40+ Mirialan Names With Meanings To Inspire You

Human 'Star Wars' names can give your characters the perfect blend of character and mystery.

Mirialans are a humanoid alien species in the Star Wars franchise. They normally have humanoid features with the exception of distinctly yellow green or pink colored skin. There are rare cases of purple skin too. They also have facial tattoos with geometric patterns.

The tattoos are mostly given after a Mirialan completes a special task. They can choose different tattoos meaning different things.

They are an incredibly flexible and agile species who are brilliant fighters. Did you know: because of how close they are to humans as a species, Mirialans, and humans can reproduce with each other.

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Mirialan Names For Girls

Mirialan society is a very spiritual society that is connected to their world. However, they are also fierce fighters who possessed immense agility. This was irrespective of gender. In fact, the Mirialan Jedi Master, Jor Aerith, was a female Jedi and sat on the Jedi High Council.

Below is a list of female names for Mirialan characters:

1. Beyoyo, This name symbolizes bravery.

2. Fama, a character that is loyal and will stay with you no matter what.

3. Flabhu, a perfect name for a character that fights to the end.

4. Flubaa, a variant of the name “Flabhu” with the same meaning.

5. Leduo , this character is one who has a great singing voice.

6. Logie, a variant of the name “Ieduo”.

7. Ishits, this character symbolizes nobility and pride.

8. Lutve, this name characterizes wisdom and foresight.

9. Jor, this is the name of a female Mirialan Jedi who sits on the Jedi Council.

10. Kozie, means “Pristine” or “Upright”.

11. Latyuo, means “Star warrior”.

12. Lazbo, is the name of the Mirialan tattoos that an individual can choose after completing a special task.

13. Lori, is a character name that symbolizes reflection and planning.

14. Nopzne, means “the first daughter”.

15. Okon, means “the patient one”.

16. Pomsu, means “green skin”, a skin color that is common among the Mirialan species.

18. Qogkia, means “desert temple”.

19. Ronei, is a name that symbolizes perseverance.

20. Sheypu, is the name of an old Mirialan leader.

21. Shiwgi, means “purple skin” which is rare skin color on the Mirialan planet.

Mirialan Names For Boys

Being a culture that is highly spiritual, Mirialans put a lot of significance into names and what they represent.

These are male names that can be associated with the 'Star Wars' race. Most are first names due to how the Mirialan naming structure works. Just like female Mirialans, male Mirialans are flexible and quick.

22. Achah means "old one" or "wise one".

23. Ayuwi: this is a character that is friendly or neighborly.

24. Beda means "star child" or "a child sent from the star powers".

25. Chefti: this is a character that is brave and battle-hungry. That is, the character most likely to march into wars.

26. Chegeni means "abundance" or "plentiful",

27. Churk This is a diminutive of the name "Churk"

28. Ejefku means "hybrid". This for a character that is a hybrid offspring. Being a near-human species, reproduction is possible.

29. Fege means "in a time of peace" or "an era without wars".

30. Ifinwo: this is another name for a character that is a hybrid.

31. Ipevei: this is one of the male 'Star Wars' names that denote courage and strength.

32. Ireg means "mighty in wars" or "brave fighter".

33. Jahzoi: this is for a character that lovers and/or is skilled in music.

34. Kot is the name of a former Force warrior.

35. Kuru: this is the male variant of the female name, "Lori".

36. Lazote is the name of a Mirialan tattoo that an individual can choose after completing a special task.

37. Luncib: this is a character who will always make you laugh.

38. Nozuk means "desert child". The Mirialan people live in a desert environment.

39. Pipv: this is a shorter make variant of "Pomsu" which means "green skin".

40. Qiqfai: the male variant of “Qogkia”, which means "desert temple".

41. Sevmue means "one sent from above". It is also a name given to hybrids.

42. Shazu is a character that represents loyalty to the force.

43. Teth: This is a spiritual name that represents purity, contentment, or inner peace.

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