60 Modern Scandinavian Girl Names With Meanings

Scandinavia has many names that are full of history.

Scandinavian style is simple and beautiful, no wonder the names are also a reflection of this elegant style.

If the natural beauty of Scandinavia inspires you then without a doubt these Scandinavian names will delight you. Scandi names for baby girls are good because they are not only unique and elegant but they have a powerful meaning as well.

We hope this article helps you in your search but if you want more inspiration why not try Norse boy names or Viking girls names.

Scandinavia, historically known as Scandia, part of Northern Europe, consists of two countries of the Scandinavian Peninsula, Sweden and Norway, with the additional inclusion of Denmark. Some of our favourite Scandinavian girl names are “Mia” meaning “mine” and “Kaia” meaning “sea”. Other popular names are “Dahlia” which is the name of a flower and “Mikaela” which is the female version of Michael. In this article, we will share some more stunning baby girl names from Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

Girl Names From Denmark

Parents are always looking for popular and trending names for their little ones. If the beautiful landscape of Denmark fascinates you, then the below list of girls names will surely beckon you into choosing one for your little one.

1. Aaliyah (Hebrew origin), the meaning of this girl's name is “rising”.

2. Abbie (English origin), this baby girl name means “joy”.

3. Agnes (Latin origin), this Scandinavian name means “holy”.

4. Alba (Scottish and Irish origin), this name means “white or pearl”.

5. Annegrete (Danish origin), the meaning of this popular name is “God is gracious, and He answers all our prayers”.

6. Aya ( Hebrew and Japanese origins), in Hebrew it means ”bird” and in Japanese this baby girl name means “colorful”.

7. Bina (Czech and Hebrew origin), this Scandinavian girl name means “bee”.

8. Caisa (Ancient Greek origin), this popular name means “clean or clear”.

9. Caroline (English origin), one of the popular baby names and it means ”joy”.

10. Clara (Latin origin), meaning "bright or clear”.

11. Ella (German origin), one of the beautiful Scandinavian girl names. It means “fairy maiden”.

12. Esther (Persian origin), one of the trending Scandinavian female names. It means “star”.

13. Freja (Swedish origin), this Swedisn name means “lady”.

14. Isabella (Hebrew, Italian and Spanish origin), this baby girl name means “pledged to God”.

15. Josefine (Hebrew origin), meaning “God will increase”.

16. Julie (Latin origin), means “young or youthful”.  A lovely name for a child.

17. Mathilde (Germanic origin), meaning “mighty in battle”.

18. Olivia (Latin origin), this name is derived from the “Olive tree”.

19. Sara (Hebrew origin), one of the cute Scandinavian girl names meaning “princess”.

20. Victoria (Latin origin), this baby girl name means “triumphant”.

Swedish Names For Girls

We have put together a list of names used most often in Sweden. This Swedish name list has names that are not only popular but beautiful as well. These names come from all over the world but they are especially popular in Sweden.

Choose a lovely name for your little girl.

21. Agneta (Roman origin), meaning “pure”. A cute name for a girl.

22. Alice (Greek origin), this baby girl name means “truth”. A very nice name.

23. Alma (Latin origin), a popular Scandinavian name meaning “soul and nurturing”.

24. Andrine (English origin), meaning “brave”, this is a beautiful English name.

25. Berget (Swedish origin), is the Swedish form of the name “Bridget” and means “strength”.

26. Clara (Roman origin), means “clear” and “bright”. A lovely name for a baby girl.

27. Edith (English origin), means “riches” or “blessed”. It is also the name of 10th century nun called St. Edith.

28. Ellie (Hebrew origin), means “God is my source of light”. It is another name for “Eleanor”.

29. Eva (Hebrew origin), means “life” in ancient Hebrew. A wonderful name for a baby girl.

30. Fillippa (Greek/Italian and Swedish origin), is the female form of the name “Philip” and means “lover of horses”.

31. Freja (Scandinavian origin), this Scandinavian baby name means “noblewoman” . This is a very popular name across Europe.

32. Gunilla (Swedish origin), meaning “battle maiden”. It is a wonderful name for a girl.

33. Helmi (Finnish origin), a cute name meaning “pearl” or “bead”.

34. Hilma (Scandinavian origin), this Scandinavian baby name means “protective helmet”. It is a very popular Scandinavian name in Germany.

35. Ines (Portugese origin), is a very cute name and it means “pure”.

36. Isabelle (French origin), means “pledged to God”. It is a wonderful name for religious parents.

37. Julia (Roman origin), derived from “Julius” and it means “youth”.

38. Lajla (Danish/Swedish origin), a hugely popular name, it means “dark-haired beauty”.

39. Laura (Latin origin), derived from “laurel plant”, it symbolizes victory.

40. Miah (Spanish/Russian origin), meaning “dear” or “great”, this is a very popular Scandinavian baby name.

Baby Names From Norway

Nordic names often draw inspiration from Norse mythology, but many of them come from around the world, but they all have meanings as beautiful as the breathtaking landscapes of Norway. Below is a list of Scandinavian baby names made popular in Norway.

The landscape of Norway is as beautiful as your baby.

41. Angetha (Scandinavian origin), this baby girl name means “holy”.

42. Andrea (Greek origin), this name means “brave”.

43. Anine (Spanish origin), meaning “grace”.

44. Anja (German and Russian origin), an adorable baby girl name meaning “merciful”.

45. Audhilda (Old Norse origin), it means “rich warrior women”.

46. Bertine (German origin), this name refers to “intelligent maiden”.

47. Bifrost (Old Norse origin), this name refers to “a rainbow bridge between the heaven and the Earth”.

48. Birgit (Viking origin), this Norse baby girl name means “strong one”.

49. Celine (French origin), this beautiful name means “heavenly”.

50. Felicia (Latin origin), this Scandinavian name means “happy things”.

51. Heidi (German origin), this name means “of noble birth”.

52. Ingrid (Old Norse origin), a popular baby girl name meaning “beautiful”.

53. Jorunn (Norwegian origin), it means “love of horses”.

54. Karina (French origin), this name means “clear or pure”.

55. Mathea (Hebrew origin), this baby girl name means “gift of God”.

56. Runa (Old Norse origin), meaning “secret tradition”.

57. Selma (Arabic origin), this name refers to “peaceful”.

58. Sophie (Ancient Greek origin), one of the baby names derived from the Ancient Greek name “Sophia” meaning “wisdom”.

59. Unni (Old Norse origin), the meaning of this name is diverse like “wave” or “to love”.

60. Viola (Latin origin), this Scandinavian baby girl name means “a flower” or “rhythm of music”.

We hope you liked our list of 60 modern Scandinavian baby names with meanings. Whether you're looking for a new baby or for a character Kidadl has lots of great baby names articles to inspire you. If you liked our suggestions for Scandinavian girl names then why not take a look at Viking surnames, or for something different take a look at dragon names from around the world.



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