40 Nickelodeon Trivia Questions (And Answers) That Will Be A Serious Throwback

We all enjoyed watching cartoons on Nickelodeon!

Nickelodeon is a TV channel that offers the most kid-friendly and entertaining content, with a wide range of great cartoons and series that they create and broadcast.

Did you know that over 611 shows have aired on Nickelodeon? And that the most popular show from the network is undoubtedly 'Spongebob Squarepants'?

'Spongebob Squarepants still airs on the channel today, along with plenty of other great shows such as  from shows like 'All That' and 'Paw Patrol'. If you are a '90s or 2000s kid, then you might enjoy this old school Nickelodeon trivia quiz from the shows that aired back in the day, making this Nickelodeon trivia quiz a major throwback. With loads of '90s Nickelodeon questions and answers, this Nickelodeon trivia prize fest has it all.

If you think you have all the Nickelodeon facts, then it's time to test your knowledge and play this Nickelodeon trivia challenge.

If you love this '90s Nickelodeon trivia for the whole family, have a look at our cartoon trivia and Disney trivia for more fun games to play together.

Nickelodeon Shows Trivia

This Nickelodeon quiz for kids is made to test how well you know Nickelodeon's original and famous shows. So, put your game face on and enjoy this '90s and 2000s trivia Nickelodeon quiz!

1. Question: In 'iCarly', why did Carly's grandpa want her to live with him?

Answer: He thought Spencer wasn't responsible enough to take care of his granddaughter.

2. Question: Which show's theme song included the lyrics: "You're lost in the moment you disappear"?

Answer: 'Victorious'.

3. Question: In 'iCarly', what animal was Carly's middle school mascot?

Answer: Bulldog.

4. Question: What is the name of Tori's sister on 'Victorious'?

Answer: Trina.

5. Question: What type of animal is Sandy Cheeks?

Answer: Squirrel.

6. Question: Who does Ned like in 'Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide'?

Answer: Suzie.

7. Question: Who is the manager of the Premiere in the show, 'Drake And Josh'?

Answer: Helen.

8. Question: In 'Jimmy Neutron', what is Jimmy's dad's favorite animal?

Answer: Duck.

9. Question: Which show is famous for children getting slimed?

Answer: 'Slime Time Live'.

10. Question: Which character is known to wear a pink hat and has buck teeth?

Answer: Timmy Turner from 'The Fairly Odd Parents'.

11. Question: Who has a ukulele in 'How To Rock'?

Answer: Zander.  

12. Question: What are the three cats in 'Catscratch' called?

Answer: Gordon, Waffle and Mr. Bilk.

13. Question: What was Ug's real name on 'Salute Your Shorts'?

Answer: Kevin.

14. Question: What is the name of the Mailbox on 'Blue's Clues'?

Answer: Mailbox.

15. Question: Which show was about two conjoined brothers with very different personalities?

Answer: 'CatDog'.

16. Question: What is Danny Fenton's mom's name in 'Danny Phantom'?

Answer: Maddy.

17. Question: What is Logan's dad's job on 'Zoey 101'?

Answer: Producer.

Nickelodeon cartoons and series are for anyone to enjoy.

Nickelodeon Actors Trivia Questions

Nickelodeon was a starting step for many actors on the long road to fame and popularity. You might know and identify some of them already, so take this ultimate Nickelodeon trivia quiz and see if you can guess the actors and their roles correctly.

18. Question: Melissa Joan Hart starred in which Nickelodeon series?

Answer: 'Clarissa Explains It All'.

19. Question: Which show did Emma Roberts star in as Addie Singer, a middle-school girl who used to hang out with her friends and write songs?

Answer: 'Unfabulous'.

20. Question: Which famous singer had a role in 'Victorious' as well as 'Sam And Cat'?

Answer: Ariana Grande.

21. Question: Who had a role in the Nickelodeon series 'All That' and the '90s sitcom 'Kenan And Kel'?

Answer: Kel Mitchell.

22. Question: Who plays the role of Little Pete in the show 'The Adventures Of Pete And Pete?

Answer: Danny Tamberelli.

23. Question: Which SNL cast member got a head start on the series 'All That'?

Answer: Kenan Thompson.

24. Question: Who hosted 'Nickelodeon Guts' and 'Picture Perfect'?

Answer: Mike O'Malley.

25. Question: Who is the lead star of 'iCarly'?

Answer: Miranda Cosgrove.

26. Question: Who originally hosted 'Blue's Clues'?

Answer: Steve Burns.

27. Question: Who is SpongeBob SquarePants' voice actor?

Answer: Tom Kenny.

28. Question: Who is the new co-host of Nick's series 'Group Chat' along with Jayden Bartels.

Answer: Brent Rivera.

29. Question: Who starred in  'All That' before getting his own series?

Answer: Nick Cannon.

30. Question: Who hosted 'Figure It Out'?

Answer: Summer Sanders.

31. Question: From 'All That', who was one of the former stars who went on to play Lydia Gutman in The WB sitcom 'The Steve Harvey Show'.

Answer: Lori Beth Denberg.

32. Question: Who play Nona F Mecklenberg in 'The Adventures Of Pete And Pete?

Answer: Michelle Trachtenberg.

Nickelodeon Facts Trivia Questions

Spongebob is one of the most loved characters on the channel!

This trivia will definitely make you come across some interesting facts about Nickelodeon. Since launching, the company itself has gone through so many changes but has strived to always deliver the best content.

33. Question: What does the orange color in the Nickelodeon logo signify?

Answer: Youth, energy and joy.

34. Question: Who was the creator of 'You Can't Do That On Television'?

Answer: Roger Price.

35. Question: Who chose the colors of Nickelodeon's logo?

Answer: Tom Corey.

36. Question: Which Nickelodeon show did not allow parents on the set?

Answer: 'You Can't Do That On Television.'

37. Question: What are the names of the co-creators that divorced while working on 'Rugrats'?

Answer: Gábor Csupó and Arlene Klasky.

38. Question: Who was fired from 'The Ren And Stimpy Show' during the second season?

Answer: John Kricfalusi.

39. Question: When was Nickelodeon created?

Answer: 1 December 1977.

40. Question: Who transformed Nickelodeon from the lowest-rated cable network, into the number one network for kids?

Answer: Geraldine Laybourne.

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