85 Names That Mean Conqueror With Meanings

Names that mean conqueror are a powerful choice.

Names carry the utmost importance in a person's life to build their character and their confidence, thus the name of your baby should be special.

When parents choose the name of their tiny baby, they don't know what possibilities that baby is born with, but one thing every parent wishes that their child will grow up as a strong individual. Conqueror names are undoubtedly a strong choice for a new baby.

To narrow down your search for the perfect baby names for your little conqueror, we have listed more than 80 baby names that mean conqueror with their origin and meaning. We hope you find the perfect baby name meaning conqueror on this list.

For more naming inspiration, take a look at these names that mean protector and these names that mean brave.

Boys' Names That Mean Conqueror

Choosing baby names can be daunting. Baby names that mean conqueror are the perfect choice for boys born to excel  and live a life with strength, power and honor. Choose the perfect name from this list of baby names meaning conqueror for your brave new baby.

1. Alamgir (Islamic Origin) meaning "Conqueror of the world".

2.  Algernon (French Origin) meaning "With whiskers, bearded."

3. Arijit (Indian Origin) meaning "Conqueror of enemies."

4.  Bingen (French Origin), meaning "Conquers”.

5.  Binger (Latin Origin) meaning "Conquers."

6.  Bittor (Latin Origin) meaning "Conquers."

7.  Brian ( Old English Origin) meaning "Strong."

8.  Fathi (Islamic Origin) meaning " Victory."

9.  Fenyang (African Origin) meaning "Conquers."

10.  Garai (French and Latin Origin), meaning "Conquers."

11.  Ghaalib (Islamic Origin), meaning "Victor, dominant."

12.  Ghaazee (Islamic Origin), meaning "War champion, hero, conqueror."

13. Inderjeet (Indian Origin) meaning "Conqueror of Indra."

14.  Jarvis (German Origin) meaning "Conqueror".

15. Manjit (Indian Origin) stands for"Conqueror of knowledge."

16. Mick (Hebrew Origin) meaning "God-like" or "Gift from God."

17. Mitch (Hebrew Origin) meaning "Gift from God."

18. Nicodemus (Greek Origin) stands for "Conqueror of the people."

19. Nikodem (Polish Origin) means "Conqueror of the people."

20. Purujit (Indian Origin) means  "Conqueror of the city."

21. Qaahir (Islamic Origin) stands for " Conqueror, victorious."

22. Shamsherai (Biblical Origin) meaning "Singer or conqueror."

23.Shatrujit (Indian Origin) meaning "Conqueror of enemies."

24. Uiseann (Latin Origin) meaning "Conqueror."

25. Vic (Latin Origin) meaning "Conqueror."

26. Victor (Latin Origin) meaning "Conqueror."

27. Victoriano (Spanish Origin) meaning "Conqueror."

28. Victorio (Spanish Origin) meaning "Conqueror."

29. Vidor (Latin Origin) meaning "Conqueror."

30. Viktor (Russian Origin) meaning "Winner" or "Conqueror."

31. Viktor (Czechoslovakian Origin) meaning "Conqueror."

32. Viktoras (Latin Origin) meaning "Conqueror."

33. Viktoryn (Latin Origin) meaning "Conqueror."

34. Vince (Latin Origin) meaning "Conqueror."

35. Vincens (Latin Origin) meaning "Conqueror."

36. Vincente (Latin Origin) meaning "Conqueror."

37. Vincenzio (Latin Origin) meaning "Conqueror."

38. Vinci (Latin Origin) meaning "Conqueror."

39. Vinn (English Origin) meaning "Conqueror."

40. Vinnie (Latin Origin) meaning "Conqueror."

41. Vinzenz (Latin Origin) meaning "Conqueror."

42. Vishwavijeth (Indian Origin) meaning "Conqueror of the world."

43. Vitenka (Latin Origin) meaning "Conqueror."

44.Vito (Latin Origin) meaning "Conqueror or lively."

45.Vittorio (Italian Origin) meaning "Conqueror."

46.Wicek (Latin Origin) meaning "Conqueror."

47.Wicenty (Latin Origin) meaning "Conqueror."

48.Wicus (Latin Origin) meaning "Conqueror."

49. Wincent (Latin Origin) meaning "Conqueror."

Boy baby names that mean conqueror are a strong choice.

Girls Names That Mean Conqueror

Are you excited to welcome your little bundle of joy, your new baby, to your life, and find a front runner name for her? Here is a list of girl baby names with their origins across the globe, which all mean "warrior" or "conqueror". These baby names meaning "conqueror" are perfect for conveying your little girl's strength to the world.

50.Bellona (Roman Origin) meaning "Goddess of war."

51.Botilda (Old Norse Origin) meaning "Commanding heroine".

52.Cahira (Irish Origin) this is one of the best baby names, it means "Beautiful warrior."

53.Donovan (Irish Origin) meaning "Princeling."

54.Fatihah (Arabic Origin) meaning "Conqueror."

55.Hedda (Germanic Origin) meaning "Warrior in the war."

56.Ptolema (Greek Origin) meaning "Warlike." Ptolema is the feminine form of the name of Greek orign, Ptolemy.

57.Mattie (German Origin) meaning "Strength in battle."

58.Maud (German Origin) meaning "Powerful battler."

59.Nicki (Greek Origin) meaning "Victory."

60.Nikky ( English Origin), meaning "People's victory."

61.Michaela (Hebrew Origin) meaning "Who is like God."

62. Neziah (Biblical Origin) stands for "Conqueror, strong."

63. Tilda (German Origin) meaning "Strength in battle."

64.Tilly (German Origin) meaning "Battle strength."

65.Tora (Japanese Origin) meaning "Tigress.", from its Latin origin, the name means "Victor or conqueror," and in Norse, the name means "Goddess of thunder."

66.Torianna (Latin origin) meaning "Conqueror."

67.Vicky (American Origin) meaning "Triumphant."

68.Victoria (Latin Origin), meaning "Victory."

69. Victorine (Latin Origin) meaning "Victory."

Choose a strong name meaning conqueror.

Gender Neutral Names That Mean Conqueror

Are you expecting a baby and you don't know whether you are having a boy or girl? Or perhaps you don't want to assign a gendered name to your baby? If this is you, you could should consider gender neutral baby names. Check out this list of gender neutral baby names that mean conqueror, perfect for your baby.

70.Mickey (Hebrew Origin) meaning "Conqueror gifted by God".

71.Neziah (Biblical Origin) meaning "Strong" and "Conqueror"

72.Nicanor(Biblical Origin) meaning "Conqueror, victorious".

73.Niki (Greek Origin) meaning "Victory".

74.Sigourney ( Scandinavian Origin), meaning "The conqueror".

75.Olcay (Turkish Origin) meaning "Conqueror"

76.Patty (German Origin) meaning "Aristocrat or nobleman"

77.Signy( English Origin), this is one of the cutest English baby names, it means "New victory".

78.Wanda( Germanic Origin) meaning "Wanderer"

79.Harbir (Indian Origin) means "Warrior for the Gods".

Names Of Conquerors From History

Famous conquerors like Alexander the Great and Ashoka changed the world through their strength, skill and bravery. Here is a list of baby names inspired by the most famous conquerors from history. Why not choose one of these baby names that will express your baby's strong personality?

80.Aella (Greek Origin) meaning "Storm wind", Aella was the name of the double axe-wielding Amazonian warrior who was said to be killed by Herakles.

81.Alala (Greek Origin) means "War like."  According to Greek mythology, Alala was the name of Ares' sister, and she is the personification of the war cry.

82.Alexander (Greek Origin) meaning "Protector of men." He is known as the greatest conqueror of all time, his empire stretched from Greece to northern India.

83.Algie (French Origin) meaning " With whiskers, bearded." This is the nickname given to the companions of William the Conqueror.

84.Andronika (Greek Origin) meaning "Victory of a man" or "Warrior", this name is the feminine form of the name Andronikos.

85.Ashoka (Indian Origin) meaning "Without sorrow." Ashoka was a leader who ruled India, Pakistan, Nepal, and Afghanistan while sending out a message of peace and integrity.

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