My Trip Back in Time at the Milestones Museum

Interior of the Milestones Museum

Travel back in time at the unique Milestones Museum of Living History. Stroll around the 1930s Victorian Streets of Hampshire packed with original shops, houses and factories and discover how people used to live and the things they used to do! All ages will love playing at vintage penny arcades and play on authentic machines fantastic games including Grand National, Test Your Strength and many more. Stop at Abrahams Sweet Shop to enjoy your favourite candy and enjoy the impressive collection of vintage vehicles. There is so much to do and see that your kids will be wanting to go back for more!

It is not often that a regional museum surprises you and delivers moments of sheer delight but surprised and delighted we were by the Milestones Museum today!

Where to begin ... ok so it's in Hampshire. Either a considerable day trip depending on which side of London you hail from, or a nice outing if you happen to be holidaying nearby or driving up the M3 and fancy a stop off.

Geography aside, the museum is "a living museum" and you meander through streets from different periods of British life, which are beautifully constructed and interactive (you can go into the buildings and see life from the period e.g. The fire station, stationmasters house, fruit shop, toy shop). You can even go into a 1930s sweet shop and have your "ration" of sweets for the week if you hand in your ration book, after selecting your confection from the various jars. The kids were in their element!

milestone museum

Other highlights were a dressing up area (as ever my kids took this way too far and remained in (borrowed) costume for the entire visit!), fire engine that you can mount with a REAL fireman's helmet that can be worn, and a double decker bus that you can clamber on.

The WOW factor in my humble opinion was an aisle of maybe 20 or more mechanical slot machines dating from the 1920s onwards that have all been lovingly restored and which you can play on in exchange for tokens. They were magical. £1 buys 10 tokens which is great value as these games are absolutely full of charm (and full of bountifully stocked sweets if you go for the grabber kind). I was enchanted and could have stayed there for an hour or more but I was dragged away to (another) fire engine!

milestone museum


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