New Year, New Ideas For Family Time

Family spending time in the forest in autumn

Just because 2019 is over, it doesn’t mean opportunities for family fun are as well! We’ve got heaps of shows, interactive classes, animal and sports related activities, museums, unique experiences and more - all you’ve got to do is squeeze as much in as you can before 2021 rolls around! Whatever your family’s interests, ages, likes and dislikes, we’ve got something for everyone to enjoy. Take a look at our top picks down below and celebrate the new year with as much family fun as possible!

1. Walk in the pawprints of animals for less than £10

Narrated by the creatures who once lived here, Beasts of London explores the fascinating role animals have played in shaping the capital. With tickets from as little as £9.20, walk through time, from Ancient Rome through the Middle Ages, all the way up to present day and find out how different creatures have played an important part in London's story.

2. Venture into the enchanted woods with Sally’s Adventure Club

From just £8.00, go on the hunt for minibeasts and enjoy songs and storytime in this magical Gruffalo-themed woodland adventure in Highgate Wood. Sally's Gruffalo adventure special will feature tales from Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler’s beloved book, while taking children on an adventure through the great outdoors as they search for creatures from the story!

outdoor adventure for kids in highgate woods

3. Grab 9% off Body Worlds London and explore the human body like never before

Explore the hidden beauty of the human body in the interactive Body Worlds London Museum Experience located in the iconic London Pavilion and save 9% on a family ticket when you book through Kidadl! With more than 200 anatomical specimens, you will take a trip through the complex structures of the human mind and body, discover the mysteries that lie underneath the skin and explore how different lifestyle choices can affect our health.

4. Enjoy Wicked the Musical with Free Afternoon Tea and Prosecco at Café Rouge

It's time to try defying gravi-tea! Make the most of a luxurious afternoon tea experience before you grab your broomsticks and head out to see spellbinding smash-hit musical Wicked at the Apollo Victoria Theatre. It's the perfect treat for older kids if you're having a big theatre day out.

wicked the musical tickets with free afternoon tea london

5. Grab 2-for-1 adult tickets and kids go free at The Painted Hall

Aspiring artists, history lovers and architecture aficionados will love the newly renovated Painted Hall at the Old Royal Naval College in Greenwich. Hailed the UK's Sistine Chapel, this hidden gem is well worth a visit, especially as kids go free and adults can get 2-for-1 tickets this winter. If that wasn't enough, your ticket gets you unlimited re-entry for an entire year! Explore 500 years of history as you wander the rest of the Old Royal Naval College, former home to the Palace of Placentia and birthplace of King Henry VIII and Queen Elizabeth I.

6. Step through the wardrobe into Narnia with The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

This winter, it's time to step through the wardrobe and into the enchanting kingdom of Narnia in this magical theatre production of the beloved CS Lewis classic. With tickets from as little as £17.25, join siblings Lucy, Edmund, Susan and Peter Pevensie as they embark on an epic adventure through a wintry new world. Whether you read the Chronicles of Narnia as a child or your own children are reading the stories now, this well-loved tale is truly a timeless classic, and its adaptation for the stage will allow old and new audiences alike to enjoy the story in a whole new way.

cheap tickets to see lion witch and wardrobe london

7. Have a royally good day out at Hampton Court Palace

Head to Hampton Court Palace for just £24.35, for a jaunt around Henry VIII's old stomping grounds. With gardens, a maze, a magnificent palace, interactive exhibitions, activities and stunning gardens, Henry VIII's ancient palace is a haven for mini historians. Time travel back to the days of royal feasting and jesters, explore Hampton Court's kitchens and even venture into the 300-year-old maze!



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