50 Names That Mean Butterfly For Your Baby

Many cute baby names mean butterfly and are perfect for all babies.

When naming a child, parents often want to name their child after something beautiful, like a butterfly.

Many parents have seen how pretty butterflies can be with their iridescent colors. So, wouldn't it be great if you named your baby after a butterfly?

A butterfly is an insect with large, colorful wings that are popular in visual arts. They are seen as pretty, bright and free. In different cultures, butterflies are seen as a symbol of rebirth and strength. Cho and Kocho are the names in Japanese that mean butterfly. We have created a list of names that mean butterfly, which may make for the perfect name for your baby.

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Popular Girls' Names Meaning Butterfly

(There are many charming girls' names that mean butterfly.

Names that mean butterfly or which have butterfly qualities are usually unique. Here's a list of butterfly baby names for girls in various languages.

1.Annabella (English origin) meaning "beauty" is a commonly used name is a mixture of terms "grace" and "beauty".

2.Aponi (Native American origin) meaning "butterfly" .

3.Ava (German origin) meaning "bird" recently associated with the action movie named 'Ava'.

4.Beata (Latin origin) meaning "blessed" associated with the actress named Beata Pozniak.

5.Bindi (Australian origin) meaning "butterfly".

6.Birabiro(Ethiopian origin) meaning "butterfly".

7.Butterfly (American origin) meaning "the beautiful species" works wonderfully for a baby girl. Butterfly McQueen is an American actress who acted in the classic, 'Gone With The Wind'.

8.Cho/Kocho (Japanese origin) meaning "butterfly".

9.Chouka (Japanese origin) meaning "butterfly". It also means flower in Japanese.

10.Chrysalis (Greek origin) meaning "cacoon" the word also means "golden".

11.Claudina (Latin origin) meaning "enclosure". This is also the name of a breed of butterflies called Nymphalidae, found in Venezuela.

12.Cressida (Greek origin) meaning "golden". It is considered a Medieval English name, making it rare today.

13.Cynthia (Greek origin) meaning "moon goddess". A popular name amongst American celebrities. It is also a type of butterfly.

14.Die (Chinese origin) meaning "butterfly".

15.Edith (English origin) meaning "riches or blessed". Associated with the French singer named Edith Piaf, known for her song 'La Vie En Rose'.

16.Farasha (Arabic origin) meaning "butterfly".

17.Flutura (Albanian origin) meaning "butterfly".

18.Kelebek (Turkish origin) meaning "butterfly".

19.Kimana (Native American origin) meaning "butterfly". It can be shortened to Kim.

20.Kimimela (Native American origin) meaning "butterfly".

21.Mariposa (Spanish origin) meaning "butterfly baby".

22.Memphis (Greek origin) meaning "enduring". A type of butterfly.

23.Paloma (Catalan origin) meaning "butterfly".

24.Phaedra (Greek origin) meaning "bright".

25.Pocahontas (Native American origin) meaning "the playful one". It is associated with the famous Disney animated movie with the same name.

26.Titli (Indian origin) meaning "butterfly". It is a common name in the Indian subcontinent.

27.Valeria (Latin origin) meaning "strength". It is associated with the Spanish drama-comedy of the same name.

28.Vanessa (Native American origin) meaning "butterfly". This is quite a popular name taken by many public figures like Vanessa Hudgens, Vanessa Williams, Vanessa Morgan, and more.

29.Vlinder (Dutch origin) meaning "butterfly" is pronounced as "flin-der".

30.Yara (Arabic origin) meaning "small butterfly" is the name taken by American actress, Yaya Shahidi.

Unique Boys' Names Meaning Butterfly

Butterfly names are not reserved only for girl names. Here's a list of a wonderful baby names meaning butterfly, which are suitable for your baby boy.

31.Adonis (Greek origin) meaning "handsome". It is known for the eternally youthful god. This name took popularity after Drake's son was named Adonis Graham.

32.Blues (English origin) meaning "ivy, blue color" is a commonly used English name and highly associated with the colors of the butterfly.

33.Ekval (Indian origin) meaning "butterfly."

34.Ītzpā (Aztec origin) derived from Ītzpāpālōtl, the name of an Aztec god known as Obsidian Butterfly.

35.Kamehameha (Hawaiian origin)  meaning "the one set apart". The name refers to the Kamehameha butterfly.  Kamehameha is also a signature power move of Goku from the 'Dragonball' series.

36.Lysandros (Greek origin) meaning "liberator, freeing men". It was the name of Spartan admiral, according to mythology, and is currently associated with the musical artist by the same name, Lysandros Falireas.

37.Monarch (Middle English origin) meaning "King". The monarch butterfly is a type of butterfly.

38.Papillon (French origin) meaning "butterfly". It is popular because of a book of the same name.

39.Perhonen (Finnish origin) meaning "butterfly".

40.Sommerflue(Danish origin) meaning "butterfly".

41.Xiuhtecuhtli (Aztec origin) referring "God of spirit". This God is represented with butterfly wings.

42.Zephyr (Greek origin) meaning "God of wind".

Gender Neutral Names Meaning Butterfly

(Cute butterfly names need not always be gendered.

Many parents like to give unisex names to their children. Here's a list of eight unisex baby names meaning butterfly.

43.Azure (Latin origin) meaning "bluish color".

44.Hitomu (Japanese origin) meaning "beautiful".

45.Icarus (Greek origin) meaning "follower". The name is associated with the Son of Daedalus, who made wings for himself and Icarus to escape a prison.

46.Laurel (Latin origin) meaning "the bay", famous for the American comic series by the same name, 'Laurel & Hardy'.

47.Mantech (Ethiopian origin) meaning "butterfly".

48.Pepe (Samoan origin) meaning "butterfly". The name or word is associated with 'Pepe the Frog', a popular internet meme.

49.Psyche (Greek origin) meaning "life, or the butterfly". Psyche refers to a God associated with butterflies.

50.Vivalter (Middle German origin) meaning "butterfly". The name can be shortened to Viva.

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