60+ Names That Mean Misfortune For Your Characters With The Worst Luck

Some good names can have less fortunate meanings.

Some characters are simply unlucky, and whether that be for comedic effect or for a serious storyline, it is only right that they have fitting names!

To avoid picking silly names for your characters (such as Oink, which means "an animal's noise" and could be considered a silly name for a human character), take a look at this list of the best character names that mean "misfortune". These names will suit your characters personality perfectly, yet won't stand out from the crowd too much!

If you are looking for names meaning unfortunate or unlucky, have a look at this great list of names meaning misfortune and for more great names, take a look at these dark last names with meanings and these beautiful names that mean dark.

Girl Names That Mean Unfortunate

You may be surprised by the names with unfortunate meanings.

There are plenty of lovely sounding girl names that mean misfortune such as Akuji, Claudia, Emily, Keres and Desdemona. The name Mallory also means both "unfortunate" and "bad luck". For more ideas for your unlucky characters, take a look here.

1. Akuji (African origin) means "dead and awake". The name meaning is not a particularly cheerful one.

2. Cecilia (Latin origin) means "blind". The meaning of the name holds misfortune.

3. Claudia (Latin origin) means "lame".

4. Deirdre (Gaelic origin) means "sorrowful or sad one".

5. Desdemona (African origin) means, "ill-fated one" and "misery". Is a beautiful name but with an unfortunate meaning.

6. Dolores (Spanish origin) means "lady of sorrows".

7. Emily (Latin origin) means "rival". Is an unfortunate name for any character.

8. Hecate (Greek origin) meaning "willpower" or "far reaching". As per Greek Mythology, the name refers to magic and witchcraft.

9. Keres (Latin origin) means "evil spirits". This could be an unlucky name for a character.

10. Jezebel (Latin origin) means "an impure follower of idols".

11. Leah (Hebrew origin) means "tired or weary".

12. Lilith (Latin origin) means "night monster" or "ghost".

13. Lola (Latin origin) means "lady of sorrows". The name sounds full of misfortune.

14. Loralei (German origin) means "ambush cliff". The other meaning of the name is "she whose singing lures men to destruction".

15. Mallory (Latin origin) means "unfortunate or ill fated". It is one of the oldest names that mean unlucky.

16. Malvolia (Latin origin) means "ill will".

17. Mara (Hebrew origin) means "bitter or sorrow".

18. Mary (Hebrew origin) means "rebellion or bitter".

19. Molly (Latin origin) means "bitter". This name might suit a character who leads an unlucky life.

20. Narcissa (Latin origin) means "obsessed with yourself".

21. Nerezza (Italian origin) means "darkness". For a character with a dark and dreary mood.

22. Portia (Latin origin) meaning "pig". Although the name is beautiful its meaning is very unfortunate.  

23. Persephone (Latin origin) means "to destroy and murder". Despite this unfortunate meaning, Persephone was actually was the Greek Goddess of spring!

24. Rebecca (Biblical origin) means "to bind, to tie or snare".

25. Sidero (Latin origin) means "evil nymph".

26. Sloane (Gaelic origin) means "warrior or fighter". Whilst to some, this name meaning is a sign of strength, for a character who cannot control their fighting spirit this could be an unfortunate name.

27. Thana (Arabic origin) means "death".

28. Tristana (Celtic origin) means "sorrowful or sad".

29. Tristesse (French origin) means "sadness".

30. Zilla (Hebrew origin) means "shadow, shade and gloom".

Boy Names That Mean Unfortunate

Great names sometimes have very unusual meanings.

Some of these boy names mean"unfortunate" or "misfortune" and others have unfortunate and bad meanings. From Akuji, Brone and Calvin, to Zilla, Molly and Campbell there are many names with unfortunate meanings on this list. Have you ever heard names that are creepy, the creepy names include Banshee, Beelzebub, and Crimson. We have compiled boys and male names that mean misfortune and are very popular.

31. Abaddon (Latin origin) means "angel of death". This is also the name of the King of a locust army in the New Testament.

32. Alastor (Latin origin) means "persecutor or tormentor".

33. Azazel (Biblical origin) means "evil demon or evil spirit".

34. Brennan (Gaelic origin) means "sorrow or sadness".

35. Brone (Irish origin) means "sadness". This name for an unfortunate male character is full of sorrow.

36. Byron (Old English origin) means "cowshed".

37. Calvin (Latin origin) means "bald".

38. Cameron (Scottish origin) means "crooked nose".

39. Campbell (Scottish origin) means "crooked mouth".

40. Cessair (Irish origin) means "sorrow or affliction".

41. Das (Indian origin) means "servant". Despite its unfortunate meaning, the name is very cute and could suit any character.

42. Doyle (Irish origin) means "stranger".

43. Dracul (Latin origin) means "devil or dragon".

44. Dugal (Indian origin) means "stranger".

45. Huxley (English origin) means "inhospitable place".

46. Jabez (Hebrew origin) means "he makes sorrowful". The name might be good for a character who spreads sorrow.

47. Jacob (Latin origin) means "supplanter".

48. Jolon (Native American origin) means "valley of the dead oaks".

49. Kennedy (Latin origin) means "deformed head".

50. Mort (Old French origin) means "dead". This first name would be suitable for both boys and girls characters.

51. Oleander (Latin origin) a name meaning "poisonous flower".

52. Phobus (Latin origin) means "fear".

53. Samael (Hebrew origin) a name meaning "venom of God or blindness of God". This is a creepy name.

54. Teivel (Latin origin) means "devil". The name is fearful because of its meaning.

55. Than (Greek origin) means "death".

56. Tristan (Celtic origin) means "sorrowful or sad".

57. Ubel (Latin origin) means "uber".

58. Valdis (Latin origin) a name meaning "the dead".

Gender Neutral Names That Mean Unfortunate

The names listed below are gender neutral, they are suitable for both boys and girls characters and have cool, unique, sad and unfortunate meanings, such as Crash which is a boys' name that means "unfortunate" and Perdita, Sennacherib, Perdido and Diggory which are all names that mean "lost".

59. Jela (African origin) means "suffering", "unfortunate" or "sorrow".

60. Ares (Greek origin) meaning "disaster" and "misfortune".  

61. Corentine (Irish origin) meaning "hurricane" or "unfortunate"

62. Bora (Turkish origin) meaning "disaster" or "misfortune". For an unlucky character, this name will perfectly sum up their misfortune.

63. Kennedy (Celtic and Gaelic origin) meaning "deformed head".

64. Nukpana (Native American origin) meaning "evil" and "unfortunate".

65.  Rue (English origin) meaning "regret" and "unfortunate".

Last Names That Mean Unfortunate

This list of unfortunate surnames will give you an idea of a few last names for characters with the worst luck!

66. Pechman (German origin) meaning "man with bad luck".

67. Kellogg (English origin) meaning "to kill". This unfortunate and creepy last name is perfect for any unlucky characters.

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