100 Names That Mean Water For Your Baby

A name that means water or is related to water can give your baby the strength and power of the sea.

The entire process of a pregnancy can be ecstatic and exhausting.

From before the baby arrives, until after they do, it's total mayhem but also so exciting! Choosing a name for your baby can be a strenuous task and that's probably why you're here.

Naming a child inspired by one of the four elements of Earth is absolutely beautiful and meaningful. Names that mean water are so unique in themselves and are perfect for your little water baby. Here's a list of names that mean water, just as refreshing and exhilarating as the wide, wide ocean itself!

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Well-Known Names Meaning Water For Your Little Baby Girl

Water is an element that has traits every human would wish to possess. Naming your baby after an element of nature is a strong take on how much you'd like their personality to be built around something so beautiful, important, and natural. The choice of the name says a lot about the importance you, as parents, have placed on the relevance of meanings and the effects it has on the child's growth. The traits related to water for a baby girl are: calm, composed, generous, fierce, and strong!

Here is a list of names that best fit a baby girl:

1. Amaya (Of Japanese origin) name meaning "Nightrain."

2. Amadahy (Of Native American origin) name meaning"Forest Water."

3. Anahita (Persian / Indian origin) name meaning"water."

4. Ara (Arabic origin) name meaning "BringsRain."

5. Aqua (water-inspired)name meaning "River." andthe color of the sea

6. Brooke (English origin) from the names of water meaning"Small stream."

7. Coventina (Celtic origin) name meaning "god of thesea."

8. Clyte (Greek origin) name for "water nymph."

9. Doria (Greek origin) name meaning "of the sea."

10. Earwyne(Latin origin) name meaning "Friend of the sea."

11. Eyre (water-inspired)from the famous body of water - Lake Eyre.

12. Kishi (Japaneseorigin) name meaning "Beach/seashore."

13. Kendra (Welshorigin) name meaning "Clear water."

14. Lake inspiredby a water body.

15. Lana(Hawaiian origin) one of the most beautiful names meaning "Calmwaters."

16. Leucothea(Greek origin) from the greek mythological context, this is a baby name thatmeans "Sea nymph."

17. Locklyn (Scottishorigin) for "Lake land."

18. Lynn (Englishorigin) name means "Waterfall" and connotes the phrase "calmwithin the chaos."

19. Marissa(Latin origin) name meaning "Of the sea."

20. Meara (Irishorigin) for baby names meaning "Lake."

21. Muriel(Celtic origin) of water names meaning "Bright Sea."

22. Naida (Arabicorigin) name meaning "Water Nymph."

23. Narissa (Greekorigin) name meaning "sea nymph."

24. Nyneve(Latin origin) name meaning "Lady of the Lake."

25. Oceana (Greekorigin) for one of the many names for water, "ocean."

Rare Names For Your Fierce Little Boy

Boys names called after a river or anything pertaining to directly meaning "water" can refer to the general notion of water being calm and composed and always means something gentle. However, the sea, the lake, the ocean, and the river also have so much power and strength vested in them. They have the energy to remain calm no matter what and also have the ability to destroy the entire world with one huge wave. There are multiple things you must keep in mind while naming your child - the most important one being that the name you choose will have an impact on what traits your son will develop. Is your little superman ready to have one of the most meaningful and effective names? Are you ready to enable your child to conquer the world?

Here's a comprehensive list of names that are sensitive and strong, at the same time:

26. Aaberg (Scandinavianorigin) name meaning "on a hill by the river" similar to baby namesmeaning "the town by the sea."

27. Aalto (Finnishorigin) meaning "wave". This is a unique choice for a baby boy.

28. Arno (Italianorigin) of baby names meaning "flower water."

29. Antaeus (Hebreworigin) of the names related to water meaning "Son of the sea andprotector of the Earth."

30. Bradford (Englishorigin) of water names meaning "River crossing."

31. Cain(Welsh origin) of baby names meaning "Clear water."

32. Dax (Englishorigin) name means "Water."

33. Douglas (Scottishorigin) name meaning "Dark water from the Ocean."

34. Dylan(Welsh mythology origin ) name meaning "Son of the Sea."

35. Emlyn (Welshorigin) name meaning "Waterfall."

36. Firth(Scottish origin) water-inspired meaning "Inlet of a River."

37. Kye (Hawaiianorigin) of the baby names meaning "Water from the sea."

38. Laech (Englishorigin)name meaning "Lives by the Ocean."

39. Lir (Irish)meaning "God of the Sea / Ocean."

40. Malik(Arabic origin) name meaning "wave of the ocean."

41. Marius(Latin origin) names the meaning "of the sea."

42. Merton(English origin) name meaning "Settlement by the Lake."

43. Murphy(Englishorigin) name meaning "sea warrior."

44. Nen (Arabicorigin) name meaning "Ancient Waters."

45. Nalin (Indianorigin) name of baby names meaning "Water / Lotus."

46. Seaton(English origin) name meaning "town by the sea," generally used as alast name

47. Strom (Germanorigin) name meaning "Stream."

48. Thames (Englishorigin) inspired by the river Thames, the name itself means "Ariver."

49. Wade(English origin) name meaning "River crossing."

50. Zale(Greek origin) name meaning "Power of the sea."

Non-Binary / Gender Neutral Names For Your Child

(Giving your child a water name mightencourage them to be interested in water when they grow up.

Recent trends and changes in societal standards have led to a better, more accepting environment and parents are turning to give their kids names that are unisex. Not only does this enable the child to be free to express how they want to but an added benefit of these names is that it's the safest way to name a child. Names that can be used for both the sexes are widely appreciated and have deep meanings linked to them.

Here's a list of unisex names you can choose from:

51. Aquarius(Latin origin) name meaning the "Water-bearer."

52. Beach(English origin) name meaning "a body of water."

53. Chowilawu(Native American) of baby names meaning "united by the sea."

54. Enakai (Hawaiianorigin) name meaning "bright sea."

55. Fontana(French origin) name meaning a "fountain of water."

56. Ford(English) name meaning "River crossing."

57. Kaelin(Celtic origin) name meaning "Waterfall."

58.  Kai (Hawaiian)baby name meaning "Sea."

59.  Kelby(Celtic) name meaning "place by flowing river."

60.  Lynne(English) name meaning " A beautiful waterfall."

61.  Marina (English)name meaning "like a river, marine and divine."

62.  Marsh (English)name meaning "A place by the Lake."

63.  Misu (NativeAmerican) name meaning "Ripples in the water."

64.  Nadha(Islamic) name meaning "drop of water on a flower."

65.  Neptune(Roman Mythology descent) name meaning "God of the Sea."

66.  Nile (Egyptian)- Names inspired by rivers are a common practice and here, Nile is after the"River in Egypt."

67.  Ocean (water-inspired)- name after a water body

68.  Pacific namedafter the famous "Pacific Ocean."

69.  Rain, namemeaning the most beautiful embodiment of a water

70.  Reef, namedafter the body found underwater i.e in the Sea or in a River.

71.  River(Latin origin) name meaning a "River."

72.  Shore isa baby name inspired by the Seashore where the waves hit rocks and sandcastlesare built!

73.  Tide isa unisex name inspired by the high and low tides of the Sea

74.  Tal(Hebrew) name meaning "little droplets of water."

75.  Qing(Chinese) name meaning "water spring."

Popular And Trendy Names For Your Baby

Following trends and choosing a popular name is always great as it helps in not having confusion around how to spell or pronounce a particular name. I'm sure you don't wish for your child to spend their entire life trying to correct people who spell or pronounce his / her name wrong. We have curated an all-embracing list of names that either mean or are connected to the term "water". The main reason why certain names gain popularity is that they have a two-in-one benefit: a deep meaning as well as a new-gen, swagger to it!

Here's a list of names that have been in the trends lately and loved by new  parents:

76.  Adalia'h(For a Girl) name meaning "One that draws water."

77.  Ahumai (Fora boy) name meaning "A meadow of Water."

78.  Brooklyn(For a Girl) name meaning "Stream of a River."

79.  Calder(For a boy) name meaning "Rough Waters."

80.  Dalila(For a boy) name meaning "Water Bearer."

81.  Dallas(For a boy) name meaning "Resides by the Waterfall."

82.  Dour(For a boy) name meaning "From the River."

83.  Faye(For a Girl) name meaning "The Lady of the Lake."

84.  Hlynn(For a Girl) name meaning "Waterfall."

85.  Imma(For a Girl) name meaning "One who pours water."

86.  Jeevika(For a Girl) name meaning "Water."

87.  Kallan(For a boy) name meaning "A river that flows."

88.  Ken (Fora boy) name meaning "Clear water."

89.  Kenisha(For a Girl) name meaning "Calm and clear water of the River."

90.  Lana(For a Girl) name meaning "Calm as a River."

91.  Linne(For a boy) name meaning "Waterfall."

92.  Mesi(For a boy) name meaning "Water."

93.  Moana(For a Girl) name meaning "Wide and wild waters."

94.  Mozes(For a boy) name meaning "From the water."

95.  Narayan(For a boy) name meaning "Moving water."

96.  Neelofar(For a Girl) name meaning "Water Lily."

97.  Nirad(For a boy) name meaning "Given by water."

98.  Nixie(For a Girl) name meaning "Water Spirit."

99.  Pamuy(For a Girl) name meaning "Water Moon."

100. Pavati (For a Girl) name meaning "Clear Water."

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