40+ Names That Mean Wild And Traveler For Your Mini Explorer

Naming children with names meaning wild is the new trend.

Explorers of the wild have always been a source of inspiration.

Many parents search for a name for their children, which is after famous travelers and explorers. Alternatively, you may want to give a name that means wild or traveler.

To make your life easier, we've got you covered with 40 plus names for your little one that either means traveler or wild. Additionally, we have also listed the names of explorers who shaped the modern world.

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Names That Mean Wild In Different Languages

There are various apt names for your little explorer.

If you want your children to be wild-spirited beings, then these names are just for you:

1. Aranyak (Indian origin) means "wild and silvan". This old Bengali word acts as a beautiful baby name.

2. Basa (Basque origin) means "wild" and is one of the cooler names you can give to your child.

3. Bry (Arabic origin) meaning "wild and fierce". This beautiful word can serve as names that mean wild.

4. Daji (Hausa origin) meaning "wild". For parents in search of baby names that mean wild, this African name is a great option.

5. Divlji (European Origin) meaning "wild" is of mixed European origin. For girl names, this is unique.

6. Divoky (Czech origin) means "wild and fierce" and can be an excellent name for your little boy.

7. Egan (Yoruba origin) means "wild" and English touch to it as well. It is a common English name too.

8. Fasach (Irish origin) meaning "wilderness".

9. Fiáin (Irish origin) meaning "wild". For girls, Irish names like these, which have roots in the Celtic culture, are beautiful.

10. Laukinis (Lithuanian origin) meaning "natural and wild". Of the more uncommon names to give to your free-spirited son.

11. Polni (Czech origin) means "wild" and is a proper name for baby girls.

12. Pori (Swahili origin) meaning "wild". Although an African name, Pori also means 'fairy' in the Bengali language, making it an excellent name for girls.

13. Selvaggio/Selvaggia (Italian origin) means "wild". Parents can use both the masculine and feminine forms of this Italian word for their child.

14. Vadon (Hungarian origin) means "wilderness and wild". As a baby name meaning wild, this is very uncommon.

15. Villi (Finnish origin) meaning "wild" can be an excellent baby name for girls. Even boys can have this name.

16. Yabany (Turkmen origin) meaning "wild". This name from Turkmenistan can be an excellent baby name for girls.

17. Yasaeng (Korean origin), meaning "wild", is one of the better baby names you can give your child.

Names That Mean Traveler In Different Languages

Now, do you want your child to be a free-spirited traveler? Then what better to give your son or daughter a name meaning "traveler". Here is a list of such names:

18. Ajo (Yoruba origin) meaning "traveler". This gender-neutral name can be used for both boys and girls.

19. Barbara (Greek Origin) means 'traveler from a foreign land" and is a trendy name for girls.

20. Barbl (German origin) meaning "traveler". Having Norse roots, this German name can be an excellent choice as a baby name for boys.

21. Diedre (Gaelic origin) meaning "a traveler". The Scottish Gaelic name for travelers makes for an appropriate gender-neutral baby name.

22. Faer (Old English Origin) meaning "traveler or messenger". This old English name has a sense of adventure to it can be used for both boys and girls.

23. Farman (Norse origin) means "wayfarer".

24. Haere (Maori origin) meaning "one who goes away to places". For gender-neutral names meaning traveler, this is perfect.

25. Huaka'i (Hawaiian origin) meaning "traveler". As you search for names for your little girl, this name meaning traveler is a good choice.

26. Jatri (Indian origin) meaning "traveler" or "passenger". A beautiful name, this can be used for both boys and girls.

27. Kymani (East African Origin) meaning "adventurous traveler." One of the sons of Bob Marley had this name.

28. Musafir (Arabic origin) meaning "voyager" or "traveler". This majestic Arabic name is usually used for boys.

29. Nanyehi (Cherokee Origin) means "one who travels". This native American name was the given name of the iconic Cherokee tribe leader, Nancy Ward.

30. Nestor (Greek origin) meaning "voyager". In Greek mythology, Nestor was known for being a wise and knowledgeable king.

31. Polo (Tibetan Origin), meaning 'brave-hearted wanderer', can be an exciting choice with a beautiful meaning. Legendary explorer Marco Polo had this name.

32. Reiziger (Dutch origin) meaning "to travel on horseback". Having roots in old German, this name is associated with former professional soccer player Michael Reiziger.

33. Rover (Old English/Irish Origin) meaning "traveler" or "wonderer". A part of the name of a famous British car company, this old English term could be an excellent choice for parents in search of a memorable name.

34. Saira (Urdu Origin) means "a travel enthusiast" and is a perfect name for a girl. Iconic Indian actress Saira Banu was a huge box office draw in the '60s.

35. Turas (Irish origin) "to go on a voyage".

36. Viator (Latin origin) meaning "traveler and wayfarer". For baby names for boys, the Latin term describing a traveling person can be a suitable option.

37. Wendell (German Origin) meaning "traveler in search of something". Well, if you are in 'search' for a name, then this gender-neutral name is just the one for you.

Famous Traveling Related Names In History

Many parents name their children after famous travelers.

Throughout history, many travelers and explorers have led to discoveries and inspired many people across time. Here are a few of them:

38. Amelia (Latin origin) meaning "industriousness". Amelia Earhart was an inspiring and pioneering aviator and traveler.

39. Amerigo (Italian origin) meaning "ruler of home". The continent of America is named after explorer and traveler Amerigo Vespucci.

40. Artemis (Greek origin). In Greek mythology, Artemis was the Goddess of Hunting. Travelers and explorers would pray to the Goddess for a safe journey.

41. Cheryl (Latin origin) meaning "beloved". American Cheryl Strayed's personal travels have been the subject of books and movies.

42. Christopher (Greek origin) meaning "anointed one". Christopher Columbus is the most famous explorer ever.

43. Ferdinand (German name) means "to travel" and is an appropriate name for Ferdinand Magellan, the first man to circumnavigate the earth.

44. Vasco (Basque origin) meaning "crow". Vasco Da Gama discovered the trade route to India from Europe by sea.

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