decaying flesh.

19. Question: The 'Minecraft' world is enormous, and is made out of trillions of blocks. If 'Minecraft' was real, how big would it be?

Answer: Larger than the planet Neptune.

20. Question: What vegetable can you wield to make a night vision mixture?

Answer: A golden carrot.

21. Question: Which real life animal was recorded to produce the sound effects of the Ghasts?

Answer: Cat.

22. Question: In which country is playing 'Minecraft' in school allowed?

Answer: Sweden.

23. Question: How many days did it take to create the first version of 'Minecraft'?

Answer: Six days.

24. Question: How many night creatures can you find in 'Minecraft'?

Answer: Five.

25. Question: In which version of the game were skeletons first introduced?

Answer: Alpha version.

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