80 Mom Names From Popular Fiction

Moms and their kids share a special bond.

It is popularly said that God could not be everywhere; and so, moms were created.

Moms are first love of the child. They are also child's best friend and are often named quite creatively and uniquely by their children.

Lovingly and fondly referred to as mother, mommy, mom, mummy, ma, madre, mama, and so on, there are hundreds of different ways to say 'mother'. Get ready to find out some of the most popular names for mommies from the worlds of film, TV, art, science and sports. This list includes moms who have been acknowledged the world over; from real-life moms, spanning across to imaginary and fictitious mommy names, as well as a few crazy mom nicknames.

For more names from popular culture names, take a look at these literary names and these baby names inspired by songs.

Popular TV Mom Names

We have watched, laughed and shed tears with them, these fictitious mom characters have been our inspirations. Here are some awesome names of our favorite moms form popular culture.

1. Alice - From the movie 'Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore'.

2. Alice Eklund-Ward - The dominating mum in 'The Fighter',

3. Ann Lake - She finds her missing daughter In the movie 'Bunny Lake Is Missing.'

4. Black Mamba - The other name for Beatrix Kiddo, from the series 'Kill Bill'.

5. Clair Huxtable - A disciplinarian in the 'Cosby Show.'

6. Erica Sayers - Is the name of Nina's mom in 'The Black Swan.'

7. Fran Fine - Step-mom to three kids in 'The Nanny', she proves to be a hands-on mom.

8. Frances McDormand - The police officer working till the last day of her pregnancy in 'Fargo.'

9. Florence Tullis - Mom to Rocky Dennis in the movie 'Mask'.

10. Isabel Kelly - The stepmom in the movie 'Stepmom'.

11. JC Wiatt - Becomes the perfect mommy to her late cousin's baby in 'Baby Boom.'

12. Jill Archer - A woman with fortitude facing trying times in the movie 'The Archers.'

13. Joyce Beyers - The single mother from 'The Stranger Things',  she is a woman of substance.

14. Kitty Forman - A loving mother who is a favorite of all children in the neighborhood.

15. Lorelai Gilmore - From 'Gilmore Girls'.

16. Lois Griffin - A stay at home mom in 'Family Guy'.

17. Gertrude - The name of Hamlet's mother.

18. Marge Simpson - From the animated sitcom, 'The Simpsons.'

19. Martha Wilson - From 'Dennis the Menace'.

20. Marion Cunningham - The mother in 'Happy Days' who tries her hand at music.

21. Marmee March - From 'Little Women',  the perfect mommy.

22. Molly Weasley - An overprotective, fierce, and loving mum from the 'Harry Potter' series.

23. Mrs. Jumbo - From the animated feature film 'Dumbo'.

24. Mrs. George - The cool Mmm from the movie 'Mean Girls'.

25. Mrs. Bennet - The mother with a bad temper in Jane Austen's 'Pride And Prejudice.'

26. Manuela - From the movie 'All About My Mother.'

27. Mrs. Frisby - The mighty rat mother in 'The Secret of NIMH'.

28. Norma Bates - The mother in the movie 'Psycho.'

29. Peggy Bundy - The good at heart mom in 'Married With Children.'

30. Rayna James - A musician mommy who will give everything to stay on the top of the charts in 'Nashville'.

31. Rosemary Woodhouse - The movie shows the trials and tribulations of a would-be mom in 'Rosemary's Baby.'

32. Sarah Connor - A protagonist mom from the 'Terminator' movie series.

33. Sophie Zawistowski - A true story of a wartime mom in 'Sophie's Choice.'

34. Stella Dallas - From the movie by the same name.

35. Yeong-ae Lee - From the movie 'Sympathy For Lady Vengeance'.

Popular Dance Mom Names

'Dance Moms' is a reality dance show following the moms of children who are training to become dancers together.  Here's a list of the top moms in the show.

Dance moms are big characters with a large fanbase

36.Abby Lee Miller - Whilst not strictly a dance mom, Abby is the coach of the dancers in the show.

37.Cathy Nesbitt-Stein - She featured in season one and two.

38.Holly Frazier - Appeared on the show with her daughter.

39.Jill Vertes - Became a known face after dancing with her daughter.

40.Leslie Ackerman - Mother of Payton Ackerman.

41.Kelly Hyland - Mom of Brooke and Paige Hyland.

42.Melissa Gisoni - Mother of  Maddie Ziegler.

Famous Celebrity Moms

Not to be left out, here is a list of the top celebrity mothers.

43.Amy Rodriguez - Plays as forward for the US women's soccer team, and mom to little Ryan. She is the definition of a soccer mom.

44.Angela Bassett - An actress who has starred in 'Black Panther'.

45.Blake Lively - This actress has two children with her husband Ryan Reynolds.

46.Beyonce - The epitome of a cool mom.

47.Christie Rampone - She participated in the professional soccer league.

48.Dara Torres - Made a record of being the oldest woman to win a medal in the Olympics.

49.Eva Longoria - The actress is a proud mommy.

50.Joy Fawcett - A retired American soccer player who is also a mom.

51.Jenny Potter - An ice hockey player who played the game when she was five months pregnant.

52.Jennifer Lopez - A proud mum to twins, as well as a singer and actress, she needs no introduction.

53.Kim Clijsters - A Belgian tennis player and mother.

54.Lindsay Davenport - Another inspirational mother, Lindsay is a professional tennis player.

55.Gayle King - Journalist, author, and American TV star.

56.Gwyneth Paltrow - She has two children with Chris Martin.

57.Mary Kom - An Indian wrestler who won titles at the Olympics after the birth of her sons.

58.Michelle Obama - Former US First Lady, she has two children.

59.Jada Pinkett Smith - She says motherhood is her most important role.

60.Kate Hudson - An actress with three kids.

61.Kelly Clarkson - A singer who juggles her career with motherhood.

62.Mariah Carey - This singer is another busy mom.

63.Paula Radcliffe - This British long distance runner is an inspiration for many.

64.P!nk - The singer is a hero for her kids and many of her fans.

65.Sheryl Swoopes - The professional basketball player who came back to WNBA after the birth of her son.

66.Serena Williams - Won the Australian Open whilst pregnant with her daughter.

Contact Names For Your Mom

Don't we all love to find innovative names for our mums? If you are looking for a great other name for mom to use in your phone contacts, we have some of the best name suggestions here.

67.Alarm Clock - For the mum who is always after her kids to wake up on time.

68.ATM - This name is playful take on the idea of the 'bank of mom and dad'.

69.Barbara - A cute nicknames reminiscent of the lady next door who is kind and loving with all kids.

70.CCTV - A funny name for a mom who is always watching.

71.CEO - She has all the control.

72.Drama Queen - For the mum who loves to create a bit of drama and excitement.

73. Head Chef - For the mum who makes all the delicious meals you enjoy at home.

74.Google - For the woman who has answers to all your questions.

75.Loudspeaker - For the mom who can never keep her voice low.

76.Mai - A loving term for 'Ma' in India.

77.Numero Uno - Because your mom is your number one.

78.Queen - Your Mum is not only the boss, she is a Queen too! We all think our own mom is the best mom in the world, so what could be more fitting?

79.Sunny - For she fills you with bright energy and happiness.

80.Your Highness - She is the ruler of the home.

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