50 Most Overused Lockdown Phrases

A mother laughing after her daughter has said the same thing for the second day in a row.

Can you believe some of the things you've been saying to your kids during the lockdown?

Are you getting tired of your own voice? You are not alone!

We asked Kidadl parents up and down the UK what their most overused phrases were. Some of them were worried that they were coming out with the same sayings as their own parents - you know, the ones they were never going to be like!

Read on to make yourself feel better and know that you are not alone.

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Being bored

Go and do something, walk the dog, anything.

Please go out in the garden, have you become a vampire?

Go and get some fresh air.

Well, UN-bored yourselves.

You're only bored if you're a boring person.

But we've done baking, made a rainbow, gone in the pool, been for a walk and played seven board games - and it's only 10 am. How can you be bored?

Overused phrases by parents


Breakfast! Lunch! Dinner! Repeat.

Move away from the fridge!

No, you can't have chocolate for breakfast!

Okay, well maybe you can have chocolate just for today.

No, you can't have ice cream for breakfast.

Yes, I know you had chocolate for breakfast yesterday, but that was a treat.

Do you eat this much when you're at school?

You're not hungry, you're thirsty, have a drink.

What do you mean when's lunch? It's 10 am and you had breakfast at 9 am.

You've eaten all of today's snacks.

You've eaten all of this week's snacks.

You're eating me out of house and home.

If you eat that today, there won't be any until next week's shopping comes.

No, you can't have any more pasta!

Don't eat all the bread!

Don't eat all the eggs!

Who ate tonight's dinner?!

Things you swore you would never say

Because I said so, that's why.

When I was your age I'd have been grateful for all these toys/gadgets/activities.

When I was your age, telly was only on for two hours after school.

Working from home

Unless you are dead, bleeding or the house is on fire, do not interrupt me while I'm on a video call.

(Mum! Mum, it's urgent! Where are the snacks?)

No, you can't watch YouTube on my laptop I am using it for work

Can I have my laptop back now?

Who deleted the report I've been working on all week?

(On a Zoom call) Sorry about the screaming.

Sorry about the crying.

Sorry about the small child on my lap.

Do you mind? A small child wants to show you their teddy/dummy/drawing/potty.

Overused phrases by parents


Well that's how we did it when I went to school

I don't care whether everyone else is doing no schoolwork, you are.

Is this how you behave at school?

Would you talk to your teacher like that?

No, playing Fortnite does not count as IT.

Do you know what time your Zoom lesson is?

Do some schoolwork first...

Would you tell your teacher that this is a waste of time doing?

Just do the school work, I don't care if it's boring, pointless and a waste of time!

You can go on the computer/Xbox/Playstation/phone/TV once all of your work is done.


Are you getting dressed today?

It's 4 o'clock ....can you get dressed now!

Wash your hands.



Have you washed your hands?

Are you getting up today?

It's midday - get up!

(2 o clock in the afternoon, knocking on the bedroom door) Oh, you are still alive then, just checking!

Don't forget to wash your hands.

No, a onesie does not count as getting dressed.

Does the whole street need to hear me nagging you?

Put some pants on!

Your hair needs cutting.

My name is no longer, I'm mum, mummy, or muuuuuummmmmm!

Make sure you are social distancing and stay away from me!

For the love of god leave each other alone!

It’s a life skill, you need to learn it!

No, you can't go to school.

Have you washed your hands?

Only one sheet of toilet paper - I don't know when we'll get more!

I bet you're looking forward to going back to school.

(Mutters) I'm looking forward to you going back to school.

Your teacher deserves a medal.

Your teacher deserves a pay rise.


Have you done your exercise?

I don't care if you like it or not, mummy likes to watch Joe Wicks.

No, jumping out of bed does not count as your daily exercise.

Come on, 320 more runs up and down the stairs and you'll have climbed Ben Nevis.

Just another 5200 laps of the garden and you'll have run a marathon.

What do you mean you can't? Captain Tom is 100 and he managed it.

Overused phrases by parents


Get off the Xbox!

I'm turning off the Wi-Fi!

No, not after this game; now!

Get outside and get some fresh air

Who is that you're on Fortnite with?

No, you've had your screen time for the day

No, not after this game; now!

Out of the house

Yes, we are going on another walk.

Don't touch that!

Don't touch your nose!

Don't touch your face!

Don't touch your mouth!

Be careful, I can't take you to A&E.

Don't run - I can't take you to A&E.

If you hurt yourself you're on your own - I can't take you to A&E

No, you can't go on the swings.

Or the roundabout.

Or the slide.

No, coronavirus hasn't disappeared, so we can't go to Alton Towers.

Stay away from those people.

Stay away from your friend.

We'll just cross the road.

Ooh, look, another rainbow.

And finally, every day - I Love You.



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