101 Names Meaning Ghost, Spirit, And Soul

Names meaning ghost, spirit and soul can be unique and individual names for your baby.

You might need to consider an array of aspects when choosing baby names meaning spirit or even names that mean soul.

Ghosts are mostly considered spooky and frightening. However, a ghost name can be attractive and classy at the same time.

Baby names that mean ghosts do not necessarily have to be weird or evil. There are many ghostly names which have a charming meaning such as names that mean spirit. Read on to discover a few such names.

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Ghost Names For Boys That MeanSpirit

Ghost baby names meaningspirit can be attractive and fun at the same time. Besides, having a spiritname or a name meaning soul can be unique and out of the box. Here is a list ofghost names meaning soul spirit.

1. Achakis an Algonquin name that happens to be of Native American background, meaningspirit.

2. Alastoris a Greek name that means avenging a spirit.

3. Arielis an Anglo-Saxon form of Hebrew origin name, meaning the "lion ofGod."

4. Avallachis an Arthurian legend name of a Celtic king and defines a masculine spirit.

5. Avirahappens to be an Aramaic name, meaning spirit, air, and atmosphere.

6. Cheveyois a Hopi name from the Native American background, which means spirit warrior.

7. Chupchipis another Native American name that means deer spirit.

8. Drogocomes from the Anglo Saxon word drog, which means phantom or ghost.

9. Dusais of Czech origin, meaning soul spirit.

10.  Dusanis a Czech name that meaning spirit or soul.

11.  Epiridionis Spanish that originated from the Greek word that means little spirit.

12.  Euthymiusis derived from the Greek word Euthymios which means someone who isgood-spirited.

13.  Eutimiocomes from the Latin word Euthymius which also refers to someone who isgood-spirited.

14.  Gogohappens to be a Basque name meaning spirit.

15.  Haniahappens to be a Native American name which means spirit warrior.

16.  Hewiecomes from the English word Hughie which means spirit, mind, or heart.

17.  Hototohappens to be a Native American name that refers to a warrior spirit who sings.

18.  Hubertis derived from the Latin word Hubertus and happens to be one of the mostsought after spirit baby names.

19.  Hubertusis one of the famous Latin names that have been derived from the German wordHupprecht, meaning spirit, heart, mind.

20.  Huchonhappens to be a Scottish name that has been derived from the French word Hugon,and this name means spirit, mind, or heart.

21.  Huddecomes from the English word Hudde, and this also means spirit.

22.  Huehappens to be derived from the English word Hugh which means spirit.

23.  Hughis derived from the English language and means spirit.

24.  Hughieis also derived from the English word Hugh that means spirit.

25.  Hugohappens to be one of the most sought after Latin names that have been derivedfrom an old French word called Hugon, meaning mind, spirit or heart.

26.  Hugonhas been derived from the famous French word Hugues, meaning spirit.

27.  Huguberthappens to be a German name meaning bright spirit, mind, and heart.

28.  Huguesis derived from German, and it means spirit.

29.  Huibis derived from the Dutch word Hubrecht meaning bright spirited.

30.  Huppertis compressed from the German word Hupprecht, meaning spirit.

31.  Hupprechthappens to be a German name meaning spirit.

32.  Huwis derived from the French word Hugus, meaning spirit.

33.  Imamuis a Swahili name, which means a spiritual guide.

34.  Knephhappens to be an Egyptian name meaning spirit.

35.  Kotorihappens to be of a Native American background, meaning spirit.

36.  Mahatmahappens to be a Sanskrit name meaning soul spirit.

37.  Mentorhappens to be a Greek name that has been expanded from the word menos, and itmeans spirit.

38.  Neschumeis of Yiddish origin, meaning soul.

39.  Nurzhanhappens to be a Kazakh name, which means a light soul.

40.  Ryuuhappens to be a Japanese name referring to a dragon spirit.

41.  Shenhappens to be a Chinese name, which means giant clam, deep, cautious, andspirit.

42.  Shugis derived from the Scottish word Huchon, and it means spirit, heart, or mind.

43.  Spiridionhappens to be a Greek diminutive of the Latin word spiritus, which means littlespirit or ghost spirit.

44.  Spiridonhappens to be the Russian version of Spiridion, which means spirit.

45.  Spirohappens to be the Greek variant name of Spyro that also means spirit.

46.  Spyroshappens to be a Greek substitute of Spyridon that means spirit.

47.  Ubertohappens to be the Italian form of the Latin word Hubertus which means brightspirit.

48.  Ugois derived from the Latin name Hugo, meaning spirit, heart, and mind.

Famous Ghost, Soul And Spirit Names For Girls

Naming your baby after a ghost doesn't make the name scary butmakes it special and meaningful.

49.  Almais one of the god and ghost names, which is Spanish for the soul.

50.  Almahis derived from an English variant, and it means soul in Spanish.

51.  Animahas been derived from the Latin word anima, meaning courage, anger, essence,and spirit.

52.  Banafrithappens to be an Egyptian name that refers to someone with a beautiful soul.

53.  Dusanais the female variant of the Czech word Dusan and happens to be one of the mostsought after name meaning god spirit and is mostly given to a baby girl.

54.  Dusankahappens to be a Czech variant of the word Dusana that means soul spirit.

55.  Enidhappens to be a Welsch name meaning soul.

56.  Enidehappens to be the French version of the Welsch name Enid which means soul.

57.  Enitis another name that happens to be a variant of Enid and Enide.

58.  Hehewutihappens to be a Native American name that refers to God or the mother spirit'swarrior image.

59.  Jananhappens to be an Arabic name referring to the soul.

60.  Kachinahappens to be a Native-American name referring to a dancer's spirit.

61.  Kereshappens to refer to God of violent death or ghost and is a Greek myth name.

62.  Muhjahis an Arabic name meaning soul or spirit.

63.  Nirvanahappens to be one of the most used Sanskrit baby names that mean liberation.

64.  Pneumais derived from the Greek word pneuma, which refers to a non-living influence.

65.  Psychehappens to be a Latin name meaning soul spirit.

66.  Psykhehappens to be the Ancient Greek form of the word which refers to an animatingspirit.

67.  Reihappens to be a Japanese name that refers to God's spirit.

68.  Shechinahappens to be one of the most used female Hebrew names that mean God or theholy spirit from God.

69.  Shekinahhappens to be one of the most used Hebrew baby names, which means God's holyspirit or God herself.

70.  Spirithappens to one of the unisex English names, which means to blow, swell, orthrive.

71.  Spyridoulahappens to be the female version of Spyridon that means ghost or spirit.

72.  Tienhappens to be off of the most sought-after Vietnamese names that mean ghost orspirit.

Modern Baby Names That Refer To Ghost Or Spirits

Modern baby names thatrefer to ghost or god spirits have a definite zing about them. Here are anarray of ghost baby names that will undoubtedly win your interest.

73.  Abirhappens to be a Hebrew name, and it means ghost or spirit.

74.  Amziis a Hebrew name that has been derived from the Latin word aeumulus, and itmeans rival or power.

75.  Andersis one of the most famous Scandinavian ghost names that means manly and robust.

76.  Andreasalso happens to be a Greek name that refers to manly and vigorous.

77.  Andrewis a Greek name that refers to masculine and rugged.

78.  Angushappens to be a Gaelic name for a ghost that means strength.

79.  Archieis from a Spanish background, which refers to God's power.

80.  Arnoldhappens to be an English name, which refers to a strong spirit of God's spirit.

81.  Arseniohappens to be a Spanish name that refers to god strength.

82.  Autreyhappens to be an English name that refers to god strength.

83.  Azahappens to be a ghost or spirit Arabic name, which means powerful.

84.  Azizhappens to be a ghost or spirit name that refers to a powerful, beloved, andhealthy.

85.  Barrettis a German name that refers to god strength and is an ideal version of a ghostor spirit name.

86.  Bradyhappens to be a perfect spirit of ghost Irish expression, which means heavilyspirited.

87.  Brianis a famous Irish ghost or spirit Irish name, which means honorable and robust.

88.  Cadehappens to be a Welsch ghost or spirit name that refers to the battle spirit.

89.  Cadellhappens to be yet another variant for Cade and Cadell.

90.  Cadenhappens to be another variant for Welsch.

91.  Chasenhappens to be a ghost or spirit that refers to mighty and strong.

92.  Denzenhappens to be a Cornish ghost or spirit name that means having a highstronghold.

93.  Donellyis an Irish ghost or spirit name that refers to a brave or dark spirit.

94.  Egonhappens to be a ghost or spirit name that refers to someone who is strong andcarries a sword.

95.  Eldridhappens to be a Norse name that represents a ferocious spirit.

96.  Emerichappens to be a French name meaning ghost or spirit name that means powerful.

97.  Emilioshappens to be a Greek name that refers to the strength of God.

98.  Ethanis a Hebrew name that means strong.

99.  Evanderis a Scottish name for bow warrior.

100.  Wrenis of English origin and it means free spirit. It is also the name of asongbird.

101.  Yureiis a Japanese name meaning ghost. They happen to be the folklore analogfigurines in Japan, which are equivalent to the Western ghost versions.

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