40 NASCAR Trivia Questions (And Answers) That Will Drive You Crazy

The International speedway is great fun.

The National Association For Stock Car Auto Racing is one of the most loved sports in the United States.

It's one of the most famous and oldest sports in the country with teams worth 160 million dollars. Founded on 21 February 1948, it was also the very first auto racing event broadcasted on television.

We have compiled these NASCAR fun facts, with a NASCAR quiz on various topics such as NASCAR trivia 2017, Bush NASCAR car trivia and NASCAR tournament trivia. Have fun answering these easy NASCAR trivia 2018 and NASCAR quiz 2019 questions with your kids. Your great response to our soccer trivia and NBA trivia prompted us to make this fun obscure NASCAR trivia.

NASCAR Trivia Game

Let's start with the history and geography of how this racing phenomenon began! Did you know that they used cars like Chevrolet's Camaro ZL1, Ford's Mustang, and Toyota's Camry for NASCAR?

NASCAR cars have fun designs.

1. Question: What does the word 'NASCAR' stand for?

Answer: National Association For Stock Car Auto Racing.

2. Question: Who is the founder of NASCAR?

Answer: Bill France Sr.

3. Question: Where is the headquarters of NASCAR located?

Answer: Daytona Beach, Florida.

4. Question: When was NASCAR founded?

Answer: 21 February 1948.

5. Question: Name the biggest NASCAR race of the year.

Answer: Daytona 500.

6. Question: Name the first race of every year.

Answer: Daytona 500.

7. Question: Name the three most popular and profitable NASCAR cup series.

Answer: Monster Energy NASCAR cup series, Xfinity series, and The Camping World Truck Series.

8. Question: What is a stock car?

Answer: A stock car is a large late model sedan built especially for racing.

9. Question: Name the three top races by NASCAR.

Answer: Daytona 500, Coca-cola 600, and Brickyard 400.

10. Question: How many colored flags are featured in the races?

Answer: Five.

11. Question: What are the five-colored flags featured in the races?

Answer: Green, yellow, red, white, and black.

12. Question: What colour flag signals only one lap remaining?

Answer: White.

13. Question: What do the green and red flags symbolize?

Answer: Green symbolizes the start of the race and red symbolizes that the vehicle should stop immediately due to safety reasons.

14. Question: When and where was the inaugural NASCAR stock series race held?

Answer: 19 June 1949 at the Charlotte Speedway in North Carolina.

15. Question: What are the nicknames given to Daytona 500?

Answer: 'The Great American Race' and 'Super Bowl Of Stock Racing'.

16. Question: What was the sprint cup racing series also called?

Answer: Winston Cup.

17. Question: What was the occupation of Bill France Sr. before he started NASCAR?

Answer: He was a Mechanic and auto repair shop owner.

18. Question: Who called it the Winston Cup?

Answer: R J Reynolds.

19. Question: Which state is called 'NASCAR Valley'?

Answer: North Carolina.

NASCAR Driver Trivia

Answer these interesting questions to know about the drivers at the races.

The crew are always busy!

20. Question: A driver must weigh 200 pounds to participate. True or false?

Answer: True.

21. Question: A driver's license is not necessary for a NASCAR driver to race. True or false?

Answer: True.

22. Question: Who is 'The King' of stock car racing?

Answer: Richard Petty.

23. Question: Why is Richard Petty termed as 'The King'of stock car racing?

Answer: He has the most NASCAR cup wins.

24. Question: How many drivers took part in this inaugural racing competition?

Answer: 33.

25. Question: Which driver died in the Daytona 500 in 2001?

Answer: Dale Earnhardt.

26. Question: Which driver won the inaugural race in 1959?

Answer: Lee Petty.

27. Question: Who was the first woman to race in NASCAR?

Answer: Janet Guthrie.

28. Question: How many members are there in the NASCAR pit crew?

Answer: Seven.

29. Question: Which NASCAR racer is known for doing backflips?

Answer: Carl Edwards.

30. Question: Which driver has the most second-place finishes?

Answer: Richard Petty.

31. Question: How many convertibles raced in the biggest NASCAR race?

Answer: 20.

32. Question: Who was the first African-American driver to win in the Grand National Series?

Answer: Wendell Scott.

33. Question: Which two drivers have the most 'Championship 4' appearances?

Answer: Kevin Harvick and Kyle Busch.

34. Question: Which two drivers have the most rookie wins?

Answer: Jimmie Johnson and Tony Stewart.

35. Question: Which driver has the most wins without a championship?

Answer: Mark Martin.

36. Question: Who is the youngest person to win a NASCAR event?

Answer: Joey Logano.

37. Question: Which crew chief has won the most NASCAR championships?

Answer: Dale Inman.

38. Question: Which NASCAR team has won the most championships ever?

Answer: Hendrick Motorsports.

39. Question: Jimmie Johnson is the only person to have a championship in three different Gen cars.

Answer: True.

40. Question: What were the three different Gen cars Jimmie Johnson raced in?

Answer: Gen 4, 5 and 6.

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