205 Most Popular Pitbull Names

A pitbull is a very loyal dog.

Many pet owners in recent years have adopted more and more Pitbulls.

Pitbull is the term used in America to denote a particular type of dogs, who have descended from American Terriers and bulldogs. In countries excluding America, the term pitbull is used as a short name for the American Pit Bull Terrier breed.

Now, there are different distinctions amongst Pitbulls as well. They usually consist of four breeds: American Bully, American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, and Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Further divisions are made within these four breeds based on the nose color. The blue nose Pitbulls have a dark nose while the red nose Pitbulls have a pinkish nose. Yet, leaving aside all these classifications, Pitbulls are fiercely loyal and loving animals with a wacky sense of humor, and they make for great pets. So, without any more delay, let's go through this list of names for Pitbulls.

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Awesome Male Pitbull Names

Take a look at the list of awesome masculine pitbull names:

1. Alfie (English origin) meaning "wise". Alfie Allen is the name of a famed actor.

2. Alpha (Hebrew origin) meaning "leader". This can be one of the tough Pitbull names.

3. Andy (Greek origin) meaning "brave".

4. Archer (Old French origin) meaning "archer".

5. Axel (Scandinavian origin) meaning "my peace is my father". This can be an excellent name for a Pitbull puppy.

6. Balto (Babylonian origin) meaning "God protect the king"; an old name like this can be the perfect fit for your male Pitbull.

7. Basil (Greek origin) meaning "royal and valiant".

8. Benji (Hebrew origin) meaning "my right hand's son". For a name for your new dog. Benji is a great choice.

9. Bran (Welsh origin) meaning "raven". This can be a great name to give to white and black Pitbulls.

10. Bruce (Norman origin) meaning "willowlands". Associated with the alter ego of superhero Batman, this is one of the tough pitbull names.

11. Cannon (Italian origin) can be the perfect name for your loose cannon Pitbull pup.

12. Carter (English origin) meaning "transporter". Carter Coughlin is an American football player.

13. Casper (Persian origin) meaning "treasurer".

14. Colt (American origin) meaning "young horse". A fun and cute pitbull name.

15. Damian (Greek origin) meaning "to tame". This can be an appropriate name for a Pitbull of the red nose variant.

16. Davide (Hebrew origin) meaning "beloved". This is the perfect name for your beloved dog.

17. Duke (Latin origin) meaning "leader".

18. Eddie (English origin) meaning "wealthy guardian".

19. Elliot (English origin) meaning "Lord is my God". For Pitbull names for dogs, this is a suitable option.

20. Emri (American origin) meaning "peace".

21. Enzo (Italian origin) meaning "home-ruler".

22. Ezra (Hebrew origin) meaning "helper". A wonderful choice for the pet owners in search of boy Pitbull dog names.

23. Fabio (Latin origin) meaning "noble".

24. Flynt (Old English origin) meaning "stream".

25. Freddie (English origin) meaning "ruler of peace".

26. Homer (Greek origin) meaning "pledge".

27. Hulk (Fictional origin) refers to the comic-book superhero. This can be one of the fun names to give to Pit Bulls.

28. Hummer (Germanic origin) meaning "famous heart".

29. Hunter (English origin) is one of the tough Pitbull names for males.

30. Irvin (Scottish origin) meaning "handsome".

31. Jarvis (Germanic origin) meaning "spear".

32. Kane (Irish origin) meaning "little warrior". This is one of the awesome Pitbull names.

33. Karl (Germanic origin) meaning "strong man".

34. Kruger (Germanic origin) meaning "shelter or tavern".

35. Leo (Latin origin) meaning "lion". A strong name to give to a Pitbull puppy of the blue nose variant.

36. Manny (American origin) meaning "God is with us".

37. Marcus (Roman origin) refers to the Roman God of war, Mars.

38. Milo (English origin) meaning "soldier".

39. Neo (Latin origin) meaning "new". An uncommon name for your new dog.

40. Noah (Hebrew origin) meaning "rest".

41. Odin (Scandinavian origin) meaning "rage". A fierce name to give to your blue nose Pitbull dog.

42. Pablo (Latin origin) meaning "humble".

43. Robin (Germanic origin) meaning "bright with fame".

44. Roger (French origin) meaning "renowned spear".

45. Roy (Norman origin) meaning "king".

46. Sammy (Hebrew origin) meaning "to listen".

47. Sarge (American origin) meaning "sergeant".

48. Simba (African origin) meaning "lion".

49. Turbo (Latin origin) meaning "spinning top". This could be a fun name for your energetic red nose Pitbull dog.

50. Thor (Germanic origin) meaning "thunder".

51. Viktor (Latin origin) meaning "winner". For Pitbull names, this is a great choice.

Top Ten Female Pitbull Names

Pitbulls are known for their fierceness and courage.

Here are the ten popular female names for Pitbulls:

52. Bella (Italian origin) meaning "beautiful".

53. Daisy (Old English origin), meaning "day's eye", refers to the flower. This is one of the most prevalent female Pitbull names.

54. Lola (Spanish origin) meaning "sorrows".

55. Lucy (French origin) meaning "light".

56. Luna (Latin origin) meaning "the moon". For a female Pitbull, this a name that everyone will like.

57. Nala (Arabic origin) meaning "the first drink of water".

58. Roxie (American origin) meaning "dawn".

59. Ruby (Ruby origin) meaning "red". A beautiful name for a female red nose Pitbull.

60. Stella (Latin origin) meaning "star".

61. Zoey (Greek origin) meaning "life".

Best Female Pitbull Names

Scroll down to see the best female names for Pitbulls:

62. Abigail (Hebrew origin) meaning "father's joy".

63. Alicia (Germanic origin) meaning "noble natured".

64. Anna (Hebrew origin) meaning "grace". One of the elegant and cute Pitbull names for the female dog.

65. Ashley (English origin) meaning "an ash tree meadow".

66. Athena (Greek origin) refers to the Greek Goddess of wisdom and hunting.

67. Betsy (Hebrew origin) meaning "abundant God".

68. Beverley (English origin) meaning "beaver stream".

69. Brienne (English origin) meaning "noble". This is one of the rarer Pitbull names for a girl to choose from.

70. Candy (Middle English origin) refers to a sweet.

71. Cassie (Greek origin) meaning "purity".

72. Clara (Latin origin) meaning "bright and famous".

73. Crystal (Latin origin) meaning "brilliant glass".

74. Delia (Greek origin) meaning "born on Delos island".

75. Diana (Roman origin) meaning "divine". For Pitbull names for a female blue nose dog, this is a wonderful option.

76. Dina (Greek origin) meaning "from the valley".

77. Darla (English origin) meaning "loved one".

78. Edith (Old English origin) meaning "rich war".

79. Elise (Hebrew origin) meaning "God has sworn".

80. Eva (Latin origin) meaning "life". This can be an excellent choice for Pitbull girl names.

81. Farah (Arabic origin) meaning "joy".

82. Faye (Middle English origin) meaning "fairy".

83. Fiona (Gaelic origin) meaning "fair".

84. Florence (French origin) meaning "blossoming in belief".

85. Freya (Germanic origin) meaning "lady". Pitbull female names like these are suitable for a red nose dog.

86. Gabbie (Hebrew origin) meaning "person of God".

87. Gal (Hebrew origin) meaning "wave".

88. Giselle (Germanic origin) meaning "pledge".

89. Grace (Hebrew origin) meaning "favor".

90. Greta (Hebrew origin) meaning "little pearl". This can be a homage to Greta Thurnberg, the young environmentalist.

91. Holly (Semitic origin) meaning "sacred".

92. Irina (Greek origin) meaning "peace".

93. Katie (English origin) meaning "pure".

94. Kiki (American origin) meaning "friendly conversation".

95. Layla (Arabic origin) meaning "night".

96. Maeve (Irish origin) meaning "intoxicating".

97. Maya (Sanskrit origin) meaning "illusion". This is one of the unique Pitbull names for females.

98. Mia (Italian origin) meaning "my own"

99. Nora (Arabic origin) meaning "fire".

100. Olivia (Latin origin) refers to an olive tree.

101. Paige (Latin origin) meaning "assistant".

102. Phoebe (Greek origin) meaning "bright". Phoebe Buffay was a character on the TV show 'Friends'.

103. Rachel (Hebrew origin) meaning "one with purity".

104. Riva (Riva origin) meaning "maiden". This is a really beautiful choice for girl Pitbull names.

105. Sadie (English origin) meaning "princess".

106. Sally (English origin) meaning "noblewoman".

107. Tessa (Greek origin) meaning "the huntress". Names like these can be an awesome option for you.

108. Trixie (Latin origin) meaning "the bringer of happiness".

109. Uma (Sanskrit origin) meaning "tranquillity".

110. Victoria (Latin origin) meaning "victory".

111. Wanda (Polish origin) meaning "wanderer". Wanda Maximoff is the name of the superhero 'Scarlet Witch'.

112. Zara (Arabic origin) meaning "flower".

Unisex Dog Names For Pitbulls

For unisex names of Pitbulls, you have come to the right place:

113. Adrian (Latin origin) meaning "from Adria". Actor Adrian Grenier is an avid dog lover and even has a Pitbull.

114. Alex (Greek origin) meaning "defender". This name can be used by both a female and a male Pitbull dog.

115. Aspen (English origin) refers to a poplar tree.

116. Bailey (Old English origin) meaning "attendant".

117. Billy (Germanic origin) meaning "resolute protector".

118. Blake (English origin) meaning "dark-haired".

119. Blaze (English origin) meaning "flame".

120. Blue (Germanic origin) refers to the color. An extremely suitable moniker for your blue nose Pitbull.

121. Bodhi (Sanskrit origin) meaning "enlightenment".

122. Brook (English origin) meaning "stream".

123. Cameron (Gaelic origin) meaning "crooked river".

124. Charlie (English origin) meaning "free person". This is a very common choice amongst Pitbull names.

125. Comet (French origin) meaning "long-haired".

126. Dana (Sanskrit origin) meaning "generosity".

127. Danny (Hebrew origin) meaning "God is my judge".

128. Daria (Persian origin) meaning "a wealthy one".

129. Dylan (Welsh origin) meaning "son of the sea".

130. Eden (Biblical origin) meaning "delight".

131. Faith (Latin origin) meaning "belief".

132. Gayle (Hebrew origin) meaning "happy God".

133. Ginger (English origin) meaning "the reddish-orange color".

134. Grey (Middle English origin) refers to the color. This is another short and sweet name for your Pitbull dog.

135. Harley (English origin) meaning "hare's meadow".

136. Harper (Germanic origin) meaning "one who plays the harp".

137. Hayden (Old English origin) meaning "hedged valley".

138. Indiana (American origin) meaning "land of the Indians".

139. Jordan (Hebrew origin) meaning "one who descends".

140. Kai (Hawaiian origin) meaning "sea". Names like these for Pitbulls are unique selections.

141. Layne (English origin) meaning "path".

142. Logan (Gaelic origin) meaning "hollow".

143. Maddison (Germanic origin) meaning "strength in battle".

144. Max (Latin origin) meaning "the greatest".

145. Micah (Hebrew origin) meaning "no one like God".

146. Misha (Russian origin) meaning "nothing like God".

147. Murphy (Irish origin) meaning "sea warrior".

148. Orange (French origin) refers to the fruit and the color.

149. Oscar (Irish origin) meaning "dear friend". One of the more fun names to give to a Pit Bull.

150. Payton (English origin) meaning "fighting person's estate".

151. Phoenix (Greek origin) refers to the mythical bird from Greek mythology.

152. Piper (Old Norse origin) meaning "flute player".

153. Quinn (Irish origin) meaning "descendant of Conn".

154. Raven (English origin) meaning "dark-haired person".

155. Reese (Welsh origin) meaning "enthusiasm"; one of the more energetic names for Pitbulls.

156. Riley (Irish origin) meaning "valiant".

157. Sasha (Slavic origin) meaning "helper of mankind".

158. Skylar (American origin) meaning "scholar".

159. Slate (English origin) can be one of the unique Pitbull names.

160. Tyler (English origin) meaning "maker of the house".

161. Zen (Chinese origin) meaning "meditation".

162. Zuri (Swahili origin) meaning "beautiful". For cute Pitbull names, this is a great option.

Top Ten Male Pitbull Names

Here are the popular male names for Pitbulls:

163. Apollo (Greek origin) meaning "destroyer".

164. Bandit (Italian origin) meaning "banished man".

165. Diesel (German origin) is a great choice for dog names.

166. Harrison (English origin) meaning "son of Harry".

167. Rambo (Swedish origin) meaning "raven's nest".

168. Rocky (Germanic origin) meaning "rest". One of the more prevalent Pitbull names for a boy to select for his Pitbull.

169. Ryan (Irish origin) meaning "little king".

170. Scotty (English origin) refers to a Scotsman.

171. Zack (Hebrew origin) meaning "laughter".

172. Zeus (Greek origin) meaning "God".

Famous Pitbull Dog Names From Pop Culture

Pitbulls are very suitable as assistance dogs and as pets.

Many famous personalities have Pitbulls. We take a look at them plus also some other dogs that are famous in pop culture:

173. Backup (M/F) was the name of the loyal Pit Bull belonging to the titular character in the TV series 'Veronica Mars'.

174. Bow (M/F) was the real name of the dog in the Guy Ritchie crime comedy film 'Snatch'.

175. Bowie (M) (Scottish origin) meaning "yellow-haired". This is the name of Hollywood actress Jessica Alba's Pitbull, named as a tribute to the legendary singer David Bowie.

176. Bud (M) (American origin) meaning "friend"; the Pit Bull involved in the first cross-country hike across America had the name Bud.

177. Butterfly (F) (English origin) is the name of dog lover and actress Alicia Silverstone's Pitbull.

178. Champion (M/F) (Latin origin) meaning "valorous champion"; Champion was the perfectly suited Pitbull name for the three-legged Pitbull in the TV show 'Parks and Recreation'.

179. Chance (M/F) was the American bulldog's name who played the protagonist in the film 'Homeward Bound'.

180. Cofi (M) (African origin) meaning "a male child born on Friday". This is the name of the Rottweiler in the Mexican movie 'Amores Perros'.

181. Daddy (M) was the name of famed dog whisperer Cesar Milano's late Pitbull.

182. Driver (M) is the name of actor Josh Hutcherson's Pitbull.

183. Elle (F) (French origin) meaning "girl". A Pitbull named Elle was declared as the Hero Dog of the Year 2013.

184. Griffin (M) (Welsh origin) meaning "a fierce person"; actress Sophia Bush's Pitbull has this name.

185. Grunt (M/F) was the loving Pitbull's fictional name in the movie 'Flashdance'.

186. Isaboo (F) is a wordplay on the name Isabel. American TV personality Rachel Ray has a pitbull named Isaboo.

187. Junior (M/F) (English origin), meaning "child", is dog whisperer Cesar Milano's new Pitbull.

188. Laika (F) (Russian origin) meaning "the barker". This is the name of the first dog to go to space and can be great for Pitbull names.

189. Lilly (F) (English origin) refers to a flower; actor couple Kevin Bacon & Kyra Sedgewick have a Pitbull named Lilly.

190. Loretta (F) (Italian origin) meaning "laurel". This is the name of one of three Pitbulls belonging to actress Kaley Cuoco.

191. Lua (F) (Galician origin) meaning "moon"; legendary American football quarterback Tom Brady has a Pitbull with this name.

192. Lulu (M/F) (English origin) meaning "warrior". Actor Channing Tatum has a Pitbull named Lulu.

193. Margaret (F) (French origin) meaning "pearl"; American actress Lake Bell is very close with her Pitbull named Margaret.

194. Monkey (M/F) is one of the Pitbulls owned by comedian Jon Stewart.

195. Neville (M) (French origin) meaning "new town"; Marc Jacobs is an American fashion designer who has a Bull Terrier named Neville.

196. Norm (M) is the name of one of the Pitbulls belonging to Kaley Cuoco.

197. Petey (M) (Greek origin) meaning "rock"; this is the name of the black and white Pitbull from the 1994 movie, 'The Little Rascals'.

198. Shadow (M/F) (Germanic origin) is the name of actor Ken Howard's Pitbull, who saved his life during a medical emergency.

199. Shamsky (M/F) is the name of Jon Stewart's second Pitbull.

200. Shirley (F) (Old English origin) meaning "old meadow".

201. Snowy (M/F) is Tintin's dog's name in the comic series, 'The Adventures of Tintin'.

202. Sophie (F) (Greek origin) meaning "wisdom"; actress Jennifer Anniston's adopted Pitbull has this name.

203. Stubby (M) is the name of the most decorated American dog from World War I.

204. Tani (F) (Japanese origin) meaning "valley". Liam Hemsworth's white and brown Pitbull has the name, Tani.

205. Tina (F) (Old English origin) meaning "river"; Hollywood power couple Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake have a Pitbull named Tina.

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