45 Montana Place Names To Inspire Your World Building

Montana State is absolutely gorgeous and a perfect place to set an adventure story.

Montana is among the most visited of American states with its diverse terrain and beautiful geographic features.

Montana is a state located in the Northwestern United States that shares its border with the Canadian provinces Alberta, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan.

Montana got its nickname, the Treasure State, due to the presence of many gold and silver mines. Montana also boasts a treasure trove of wildlife and scenic spots that only a few other places can match. Some Montana place names have a rich and wonderful history attached to them.

In fact, Montana's history is so rich they even have the Montana Historical Society Press, covering their rich history to geographical features, which is another stunning resource for your story.

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Towns In Montana

Montana has many small towns, though many of them are sparsely populated they have rich histories. The Montana Historical Society Press has more information regarding all the towns but here is a list of the most interesting Montana town names.

1. Alzada is a historic city that is now called Stoneville, or Telegraph point. Alzada has a rich history. The city got its name after an early settler, Laura Alzada Shelden.

2. Anaconda is known for its gorgeous Washoe Theater.

3. Bannack is an old ghost-town for history buffs.

4. Bigfork is a small town and known for its love of arts.

5. Big Sky is a ski destination covered with snow throughout the year.

6. Bozeman is one of the largest towns in the state, which is also the cultural and recreational hub home.

7. Butte is a small town that is famous for the Victorian and Queen Anne style houses.

8. Fort Benton is a historical place and a gold mine for history researchers.

9. Virginia city is a quaint historic town, and the place is home to vintage houses.

Cities In Montana

Cities in Montana are only slightly bigger than the towns. Some cities have a rich history, and more information regarding the same can be collected from the Montana Historical Society Press.

Montana is home to some of the most beautiful places in America.

10. Billings is the biggest city in Montana and a hikers paradise.

11. Great Falls is a city with spectacular vistas.

12. Hamilton is the fastest-growing city in Montana.

13. Helena is the capital city of the state of Montana.

14. Livingston is a picturesque city on the banks of the Yellowstone River.

15. Miles City is an oldest city in Montana.

16. Missoula is also called the 'garden city'.

17. Polson is located on the shores of Flathead Lake; the city has gorgeous lakes, pine forests.

18. West Yellowstone is located next to the Yellowstone National Park. The city attracts tourists from China, Europe, and all over the world.

Rivers In Montana

Many beautiful rivers flow through the state of Montana. More information regarding these can be found in the Montana Historical Society but here is a list of the most beautiful ones.

19.Bitterroot flows beautifully between the Bitterroot Mountains and the Sapphire Mountains.

20.Blackfoot made famous by the novel turned movie "A River Runs Through It".

21.Clark Fork it is the largest river in Montana place and is 310 miles long.

22.Judith was initially called Buluhpa'ashe, however, in 1805 William Clark renamed it in honor of his wife, Julia.

23.Missouri is the longest river in America flowing 2341 miles before it joins the Mississippi River.

Lakes In Montana

Montana is home to many beautiful lakes. Names for the most popular lakes are below.

24.Avalanche is a preferred place for hiking and trekking with a breathtaking waterfall on along the trail.

25.Canyon Ferry is the third largest lake popular for iceboating and holds events for the same in winters.

26.Flathead is the biggest freshwater lake apt for swimming, sailing, canoeing.

27.Hebgen is a Man-made lake is the best site for fishing.

28.Iceberg gets sparse sunlight leading to ice and snow build-up on water.

29.Lake MacDonald is one of the largest and most serene lakes.

30.Quake is a historic, named after an earthquake.

31.Saint Mary is the second largest lake.

32.Swan is excellent for camping with comfortable lakeside cabins.

Mountains In Montana

Due to incredible geographic features, Montana has many mountains, some small with an easy climb while some are tall and difficult to climb. We list down the names of the popular mountains below:

33.Granite Peak is the tallest peak in Montana and is considered the most difficult climb for climbers.

34.Divide Mountain is popular among beginner climbers and is considered an 'easy mountain'.

35.Mount Grinnell is one of the most beautiful mountains with several trails for trekking and hiking.

36.Rising Wolf Mountain is very popular as this place has a difficult and long climb, but the view is breathtaking.

37.Sinopah Mountain is called the jewel of mountains with an emerald green lake.

National Parks In Montana

Montana has several National Parks that are home to many wildlife species. Montana Historical Society has more information regarding the history of the same.

These incredible national parks are some of the most iconic places in all of America.

38.Glacier National Park is a natural wonderland also called 'Crown of the Continent Ecosystem'.

39.Lewis And Clark Caverns State Park features stunning limestone topography through caves and caverns.

40.West Yellowstone is an iconic site and holds a prominent place in Montana place names.

41.Polebridge Park is a beautiful park for hiking and salons.

42.Little Bighorn is a beautiful place to visit with family.

43.National Bison Range has historical forts and a beautiful valley.

44.Gallatin is known for camp sites and trails.

45.Siyeh Bend is famous for lakes, parks, and hiking.

We hope you found what you're looking for in our list of Montana place names but if you need some more inspiration why not look at city names for boys or for something different why not look at names that mean wanderer.



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