40 Nord Names For Your Elder Scrolls Characters

People of all ages love playing 'Elder Scrolls

In 'Elder Scrolls' Nords are tall and powerful creatures who make good warriors and guards and have unique names.

Known for their skills of ambush preparation and building traps the Nords are an aggressive race in the game. It can be hard to come up with name ideas for such formidable characters.

That is where we come in, we have listed 40 of the best cool Skyrim names for your Nord gaming characters. With male names and female names (even names inspired by famous Nords) on this list, there is an option for every character. You can simply pick one of these names next time you need a Nord character name, or you can use them as inspiration to come up with your own unique Nordic names.

Nordic names are not hard to find but to choose that perfect character name requires knowledge about their background. In this article, we have tried to provide you with the best Nord names for your roleplaying characters. We hope this list of names will make you stand out in the game and make your clan even more powerful and successful.

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Nord Male Names

Skyrim Nord names for males are essential for characters who will be an important part of a clan. These Nordic names will help you in your quest to choose the best names for your characters.

1 . Alain (French origin) this name was used for the first time in the sixth century. It means "little rock or handsome".

2 . Anton is a form of Antonius. Anthony is the English form of the Roman family name Antonius.

3 . Aron (Hebrew and Ancient Greek origin) the Scandinavian, Polish and Croatian form of this name is Aaron. It means "exalted or high mountain".

4 . Bendt (Danish origin) this name is a variant of Bent.

5 . Bjartur (Icelandic origin) it means "bright".

6 . Blaise (Latin and Roman origin) it means "lisping".

7 . Bor (Slovenian origin) is a short form for names that contain Bor, like Boris or Borislav. The name means "pine tree".

8 . Braith (Australian origin) this name means "speckled".

9 . Bran (Irish origin) this name means "raven". In ancient Irish mythology, Bran was an adventurous mariner.

10 . Caius (Ancient Roman origin) this is a great Nord name for your characters, it means "rejoice".

11 . Cassius (Ancient Roman and Latin origin) this name means "empty or vain".

12 . Cicero (Ancient Roman origin) this name means "chickpea". This is a rare name for Nords, but this makes it an even better choice.

13 . Ciel (French origin) this name means "sky".

14 . Darius (Biblical Latin and Roman origin) this Biblical name means "someone who possesses goodness".

15 . Elam (Hebrew origin) this name means "either hidden or eternity".

16 . Emmanuel is derived from the Hebrew name that means "God is with us".

17 . Ennis (Irish origin) this is an Irish surname, derived from 'inis' which means "islands".

18 . Falk (German origin) this name means "falcon", it is a powerful Nord name for your characters.

19 . Gallus (Ancient Roman and Latin origin) this name means "rooster".

20 . Haran (Hebrew origin) meaning "hill or mountain".

This list of Nord names will give gamers plenty of inspiration

Female Nord Names

Here are some of the best Skyrim names for Nords who are female. Names play an important role in the building of your character, so choose wisely. Some good Skyrim names for female characters are listed here for you to choose from.

21 . Adara (Hebrew origin) this is a great name for your characters, it means "noble".

22 . Alexia (Greek origin) this name means "defender or helper".

23 . Alfhild (Scandinavian origin) this name originates in Scandinavian legend. It is composed of the elements of "battle" and "elf", making it a powerful name.

24 . Angeline (French origin) this name means "messenger".

25 . Anwen (Welsh origin) Anwen is one of the Nord names with Welsh origin, it means "very beautiful".

26 . Azura (Persian origin) this name is derived from the word 'azure'. It means "sky blue".

27 . Babette (French origin) meaning "foreign or oath".

28 . Colette (French origin) is derived from the French name Nicole.

29 . Dagny (Norwegian origin) this cool name for Nord characters is derived from elements meaning "new" and "day".

30 . Danica (Slovak origin) this cool name means "the morning star". It is used in many Slavic folktales.

31 . Edith (Old English origin) this Old English name is derived from terms meaning "wealth", "fortune" and "war".

32 . Eris (Greek origin), meaning "strife". In Greek mythology Eris is a Goddess of discord.

33 . Frida (German origin) meaning "peace".

34 . Gemma (Italian origin) this name means "precious stone or gem".

35 . Gul (Persian origin) meaning "flower".

36 . Hilde (German origin) meaning "battle".

37 . Hulda (Old Norse origin) as per old Norse, it means "hiding or secrecy". As per Swedish it means "lovable, gracious, and sweet".

38 . Lucia (Latin origin) Lucia is a Saint of the blind. It is a name that has been used since the twelfth century. It means "light".

39 . Mara (Hebrew origin) meaning "bitter".

40 . Seren (Welsh origin) this name means "star".

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