70 NFL Trivia Questions (And Answers): Can You Get A Touchdown?

NFL is home to 30 stadiums!

The National Football League was formed 100 years ago on 17 September, 1920 and consists of 32 teams.

If you're a football enthusiast then this NFL player trivia quiz is just for you. where you can. The headquarters of the NFL is in Midtown Manhattan, New York.

In a game of American football, each team has 11 players on the field competing against one another for 15 minutes. If you're a die-hard fan of Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Reggie White then you will certainly find these NFL sports trivia questions really fascinating. If you had fun playing our Super Bowl trivia and New York trivia, you will have a good time answering these NFL questions and answers trivia quiz.

NFL Rules Trivia

A football field.

Are you aware of all the rules and regulations of this game? Answer this hard NFL trivia quiz to learn how much you really know about American football. This quiz is a must for all die-hard fans to have a throwback moment of their favorite sport.

1. Question: What does NFL stand for?

Answer: National Football League.

2. Question: How many players in football are allowed on the field?

Answer: A total of 11 players are allowed on the field per team.

3. Question: How many players are allowed on a team?

Answer: Each NFL team is allowed 45 players.

4. Question: How many 'time-outs' are allowed?

Answer: For each team, there are usually three time-outs.

5. Question: How much is the half-time interval?

Answer: 12 minutes.

6. Question: How many points are allotted for a touchdown?

Answer: Six points.

7. Question: How many points are allotted for a field goal?

Answer: Three points.

8. Question: If a player on the team is offensive can the opponent win two safety points? Yes or no?

Answer: Yes.

9. Question: When is one extra point earned by the team?

Answer: If any player kicks the ball through the uprights after a touchdown, the team gets an extra point.

10. Question: When does the team get two extra points?

Answer: When they take the ball to the end zone again.

11. Question: How many quarters are there in the game?

Answer: The game has two 45 minute halves and a break for for 15 minutes.

12. Question: What does the game start with?

Answer: A kick-off.

13. Question: What is the rule in case of a tie?

Answer: If there is a tie, then an additional quarter is played by both teams.

14. Question: What factor decides who receives the ball and which side of the pitch to play from?

Answer: There is a coin toss.

15. Question: How big is the NFL stadium?

Answer: The field is usually 100 yards long and 60 yards wide.

16. Question: What is the equipment each player must wear?

Answer: The basic equipment includes a helmet, shoulder pads, shoes, gloves, knee pads, a mouth guard, and a jockstrap.

17. Question: Is the dress code strict?

Answer: Yes, NFL follows a strict dress code policy that is 5 pages long.

18. Question: Can the players miss meetings?

Answer: Attendance is compulsory for NFL players, if anyone is not present they get duly fined.

19. Question: True or False: Can players be fined for being overweight?

Answer: True.

20. Question: Can the player spin the ball as a celebration on the field?

Answer: If the players are caught spinning the ball on the ground they are fined.

21. Question: How is foul play punished?

Answer: By a yellow or a red card.

22. Question: What kind of penalty occurs before or after a play?

Answer: Dead-ball.

23. Question: When does a face-mask penalty occur?

Answer: When a player grabs their opponent's helmet.

24. Question: What is the goal line?

Answer: The front part of the end zone.

25. Question: What does a red flag imply?

Answer: A red flag means that the coach is challenging an official call.

26. Question: What does snap the football mean?

Answer: It means to start a play.

26. Question: What is the biggest score in a football match?

Answer: A touchdown.

27. Question: What divides the offense and the defense?

Answer: The line of scrimmage.

28. Question: What is the kicking unit also called?

Answer: Special teams.

29. Question: What does it mean when the referee puts his arm in the air?

Answer: He is signalling a score.

30. Question: How long is the football field?

Answer: 100 yards.

NFL Football Trivia

Did you know The game of football originates from Britain.

Get to know more about your favorite American football players and more unknown facts about the super bowl by playing the NFL trivia games quiz. This NFL trivia with answers quiz will unleash unknown facts about the hall of famers and much more.

31. Question: In many Chicago Bears seasons was the hall of Famer George Halas the head coach?

Answer: 40 seasons.

32. Question: What was the original name of the Chicago Bears?

Answer: Decatur Staleys.

33. Question: Who won most of the NFL Championships?

Answer: Green Bay Packers.

34. Question: When was the first Super Bowl?

Answer: 15 January, 1867.

35. Question: What is the name of the NFL New York Giants team founder?

Answer: Time Mara is the founder of New York Giants.

36. Question: Who is number 23 on the New York Giants?

Answer: Rashad Jennings.

37. Question: Who won the super bowl in 2020?

Answer: Kansas City Chiefs.

38. Question: Who won the first super bowl?

Answer: Green Bay Packers.

39. Question: Where is the NFL headquarters?

Answer: New York.

40. Question: Who is number 24 on Dallas Cowboys?

Answer: Chidobe Awuzie.

41. Question: Who was given the nickname 'Moose' on the Dallas Cowboys NFL team?

Answer: Daryl Johnson.

42. Question: Who won the first NFL MVP Award on the Dallas Cowboys team?

Answer: Emmitt Smith.

43. Question: Who invented the flex defense?

Answer: Dallas Cowboys head coach, Tom Landry.

44. Question: Who was the head coach of the New York jets in 2008?

Answer: Eric Mangini.

45. Question: Who is known as Papa Bear?

Answer: George Halas from Chicago Bears was known as Papa Bear.

46. Question: Who is the Los Angeles Chargers head coach?

Answer: Anthony Lynn.

47. Question: Who is the Green Bay Packers head coach?

Answer: Matt LaFleur.

48. Question: After Lombardi's Green Bay Packers, who is the second head coach to have won two super bowls?

Answer: Don Shula's Miami Dolphins.

49. Question: Which player's helmet was stolen at the 1994 super bowl?

Answer: Emmitt Smith.

50. Question: Which player was awarded the Super Bowl MVP despite his NFL team losing?

Answer: Chuck Howley was awarded the MVP at Super Bowl despite losing.

51. Question: True or False: Mike Mercer kicked the first field goal in Super Bowls history?

Answer: True.

52. Question: How many NFL stadiums are there?

Answer: 31.

53. Question: How many NFL teams are there?

Answer: 32.

54. Question: What is the name of the oldest NFL team?

Answer: Green Bay Packers.

55. Question: Who lost the most super bowls?

Answer: The Denver Broncos team and the Patriots have lost the most super bowls.

56. Question: How much does an NFL rookie earn per year?

Answer: A minimum of $420,000 a year.

57. Question: Where are all the NFL footballs manufactured?

Answer: They are manufactured in the village Ada, in Ohio, at the Wilson factory.

58. Question: When was the first American football game played?

Answer: In 1869, between Princeton and Rutgers.

59. Question: Which NFL season was known as the "Ice Bowl"?

Answer: The 1967 NFL Championship Game.

60. Question: Who is the only person to play in the Super Bowl and the World Series?

Answer: Deion Sanders.

NFL Team Trivia

This is a carefully curated NFL trivia for kids that highlights important events and contains NFL history trivia quiz questions. You will surely be amazed by the random facts you will encounter by answering the NFL quiz questions. So what are you waiting for? Gather your friends and family for an interactive quiz session.

61. Question: Which game is known as the 'greatest game ever played'?

Answer: The 1958 NFL Championship between the New York Giants and the Baltimore Colts.

62. Question: After the 1928 season who did the New York Giants merge with?

Answer: The Detroit Wolverines.

63. Question: How many football teams does Los Angeles have?

Answer: Two, the Los Angeles Chargers and Los Angeles Rams.

64. Question: When did the San Francisco 49ers win a super bowl for the last time?

Answer: In 1995.

65. Question: What is the official mascot of the San Francisco city?

Answer: Sourdough Sam.

66. Question: What is tight space dribbling?

Answer: Where the player controls the ball in a tight space as a defender approaches.

67. Question: What does spearing mean?

Answer: It is an illegal tackle.

68. Question: What is the least number of kickoffs in a game?

Answer: Two.

69. Question: After which event does the clock not stop?

Answer: A quarterback sack.

70. Question: When is an encroachment penalty called?

Answer: The defense.

71. Question: What are the three basic units of a football team?

Answer: The offense, the defense, and the kicking units.

72. Question: What are the five ways to score a point in football?

Answer: The different ways to score points are touchdown, field goal, a two-point conversion, extra point, or safety.

73. Question: What is meant by an interception?

Answer: When the defense catches the offensive's team's ball.

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