64 Moose Names From Fiction, As Well As Ideas For More

Moose are unique creatures.

Moose are animals from the subfamily of New World deer.

They are actually the heaviest and also the biggest species belonging to the deer family. Most full grown male moose have unmistakable wide, palmate prongs, whereas other animals from the deer family have horns with a dendritic design.

Moose commonly occupy boreal timberlands and blended backwoods and broadleaf in the Northern Hemisphere. They stay in subarctic and mild climates and their diet consists of both land and sea based vegetation.

Hunting and other human exercises have caused a decrease in the size of the moose population over the years. Moose are now being reintroduced to some of their previous territories in a bid to combat this, but today most moose are found in Canada, Alaska, New England, Fennoscandia, the Baltic states and Russia.

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Famous Moose Names From Fiction

The moose is the largest member of the deer family.

If you are looking for famous moose names from fiction, this list is perfect for you.

1. Rutt, Rutt and Tuke are two friendly moose who consistently argue among themselves in the Disney animation 'Brother Bear'. They have a close relationship and love each other lots even if they don't always show it. These 'Brother Bear' moose names sure are cute!

2. Anda and Kata, Anda and Kata are two female moose (female moose are also called cows) in Disney's 2006 film 'Brother Bear 2'.

3. Bullwinkle, is an anecdotal character in the 1959–64 TV show 'The Adventures Of Rocky And Bullwinkle And His Friends' created by Jay Ward and Bill Scott.

4. Peter Moosebridge, Peter Moosebridge is a male moose character in 'Zootopia'.

5. Scoutmaster Lumpus, is a grumpy, stubborn moose with a major sense of self from 'Rocko's Modern Life'.

6. Elliot, a happy homemaker moose character.

7. Honk, is a moose from a children's book by Phil Stong.

8. Mr. Moose, was a character on the kids' TV show 'Captain Kangaroo'.

9. Montgomery, is the head of the Get Along Gang. He shows up in 'The Get Along Gang' TV show.

10. Tyrone, is an important moose character in 'The Backyardigans'.

11. Morris, 'Morris The Moose' is the title character of a children's book by Bernard Wiseman.

12. Lumpy, is a light blue anthropomorphic moose from 'Happy Tree Friends'.

Funny Moose Names

Male moose have antlers.

Male moose are called bulls. Moose ordinarily aren't aggressive towards humans, but they can be dangerous if disturbed. The average moose is around seven feet tall! Here is a list of funny moose names to choose from when naming your adopted (or toy!) moose.

13. George (Greek origin) means "farmer". The best pet name for a wild moose.

14. Marty (English origin) means "servant Of Mars ". One of the cool moose names.

15. Jacob (Latin origin) means "to follow". One of the best moose names for a moose who is a natural leader.

16. Joe (English origin) means "God will increase".

17. Marly (English origin) means "pleasant wood". One of the good moose names for cute moose.

18. Zeus (Latin origin) means "sky" or "shine".

19. Justine (Latin origin)  means " fair or just". This is one of the funny stuffed animal names for a cute moose.

20. Ronald (English origin) means "advice".

21. Steve (Greek origin) means "crown".

22. Jessica (Hebrew origin) means "God beholds".

23. Aron (Hebrew Origin) means "mountaineer".

24. Martin (Latin origin) means "son of Mars".

Cute Moose Names

Male moose are heavier than females. According to the National Museum of Natural History, male moose can weigh on average between 794 to 1,323 pounds (360 to 600 kilograms), while females weigh between 595 to 882 pounds (270 to 400 kg). If you are looking for cute moose names this is a good place to start!

25. Don (Latin origin) this name means "lord, master, owner".

26. Marley (English origin) this name means "pleasant seaside meadow".

27. Samuel (Hebrew origin) this name means "name of God".

28. Oscar (Irish origin) this name means "God spear".

29. Ignatius (Latin origin) means "Fiery one". This is one of the best cute stuffed animal names, perfecting for describing the famous moose characters we know and love.

30. Connor (Irish origin) this name means "lover of wolves".

31. Ashlyn (Irish origin) meaning "dream".

32. Eric (Norse origin) this name means "sole ruler".

33. Jack (English origin) this name means "God is gracious". It is one of the best cartoon moose names for a clever moose.

34. Bruce (Norman origin) this name means "the willowlands".

35. Tom (Greek origin) this name means "alike looking man".

36. Miles (Latin origin) this name means "boastful soldier".

Names For A Baby Moose

A female moose is called a cow and a baby female moose is called an elk Here is a list of the best names for a baby moose.

37. Cole (English origin) means "charcoal".

38. Milo (German origin) means "soldier or merciful".

39. Isaac (Hebrew origin) means "laughing".

40. Nick (Greek origin) means "victory of the people".

41. Zack (Hebrew origin)  means "laughter".

42. Marco (Italian origin ) means "warlike".

43. Montana (Spanish origin) means "mountain". One of the clever moose names for your unique moose.

44. Tina (Latin origin) means "river".

45. Otis (English origin) means "wealth, son of Otto".

46. Chad (English origin) means "battle or warring".

47. Phoebe (Greek origin) means "bright". One of the good names for stuffed animals.

48. Gordon (Irish origin) means "spacious".

Names For A Bull Moose

This is a list of bull moose names has been made just for you.

49. Peter (Greek origin) means "stone". One of the best grey moose names for a moose living in a dry place.

50. Marvin (Welsh origin)  means "great lord".

51. Theodore (Greek origin) means"God given".

52. Fredrick (German origin)  means"peaceful ruler".

53. Millie (English origin) means  "industrious".

54. Kevin (Irish origin) means "of noble birth".

55. Alfred (English origin) means "elf counsel".

56. Omar (Hebrew origin)  means "eloquent".

57. Moseby (English origin) means "gift of God".

58. Buford (English origin) means "ford near the aviary".

59. Melvin (English origin)  means "council protector".

60. Malcolm (Scottish origin) means "disciple of Saint Columba".

61. Elmer (British origin) means "noble, famous".

62. Erik (Norse origin) means "ever" or "always".

63. Alan (German origin) means "precious".

64. Elliot (Hebrew origin) means "noble gate".

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